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Editor's Note
Community Builder (CB) is the most popular and flexible social community networking solution for all versions of Joomla! (3.2, 3.x and 2.5 with ACL support).

For over 9 years now the 500,000 and growing Joomlapolis members have made CB the most widely used (over 2,500,000 public installs per Google) social networking solution. It’s FREE and has always been GPL.

Social websites go far beyond Facebook look-alikes and CB has literally hundreds of built-in features and extra (free or commercial) add-ons from CB Team and other parties that will help you realize your very own - tailored to your specific needs - website.

CB also has a powerful built-in framework (CB API doc. is available on Joomlapolis) so it can be extended and enhanced.

There are hundreds of built-in features you can use to:

+ Create profiles for your members
+ Identify users with first/middle/last name fields
+ Add avatar photos to profiles
+ Add unlimited CB fields to your profiles (text, image, textarea, html editor, integer, checkbox, multi-select checkbox, drop-down, multi-select drop-down, radio, date, email, weblinks - more available with add-ons)
+ Use delimiter fields to put customized HTML code in profiles
+ Configure fields to be read-only, for profile viewing, displayed with title, to appear on registration form, etc
+ Control of core fields (email, username, etc), and ajax email and username checkers
+ Custom field validations
+ Organize fields in tabs that can be displayed in different built-in profile positions
+ Create extended registration form
+ Allow login using email address and password
+ Manage registration and profile image approval in frontend with CB Workflow module
+ Create unlimited CB User lists with powerful searching
+ Let members connect with each other (mutual consent or one way)
+ Display # of connections on profiles
+ Show connection path between profile viewer and owner up to 6th degree
+ Moderate your community with FE reporting, banning,
+ Let members interact (using email or PMS extension)
+ Built-in integration with Joomla articles (show article links in author profiles)
+ Built-in integration with Kunena forum
+ Use built-in integration with uddeIM messaging

Each CB distribution has:
+ component (universal for all J! versions and Mambo)
+ CB Login, Workflow and Online mods (also universal)
+ 43 page Install guide
+ Readme and Upgrade txt files

Joomlapolis hosts free community driven support forums.

Optionally, Advanced, Professional or Developer 12-months memberships can be purchased giving rights to priority or even same/next business day guaranteed forum support and access to many additional optional plugins and privileges.

PHP 5.0-5.4.x and MySQL 4.1+ database are prerequisites (PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0.4+, same as Joomla 2.5, are recommended).

* Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use our free community forums or paid support system at

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for sharing this free and very use full component.
Reviews: 3
Simply the best - subscription well worth the $$
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this just the other day. I can't figure out what community ware to add to my site, and I really wanted to go with a non commercial one. This one is very interesting. It is not entirely straight-forward in its back end, but it does seem to have a lot of features (not sure what they are). My site is still in development mode, but I was not able to figure out how to use a few of the tabs in the back end. There also is an entry in the included plug-in section that says Mamblog, but it doesn't work. I did some research and saw that it has not been working in a few years. It does have a good profile layout with fields that you can change and choose. I, however, am looking for something with blog capabilities. Wish the Joomla core had this. There is the Profilebook free extension on the Community Builder site and I tried to download and install that and it didn't work. I asked on their forum if they could give me some help as to why not, and they told me that that "free" extension would only work in legacy mode, or I could purchase the one that works with J1.5. Anyway, if I decide to go with something free, this will be the extension for me. Along with another blog extension. But as of now I'm definitely leaning towards paying for a different community extension.
Reviews: 1
The product is easy to use, compatible with other extensions and is a must have for community sites.
Reviews: 1
Its very good component but i am just finding advance search option in this component but i am not able to understand this.

Can anybody help me with this.
Reviews: 4
Community Builder is simply the very best thing ever created. I am becoming a subscriber to download the additional plugins they have.

I recommend the cb system for all. This is much better than jomsocial and those other ones.
Reviews: 3
I have noticed many developers beginning to raise pricing and add very restrictive licenses relegated to a single domain, etc... on many decent extensions out there but really offering limited functionality.

Community Builder and the team are a true Open Source GPL group. They offer commercial extensions (CBSubs) but the core component Community Builder is still FREE to download, use and modify and it works and works well with an array of features and customization that is remarkable.

For the very reasonable Documentation Subscription price they also offer an array of plugins and addons for the core plus extensive documentation for the component. Recently they just released Facebook and Twitter connect plugins to doc subscribers which are extremely useful and add a great deal of value to CB.

I implore all Joomla users to support projects like this as they are true developers who obviously love what they do and still provide base components for free while charging extremely reasonable fees for the majority of their other offerings.

As far as styling - that would be the only slight negative but it can be done and they provide several different themes which can be customized with some work.

Great job! Keep up the good work ... cannot wait to see the next version.

Feature request I would love to see in the next version is activities... maybe for doc subs?
Reviews: 3
Top Product and very good support through the Forum. Using with Cbsubs...also top!
Reviews: 2
First time user developing a family web site.
Perfect component running smoothly. Thanks for the hard work.
Reviews: 2
Hit there! Well I could say this extention is quite the thing I was looking for. It is not really stylish and very nicely designed. But it all fits together. I really like this extention and it's core was exactly what I was looking for.

The only downside I think it has is its future. I want to expand the features for my visitors and users, but there are just not enough developers that work on plug ins for new versions or even just develop plugins.

I probably am going to switch to another community extention, because I already cant find plugins which I want to use.
Owner's reply

Regarding future, past performance should be key indication for future:
- CB has been around since before Joomla
- Joomlapolis just hit 300'000 members
- there are over 150 CB related extensions on JED alone (see link above to see them)
- we just released CB 1.2.2 and there is a major revision 2.0 being developed full time by a full-time team, as well as many new plugins coming
- we prefer releasing well-tested quality extensions less often:
See our 2010 plan here:

Regarding styling:
- For CB 1.2.x, you may want to take a look at templates from or third-party commercial template developers providing templates for CB community sites.

Reviews: 4
The component is just great once you get to configure it to have a look as you would like,works great and there are a lot of plug-ins available for CB to make it even more richer and fully packed.Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I have been using CB (Community Builder) for a few years with personal websites as well as those of clients. I have never been more pleased with a script than I have been with CB. So many people have it that getting answers to questions has never been an issue. The one time I decided to experiment with something else was a big waste of time. I purchased Azrul's JomSocial and wow was that A BIG MISTAKE (Lack of support, and non-removal of developer's links/brand marks,etc). It's worth it to purchase a CBuilder license, considering the many extensions and integration. From what I have seen in the past 2 years, CB has only gotten better with no signs of stopping! Keep up the good work folks at CB.
Reviews: 1
I am glad to have selected this, made a novice like me to a developer. The platform is sure what it says, no matter if there are few things which may make things uncomfortable or sound hard to accomplish but that is exactly something required to be better understood and thus the tutorials.

If you are not a good follower of tutorials like me, no worries the support team is the best I had ever come across anywhere. Determined, point wise, very attentive, polite and the best part considerate and forgiving. This is purely my experience with them.

Thank You so much Guys. You guys did the backend making easy for anyone to become a
Reviews: 4
I so want to love this component, but it just confuses the heck out of me sometimes. I'm a pretty tech-savy guy, but I have to have the manual next to me to do much of anything with CB on my site.

Don't get me wrong: it is strong, robust, powerful and feature-rich... but it's not intuitive. I hope the developers will look into that in the future.

If you want to use this extension--by all means accept my recommendation--and be sure to put on a pot of coffee as you set it up.
Reviews: 3
This component is a must have for any community site, mainly because it is highly customisable and lots of people have written add-ons for CB or have made their software compatible with it! The range of plug ins is just baffling.

The only bad thing I have experienced is that the public relations guy on their website, 'Nant A' I think, is really unfriendly. But otherwise full marks!
Reviews: 1
Quite good, although I would love to have a whole suite of facebook extensions integrated in CB.... Installation was easy thanks to the ease of use instructions, i installed jConnector, but that doesn't do what i'm looking for.... keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
This is realy the best component ever :)
Reviews: 2
I first want to say this is a good componet easy to install takes some time to learn all the ins and outs.for me a beginner i was almost over come by all the options it has,,except for one no captcha unless you pay for a membership?? i find this odd since alot of other mod's or comp's out there offer it built in..would have given a higher rating it it had it....
Reviews: 3
This is the best Joomla component ever. It is fast, easy to manage and works well in the backend of the Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
When I first installed CB 1.2 I was overwhelmed with the amount of modules, plugins and general information that CB has. I found myself playing with a lot of those items. If I would have Stopped here I would give this an excellent rating. But my reviews do not just concern one aspect of anything.. After 4-5 months of use I realize that CB is not for me or the site I'm currently working on... I uninstall all the modules and components. I uninstall Cb it gives me 2 errors. One about how it can't find the uninstall and the other I do not remember. I manually go through my components, module, and plugins. I find a few items listed by beat and joomlajoe AKA joomlapolis. I'm think I do no want to start over on this site since it launches Sunday Oct 11, My backups all have the CB builder in them so that wouldn't help... So I go to the joomlapolis forums and do a search for uninstall community builder. it drops the builder but brings up 109 options. I'm thinking ok this should be fun but I want this fixed right. So I search all 109 (4 pages) and find 4 asking how to uninstall CB properly or how to remove the databases and if it will mess things up. Only one that I saw had any responses to it and it was not directed towards the uninstall but towards the error the user was recieving. the only 3 had the topics close and I quote "The topic has been locked. " with no response or link. I decided what the heck I'll try and get that answer questioned myself. Low and Behold "The topic has been locked." No answer. I posted it in the correct area CB 1.2 Stable General Discussion Area Didn't scream, cry, whine, or be unpleasant in any way shape or forum. I just asked for a list of files that need to be removed. I currently have 3 modules that I think should be removed. I just wanted comfirmation.. This is why at best i will give a fair rating. I hope you have better success with thim
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