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Improve My City Component

ImproveMyCity is a component to report, vote and track non-emergency issues.

The application enables citizens to report local problems such as potholes, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, and illegal advertising boards. The submitted issues are displayed on the city's map. Users may add photos and comments. Moreover, they can suggest solutions for improving the environment of their neighbourhood.

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
I liked it because it offers a quick solution for reporting city issues
Reviews: 2
This is a great component an idea. Why do not you support component? I would like to see for the joomla 3.x
Reviews: 5
Thank you for that great tool - it is a great function to get in contact to citizens of a city. Also thanks for the german translation !
Reviews: 1
This is a great little component for community and governance websites. I have a sub-domain set up only for this component for my city in India.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to start using it as submitting issues from the front-end gives an error. Issue submission from the back-end is flawless. However, for the purpose it is built, the front-end is more important. On the forum I see some others also facing the same error and an update was promised for May 10. Hope the support will get better.
The installation was quick and I could have an active website in just a few minutes if it weren't for the error. The option to use customized icons allows you to make your maps look cool. A ready icon pack would be useful. Another suggestion is to allow customizing the map size.
Thanks for the great work and the thought behind the component.
Reviews: 19
Improve my city is an impressive extension with the ability to list an address, phone number, picture and more on an interactive Google map. The Improve my City engine can be modified to fit your mobile businesses, listing and auction sites, your organization-team events or you can use it to report issues in your city. This worked out of the box for me and so simple figure out! Brilliant. 6 stars!
Reviews: 6
I am amazed,this is so simple and elegant and easy to use and yet it is an even greater idea to be able to rise awareness about environmental issues and actually improve quality of living! How amazing is that! HUGE thanks to the devs!
Reviews: 1
We installed this component to use as a constructive method of communicating with our citizens. I have run it through its paces before releasing it on our website. I love it. We are very excited to use this and look forward to the improved communications with our citizens. It has gone live today on our municipal site.

Thank you for creating such a perfect component!
Reviews: 2
Thank you for your excellent extension, please stay non-commercial! :D
Reviews: 1
There are no words for this perfect component!
We started using it in our website and the support is excellent too.
"Must have" for Municipalities.
Reviews: 2
what to say ? i was looking for some extension and ..... this is.
yes just perfect!
Reviews: 7
this is a great component that i exactlly want for my site but now i use joomla 3.0 and the extension not work with it only when you install it in joomla 3.0.1 version it give a blank page in the component page
Reviews: 1
I went as high as I could because this extension is great. Does exactly what it says it will do, no issues and it's a great tool to have.
Reviews: 1
We started evaluating the component for integration at the municipality of Pella. It works excellent and the support is fantastic.

It is user friendly with lots of prospects.

Well Done guys!
Reviews: 12
We are currently evaluating this extension for reporting problems in remote national parks.
Have discussed a number of options/improvements with the developers and have had very fast and enthusiastic responses.
The more I look at this, the more reporting possibilities it offers - damage to recreational tracks and trails for one.
Well done guys, I see this becoming one of the most useful Joomla extensions.
Keep up the good work.
Cheers, David (Western Australia)
Reviews: 1
I downloaded APP and had a problem installing on my website. I contacted support via there forum and within a few hours they contacted me and started working on the problem. By the end of the day it was fixed and working perfectly!!

Highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 1
i am currently evaluating this component for a new website. Some features still missing but the concept is very good. response on questions or support is very good. The developers are open for new features so help them to create the best component ever..
component not only usable for problems but also sugestions for improvement in your city..

well done and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
I will be using this in a small city in Mexico where city government is seldom happy with "Constructive Criticism and even less with public follow up.

It will be a very interesting and hopefully beneficial test.

I am very excited and will post the URL here once in operation. It will be in Spanish but with google translate.

EXCELLENT IDEA and can be the most beneficial extension in Joomla.

Reviews: 3
This component is great! and the support is the best... is a genial idea that user add a place of "my city" is ideal for my web. I recommend 100%