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SOCIAL Factory ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Social Factory is our Joomla! solution for a modern and dynamic social networking website.

Following the same design patterns as our top of the line extension - Love Factory - it offers a state of the art admin interface backed up by solid code and modern templates.

Custom Fields

Unlimited custom fields that can be created and published in any page
Multiple field types (Checkboxes, Multipleselect, Textarea, Radio buttons, etc.)
Fields can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system
Each custom field can be set as searchable, rendering it available in advanced search
Option to set fields as compulsory
Visibility restrictions for each field

Layout & Themes

Fully customizable template system
Configure with a few simple clicks every section, page, field, instance or add-on
Zones can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system
Fully customizable CSS


Paid memberships which limit or grant access to users

Key Features

Friends and Top Friends lists
Wall page containing friends action updates
Photo galleries with albums created by users
Video galleries
Ignore list for offending users
Messaging system (users can create, send and receive personal messages)
Awards system (users can get medals for specific actions)
Users can create events which others can sign up for
Users can create groups
Categories for groups
Invitation system for groups and events
Admin definable currency
Approval system for various actions
Users can report comments, photos, videos, events and profiles
"Like" buttons
Google Maps localization
Facebook registration and login
Info bar (shows on all Social Factory pages and displays notifications)


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL by editing the product templates
Simple installation, configuration and updating process

User Profile

Configurable account details (basic details, location, education, contact, etc.)
Displays events and groups of every user
Set profile privacy (Public, Just Friends, Offline)
Show/Hide specific fields
Personalized fields


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Reviews: 1
After many disappointing Service Tickets, (the worse service I've ever received from an extension company) and the Factory blaming my server for not being able to load pictures and videos, I installed Community Builder for free. It did everything with no issues. I wanted more options though, and decided to purchase JomSocial. They guaranteed it would work or they would make it work or refund my money. So, I bought it at half the price of Social Factory, installed it, and was uploading videos and pics within a couple minutes. Not only that, it is truly awesome. The program is easier to use, customize and has been working flawlessly. Way better than Social Factory in my opinion.
The Factory won't issue me a refund, even though the software I bought never worked, and was never used on a 'live' site.
I would never normally comment like this, as I'm too busy designing websites, but I felt the urge to let others know how unhappy this particular customer is.
Owner's reply

1. Since your order is 7 months old, we cannot perform a refund - Paypal has a 60 days limit.

2. You submitted 8 tickets and all of them were answered very clearly, pinpointing to the real issue and we never got a feedback from you with the reply from your hosting company.

Both issues were not SocialFactory - related:
a.) the upload issue was caused due to a 3rd party plugin causing a restriction on file upload.
b.) adding videos was working well even on your site when we logged in for investigation.

It's a pitty that after we did our job to help, you repeatedly rejected our direct indications and help, choosing now to post this revenge review.

Reviews: 2
This is definitely the best extension to build a community. The design is great, mostly easy to customize and the social events is really cool.
Reviews: 2
Good product, nice support. Looks very clean and works well. I had no trouble installing and
using the extension on my site.
Reviews: 2
In the beginning I had some trouble getting Social Factory to work. But thanks to the documentation that is available now, it is easy to implement the software in my Joomla 2.5.9 site. It has a lot of features, some of which I don't use but it's nice to have the possibility to extend in future.

Furthermore, the support is excellent. Forum questions are answered mostly within a day and suggestions for improvements are taken seriously. So many compliments for this great Joomla extension!

Reviews: 1
Please do not go anywhere near this poor excuse for a plug in. Too many bugs with too little support. I gave it a good try for three weeks trying to contact the Factory support but I found them to be totally unavailable. Please don't waste your money.
Owner's reply


As we clearly explained to you in our forums and ticket system, we can not provide support for WAREZ downloaded extensions, even if they claim the kit is not altered (I think it is an self explanatory rule).

There are several reasons, one of them being that we can not assess what modifications the warez hackers did to the script, and it's pretty unfair to ask for support for a product you never paid for.

Third is that you have an outdated version (v1.5.x), and we can not provide you
with an upgrade for a warez download.

Best regards and thank you for your feedback!
Andrei Paraschiv
The Factory Team

Reviews: 4
It was a pleasure to work with this extension! From the start i was impressed by the look and feel of the admin backend and the user friendly frontend interface. Since the extension is pretty big in scope, it has a lot of setup options that makes it quite flexible.

Changing the look for some of my pages was also pretty easy to achieve and self explanatory.
Any issues i raised on the forums were very promptly answered and the guys were very helpful.

Also, i can only thank Alex for his great support on the forum - i am for sure in debt with some beers
now ;)

Overall a solid extension and a very good experience
Reviews: 1
It looks good and most of all it's a flexible solution! We are very impressed. Social Factory is very versatile, you can configure a lot from its admin backend. Not only fields, but the looks of it also. You can have several plugins installed/enabled - i used the default ones for events and groups, seem to work very well. I also needed the membership option and it worked out fine. Overall i am very thrilled and pleased. It's by far one of the most advanced social extensions.
Reviews: 4
i was very pleased to use this extension. I was a little worried about the fact that the extension is pretty new out there, but it turned out to be a pretty solid one. There are a lot of out-of-the box features it has. the whole display can be configured through administration, the user interactions do work smooth and the extension looks pretty neat. I was also very pleased with the quick support response and the quick fix for my issues.