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Editor's Note
Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. CB has a huge user base, a long history and a great future.

Social websites go far beyond Facebook look-alikes and CB has literally hundreds of built-in features and can be extended with extra (free or commercial) add-ons from the CB Team and other parties that will help you realize your very own - tailored to your specific needs - social networking website.

The hundreds of built-in features will help you accomplish the following:

+ Gather important ** for your use-case ** profile data during or after membership registration
+ Delegate new member sign-up approvals and proper behavior reporting with extended workflows and frontend moderation
+ Configure awesome looking mobile ready profile pages for your members
+ Promote interaction between your members with configurable and searchable user lists
+ Provide powerful and engaging profile applications to your members
+ Continuously motivate and engage your members with great built-in Joomla, Kunena (forum), K2 (content) and uddeIM (private messaging) integrations
+ Keep your members involved with personalized and targeted ad-hoc mass mailings
+ Manage everything from your mobile device or tablet

CB also has a powerful built-in framework (CB API doc. is available on Joomlapolis) so it can be extended and enhanced.

There are hundreds of built-in features you can use to:

+ Create profiles for your members
+ Add unlimited CB fields to your profiles (text, image, textarea, html editor, integer, checkbox, multi-select checkbox, drop-down, multi-select drop-down, radio, date, email, weblinks - more available with add-ons)
+ Use delimiter fields to put customized HTML code in profiles
+ Configure fields to be read-only, for profile viewing, displayed with title, to appear on registration form, etc
+ Control of core fields (email, username, etc), and ajax email and username checkers
+ Custom field validations
+ Create extended registration form
+ Allow login using email address and password
+ Manage registration and profile image approval in frontend with CB Workflow module
+ Create unlimited CB User lists with powerful searching
+ Let members connect with each other (mutual consent or one way)
+ Show connection path between profile viewer and owner up to 6th degree
+ Moderate your community with FE reporting, banning,

Joomlapolis hosts free community driven support forums.

Optionally, Advanced, Professional or Developer 12-months memberships can be purchased giving rights to priority or even same/next business day guaranteed forum support and access to many extra add-ons and privileges.

PHP 5.3.3-5.6.x and MySQL 5.0.4+ database are prerequisites (PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.5+ recommended).

* Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use our free community forums or paid support system at

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Reviews: 2
I first want to say this is a good componet easy to install takes some time to learn all the ins and outs.for me a beginner i was almost over come by all the options it has,,except for one no captcha unless you pay for a membership?? i find this odd since alot of other mod's or comp's out there offer it built in..would have given a higher rating it it had it....
Reviews: 3
This is the best Joomla component ever. It is fast, easy to manage and works well in the backend of the Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
When I first installed CB 1.2 I was overwhelmed with the amount of modules, plugins and general information that CB has. I found myself playing with a lot of those items. If I would have Stopped here I would give this an excellent rating. But my reviews do not just concern one aspect of anything.. After 4-5 months of use I realize that CB is not for me or the site I'm currently working on... I uninstall all the modules and components. I uninstall Cb it gives me 2 errors. One about how it can't find the uninstall and the other I do not remember. I manually go through my components, module, and plugins. I find a few items listed by beat and joomlajoe AKA joomlapolis. I'm think I do no want to start over on this site since it launches Sunday Oct 11, My backups all have the CB builder in them so that wouldn't help... So I go to the joomlapolis forums and do a search for uninstall community builder. it drops the builder but brings up 109 options. I'm thinking ok this should be fun but I want this fixed right. So I search all 109 (4 pages) and find 4 asking how to uninstall CB properly or how to remove the databases and if it will mess things up. Only one that I saw had any responses to it and it was not directed towards the uninstall but towards the error the user was recieving. the only 3 had the topics close and I quote "The topic has been locked. " with no response or link. I decided what the heck I'll try and get that answer questioned myself. Low and Behold "The topic has been locked." No answer. I posted it in the correct area CB 1.2 Stable General Discussion Area Didn't scream, cry, whine, or be unpleasant in any way shape or forum. I just asked for a list of files that need to be removed. I currently have 3 modules that I think should be removed. I just wanted comfirmation.. This is why at best i will give a fair rating. I hope you have better success with thim
Reviews: 1
I am using your Components, Plugin and Modules they are with very good functionality and working properly. Cong to all of you your team you have done excellent job.
Reviews: 3
we found best for custom & small amout is really returns more then it worth
Reviews: 3
Ultra easy to install with the detailed instructions. Very versatile. I like best that it gives admin the ability to add unique items to user profiles. Thank you for a great tool!
Reviews: 1
The extension is the best choice to use for community sites as it is powerful, has a lot of plugins for almost every need. Though there should be more modern execution, I guess. But as it is free - it's great
Reviews: 1
Simply the best community extension for Joomla, yes even better than the other "social" extension you have to pay for. As you can see, whatever you need there is a CB plugin for it. Would it be nice to have all of the extra features like User Activity, User Blogs, User Photos and etc included in the box? Yes but the beauty of CB is that it is a framework, an API for developers to create awesome additions.

I notice though that some users (my clients for example) have some trouble understanding the power of CB and its installation, but give it a try, read the installation PDF slowly and you'll have an install community!

P.S. I see even bigger things in the future for CB, with the CB developers taking over GroupJive's development and partnering with the guys at Kunena for increased integration of CB and the forum extension, things are only going to get better!
Reviews: 2
This offers a lot of good functions. Together with other "plugins" like the uddeIM it is a very complete solution.


Reviews: 1
Community Builder is great, it has many many extensions and you can customize it in any way you want. The only downside is that it takes some time to customize and get it to run like you want. I was very afraid at first, will this be what I need, it has so many files to install, will it invalid my site ? Answer is try it for yourself and you'll like it! It deserves 5 out of 5!
Reviews: 3
This product is powerful and there is good amount of add-ons to do just about anything. I have used it for a while and managed to integrate forums and AEC tabs within CB. However, some of the plugs in CB site are outdated and does not work.
Reviews: 1
CB is massive in size and would make any Newbie such as myself shake in his/her boots. However if you follow the excellent simple instructions given to me by Hazzaa (read the whole post) it installs and works like a dream. With her instructions its pretty well fool-proof. From there on it becomes a learning curve so read the Documentation and use the Forums if you get stuck.
Reviews: 2
I spent a week assessing a number of other community software builders. I decided to give "Community Builder" a try and have not looked back nor regretted my decision.

The software has good logical layout for the backend and is extremely easy to setup. It's well worth purchasing the "Documentation" package not only for the well written User Guide but also the access to powerful extra plugins.

As an administrator you can set the display options for the plugins to make it look similar to a Facebook account or have everything under "tabs". I personally prefer the tabs approach as it keeps the profile page nice and clean.

My only negative is that the forum / calender being supported both need to run in "legacy" mode but that said I have seen no issues turning legacy mode on and the forum software (Fireboard) integrates perfectly. (I did ask about this and the issue is being addressed, hopefully soon I'll be able to go back to pure native mode).

So, in short, this package has everything you need to build a community. The forums are active and my questions where answered incredibly promptly.
Reviews: 9
I was extremely worried about installing this plugin. Reading the documentation, there seemd so much going on, would it muck things up for me?
Quite simply, NO!!
Installation was a breeze, just followed the installation read me. A few easy steps. (And Im a Joomla novice!) Fired up and ready to go. Lots of options and settings to adjust your community as you see fit. Im using Joomla 1.5, and it couldnt be easier. Got the download from the joomopolis site registering as a free, (not paid) user.
But after seeing this module/component, I will be subscribing. This is one addon, I want to keep on top of.
HIGHLY recommended!
Best extension Ive seen so far.
Keep it up guys, and thank you!!
Reviews: 4
This component is probably one of the biggest value adders to Joomla!

Please visit the project website and read about the many opportunities of this great extension.

Thank you Beat and Nant for the continues and stable development! 10 STARS * you are the best.
Reviews: 9
Extremely Useful for having a profile
Couldn't quite get the blog section working so I also used in my site, but this is most likely because I haven't done something right and I also didn't go to their support, so sorry if there is help
Reviews: 4
I'm finding CB great but I agree that the display of the user lists is awful and it seems extremely difficult to customize for 1.1.
Reviews: 2
This is a great component with easy to manage back end and cool features in backend and front end. There are several integrations between it and other components like Fireboard forum, JIM (Joomla Instnat Messages), gelleries and others.
Reviews: 2
A very good comonent nothing bad to say about it but maybe you could change it so we can add user groups?
Owner's reply

Please check the GroupJive component and plugin, which adds groups support. Upcoming paid subscriptions plugin will also add some sort of membership types as well, and is usable for free memberships as well.

Reviews: 1
This extension is excellent, but it takes too long without being native to 1.5X. This undue delay, leads that we are trying alternatives. I hope that developers will soon release the new version.
Owner's reply

CB 1.2 is native for Joomla 1.5. CB 1.2 RC 4 is available to all Joomlapolitans.

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