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Editor's Note
Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. CB has a huge user base, a long history and a great future.

Social websites go far beyond Facebook look-alikes and CB has literally hundreds of built-in features and can be extended with extra (free or commercial) add-ons from the CB Team and other parties that will help you realize your very own - tailored to your specific needs - social networking website.

The hundreds of built-in features will help you accomplish the following:

+ Gather important ** for your use-case ** profile data during or after membership registration
+ Delegate new member sign-up approvals and proper behavior reporting with extended workflows and frontend moderation
+ Configure awesome looking mobile ready profile pages for your members
+ Promote interaction between your members with configurable and searchable user lists
+ Provide powerful and engaging profile applications to your members
+ Continuously motivate and engage your members with great built-in Joomla, Kunena (forum), K2 (content) and uddeIM (private messaging) integrations
+ Keep your members involved with personalized and targeted ad-hoc mass mailings
+ Manage everything from your mobile device or tablet

CB also has a powerful built-in framework (CB API doc. is available on Joomlapolis) so it can be extended and enhanced.

There are hundreds of built-in features you can use to:

+ Create profiles for your members
+ Add unlimited CB fields to your profiles (text, image, textarea, html editor, integer, checkbox, multi-select checkbox, drop-down, multi-select drop-down, radio, date, email, weblinks - more available with add-ons)
+ Use delimiter fields to put customized HTML code in profiles
+ Configure fields to be read-only, for profile viewing, displayed with title, to appear on registration form, etc
+ Control of core fields (email, username, etc), and ajax email and username checkers
+ Custom field validations
+ Create extended registration form
+ Allow login using email address and password
+ Manage registration and profile image approval in frontend with CB Workflow module
+ Create unlimited CB User lists with powerful searching
+ Let members connect with each other (mutual consent or one way)
+ Show connection path between profile viewer and owner up to 6th degree
+ Moderate your community with FE reporting, banning,

Joomlapolis hosts free community driven support forums.

Optionally, Advanced, Professional or Developer 12-months memberships can be purchased giving rights to priority or even same/next business day guaranteed forum support and access to many extra add-ons and privileges.

PHP 5.3.3-5.6.x and MySQL 5.0.4+ database are prerequisites (PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.5+ recommended).

* Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use our free community forums or paid support system at

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Reviews: 3
I love CB. It's been a perfect tool for a number of community group sites and fansites that I've created. The website and official forums are also generally very helpful in resolving issues.

I gave it a 4/5 only because some critical updates are late in arriving or becoming available for the free version. Captcha was a pay only feature for a while. Also, I know the 2.5 version is coming later this month, but ...

Having said that, the 1.7 version does appear to be stable on 2.5, so I'm moving forward with that in my development/test environment until the official 2.5 stable version of CB is released.

Overall, CB is great extension and highly recommended. If I was doing more professional projects that create revenue streams, I would probably do one of the pay subscriptions.
Reviews: 11
CB seems on the front cover to be exactly what every joomla developer needs.

But its so buggy its unreal - heck its not even really compatable with JFBConnect which themselves use.

Reading through there forums - unless you are a paid subscriber (which considering there awful free support i will not become) they just dont really seem to care and ask half empty open ended questions all aimed to direct you to purchsing paid support.

My advice - if you need a community solution THAT WORKS - forget community builder till they sort out there customer service and support issues and use the money you would have for there support for a more professional extension.
Owner's reply

1) Regarding your review subject:
You have posted 2 threads on *free* community support forum areas, both addressed politely and professionally within *hours*. First one 3 year ago was addressed within hours requesting additional clarifications which you did not reply to:

Second, recent, thread, started on a global holiday (New Years Day) and was responded to *within hours* and got *resolved within 2 holidays days*!

2) Regarding the content of your review:
Your conclusion on the 1.1.2012 thread was that problem is *not in CB*, but due to *a bug in a third party CB plugin* (and that wasn’t in the list you gave in your original post!):

And you also write in the thread “i never had a problem in the past”. Thus we can only guess that your review above was written while in troubleshooting mood and before even having the problem solved.

It should be noticed that if you would have had a professional membership, our support team would have gone to troubleshoot your issue for you on your site and to find the culprit third-party plugin for you. But you can easily understand that it is materially not possible to offer such personalized service to free members, unless it is a confirmed problem in CB itself, which you did and could not confirm as it wasn't a CB bug.

In the light of the above, your words “lousy support” of an issue in a third-party plugin (not CB nor JFB Connect) on New Year and statement “so buggy its unreal” while having “never had a problem in the past” should be put in perspective.

Reviews: 2
I have been using CB on various sites, and it does work well. Extensions are plentiful, and functionality is great.

Installation is relatively complex on an existing site, but the documentation is detailled and support is provided even to the non paying suscribers.

The only major downside I found is that the latest version (1.7) still doesn't use the Joomla update system and has to be done manually. It is worth the time for major updates, but it's a waste of time during minor / security releases.
Reviews: 3
I have been using this component since the version for j1.0. I want to say that teh main reason for using it is that it is supported almost every single extension here in the JED. That is a very important thing as, it is the case for joomla! system, standardazation is a must.
The component has an easy and stable API, and this year with all the new add-ons, but most important, the Incubator‘s new plgugins the whole extension have become very very flexible, just limited by your creativity.
Suggestions: Tutorials for newbyes and just for reference. The forum is big, but a little difficult to find a proper answer from the knowledge base.
Lacks: offers from the joomla community for templates commercial or non-commercial.

In general, i recommend this extension, and want to thank for the work done.
Reviews: 1

I have been using it for one full year the best thing i liked is the free version, anyone can use it. Now I have benefits from it and I want other users to use it free in their beginning with joomla, i will go pro i will buy the membership and enjoy its membership benefits also.
I am very much thankful for creating bug-free perfect component for creating community websites.
Reviews: 3
The functionality of CB is generally ok. The code behind is however so badly written that even fixing a simple redirect in the code or by a plugin override is several hours of work... Use CB if you aren't going to change anything in the component, but look for something else if you do.
Owner's reply

Hi bornakke,
Thanks for your review and rating. We need to address your remarks:
- CB has CB MVC and CB templating with CB template plugins (6 core free included with CB, and we offer separately optionally 3 commercial joomla & CB templates).
- For adding/changing redirects, there is the CB Auto Actions plugin (Incubator area for Pro members), that allows you to set workflows in 5 minutes without hacking:
- CB is very flexible and versatile and suits many different needs by just configuration. Thus its code might appear more complex and using more design patterns than the average joomla extension. Thats why we created the CB plugins API which is much simpler to understand than CB core:
- In CB, to the contrary of many other extensions, there is no need to hack CB code, as there is a powerful and highly backwards- and upwards-compatible CB API with a CB Plugins installer. We do not recommend hacking core code for maintenance and security reasons, but using or creating CB Plugins instead. That way you can upgrade easily CB core without having to redo any changes.
- We have support: Free community forum; For Advanced members we have priority forum and for Pro and Developer members we even have SLA levels forums with guaranteed *same or next* business day answer (!) as well as private tickets) as well as consulting services should you have any questions or issues. More information on support here (general remark: please do not use the JED review system for support):

Reviews: 2
Thank you developers for this extensions. It does help.
Reviews: 6
Any 'newbie' starting a page should use this extension in my opinion. Users are the focal point of any webpage, and this easy to install & manage extension allows, like it says, for you to build your own 'community' within your site. I haven't purchased any of the plug-ins for CB, but they seem well worth the price for a newbie like myself who wants to give his users the best experience with limited knowledge and understanding of coding.
Reviews: 1
good support for free memberships as well as for commercial membership
good free and commercial plugins
individual design options
You just need to know how it works ...
Reviews: 2
If you want a community, this will do it. Other than that is terrible, to get access to more things you have to pay, there is almost no documentation and the support is very invective.
Reviews: 8
Tendency to be rather complex.
Please, remain free otherwise we would switch to other good extensions
Reviews: 6
CB is the only extension for profile management, and they know it.

No support unless you pay.
It's not easy, unless you pay.

The application should be called "Commercial"
Reviews: 11
I think CB wanted, to make everything difficult for not paying customers. CB does not work with joomfish for example, and you might ask yourself, why is that? CB without multilanguages is not a good program, but a waste of time. And if you ask for support, nobody cares, and they answer with very few words indeed. If they want people to pay, than stop telling people that is a functional program that works well, because it does not.
Reviews: 2
CB is one of the most long lasting extensions in the Joomla (and Mambo) world, and that time was not wasted. You can see the huge amount of work that was poured into this product. Well thought, professional approach. Thanks !
Reviews: 19
installed on the following - clean 1.57, clean 1.63-1.7 and a fresh install of 1.7 all separate. the report? perfect every time. when rating, i also keep in mind that there is no way COMMUNITY BUILDER can integrate and test every template, every version with specific extensions installed in every language. that is why they are forced to rely on feedback from people like us with basic coding skills and a genuine heart for opensource. this is a smart business move on COMMUNITY BUILDERs part and the fastest way to extension perfection. as for the juicy details of this exceptional extension? all the templates installed are just a simple border color change and tab style which do nothing for the integration of the component into the template. the templates are more than likely thrown together to give you a general idea where things are gonna go. so if you have no css/html skills, expect to shell out for developer exclusivity or the add-on COMMUNITY BUILDER extensions that install with one click like magic. if you have some programming and coding knowledge, you will get the most out of this extension FOR FREE and those people are the ones that appreciate COMMUNITY BUILDER and all the add-on plugins that come along. thank you CB, for keeping this opensource and beautiful! xx den
Reviews: 5
I have been building Joomla sites for about 4 years, and have used a lot of extensions in that time. You quickly get a feeling for the good ones and not so good. Although CB isn't perfect ( I think too many options are hidden away inside other options etc, and the interface is perhaps a little dull, plus there are huge numbers of plugins etc to install ), I have found it to be stable, reliable and enormously powerful. You really can get this software to do what you want it to, as long as you take the time to read the documentation and work through the various options properly.
I noticed a couple of reviews complaining about paying for the add-ons/priority support. How can anyone expect an extension as huge and comprehensive as Community Builder to thrive without a proper revenue stream? Practically all the good extensions out there now are commercial ones. Programmers have to eat, just like everyone else! At least you get a chance to try out the main component, which is free, before paying for any of the commercial extras, most of which add really valuable functionality to what is, in my view, a first class extension.
Reviews: 2
CB is by far one of the best components for Joomla. I've been using it for years and it's the best social profile system that can be offered.
Reviews: 2
The extension is great. I had no problem implementing it on my client website. However there are some things that can be improved. I had to do some customizations to make it look right but in the end everything was ok.
Reviews: 2
I've used Community Builder off and on for many years now, and have never had any problem with it. Easy to install, manage and delete if that's what you want! I give it 10 out of 10!!
Reviews: 16
They need to simplify, the very busy website, the documentation is so complicated and time consuming, I would suggest getting someone who's not a programmer or rocket scientist to read it first before offering downloadable docs.
I also think the overal design is really bad and ugly , so it needs a lot of hacking the css, overal its just to hard, I give up:-(
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