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Simple Calendar With Time Module

This is a simple module that will present the user a simple calendar and also server time in 24 hr format. Current date is highlighted in the calendar.

After installing, you can find the extension in module manager where you will find several options to customize the calendar according to your requirement.

Assign the module a suitable position (my favorite is position-7 with ordering 1) and select the pages you want the module to appear.

This module is compatible with all the versions of Joomla.

Thanks for trying the extension.

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Reviews: 1
Thanks Tamim, I very appreciated for your fast respond within 24 hours. This is a very positive attitude as a good developer. Even this module is simple, but it's very flexible for all. If possible, perhaps a field called TIME ZONE: Enabled/Disabled could be added for more flexibility in future. Well done!
Reviews: 11
I have just set it up in a joomla 2.5 site. It was very easy to setup and configure. Working nicely!