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  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.

JomSocial is an award-winning, powerful, social networking component for Joomla! It allows you to create your own Social Network with Photo and Video Gallery, Event Management, Activity Stream and other features that work out of the box. There is no better or more powerful community extension for Joomla!

JomSocial's new version is now stable and is available to download. The new version comes with lots of new features and is responsive. You can see the new demo here:

All features in JomSocial are years ahead compared to Joomla's Anahita or Community Builder, Wordpress' BuddyPress or other standalone solutions. JomSocial is designed to quickly build your member base and let them engage in social activities such as making new friends, voicing out opinions, sharing pictures and videos, managing events, or even launching a social revolution.

Creating your own social networking for your niche would greatly benefits your community. Whether you have a website for business community, gamers, sports fans or other online communities, you can free yourself from restrictive social environment and customize your own community with unique features and brand identity.

JomSocial is supported by many template clubs such as Rockettheme, Joomlashack, Joomlart, JoomShaper and many more to provide you endless choices of templates.

JomSocial has hundreds of extensions from third party developers that add more features to your social network and make it unique. This includes paid membership, file uploader, music player, chat system and translation file for various languages.

Don't wait further to experience the best social network built for your site.

(Extension formerly known as "Community")

JomSocial features:

* Responsive design
* Friendship system
* Event Management to manage community activities
* Media sharing with photos and videos gallery.
* Group and Discussions provide customized level of sharing.
* Private communication with friends via private messages
* Postbox to post updates, photos, videos and events.
* 'Like' and 'Comment' on Activity Stream.
* Cross update to and from Facebook.
* Real Time On-site notification (first ever in Joomla!)
* Recurring Events
* Easy to use File Sharing
* Improved content distribution
* Beautiful Featured media

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Reviews: 3
I had wrote an extremely long review but my laptop shut down so that sucks xD Anyways it's a great extension that I highly recommend!!!
Reviews: 1
I paid good money for the PRO version but ended up having severe problems with the registration routine. After one week and 8 support tickets the publisher iJoomla acknowledged it was a bug that prevented email verification of registered users to go out as in the regular joomla registration routine. I therefore had to apply a hack to circumvent the JomSocial registration. The iJoomla support was helpful with other issues hence the avarage rating. So if you have a for-members-only site beware or wait untilthey have fixed this.
Reviews: 5
its not easy to build a community site, but the support of jomsocial team is one of the best that there is. and jomsocial is very good component.
Reviews: 1
I registered for the PRO version and after 1 week uninstalled it again:

If you like to build a community site and you are an experienced programmer and you agree with JOMSOCIAL workflows, then this package will suit you.

If you want an integrated community in your website and you don't want to hire a developer this is not the choice to make.

There is no free evaluation version available to try. The demo version is a JOMSOCIAL version only, that's why you don't see the difficulties. You will find little non payed addons, the payed addons often are buggy. I noticed that also that after payment, a payed developer is rcommended.

JOMSOCIAL only support english, they claim multi language possibillities, but again, alot of programming and the language packages on their forum, are third party (read users) packages wich often don't work and are not complete.

The support on their site is fair but slow and often you get an answer that this is too comples and you have to live with it because this is core jomsocial. Also explaining an issue takes alot of time (due registration requirements)

I wanted to have a simple user registration where users could edit their own profile and group communication. If ionly installed all the features, i diabled standard JOOMLA features, i used only the JOMSOCIAL template (for the whole site) and i used no MULTI LANGUAGE, i had a kind of facebook ducplicated website. That's why i uninstalled it again.
Owner's reply

This review contains mostly wrong information:

1. We do have a trial version of JomSocial: you can try it free for 14 days to see if it works for you.

2. We support many languages and they are all available here:

You don't need to be a programmer to install other languages, you simply have to have basic Joomla knowledge which I think the reviewer doesn't have.

3. We provide support within 24 hours in 99% of the cases, longer for complex cases that require more investigation.

4. We don't ask you to hire a developer after you buy. However, if you need to customize it, we do have a list of developers who can help for a low cost.

JomSocial is powerful and works right out of the box. We are here to help with ANY issue if you give us a chance.

Reviews: 5
Jomsocial has been great and served me very well for the last 2 years. Despite this, I am now drowning in spam signups.

With just Joomla, the sign up process I can enable captcha, but not Jomsocial. I have paid for an Aksimet subscription in desperation as the team recommends, however this has not curbed the sign up spam issue.

Until we can have a simple captcha work on sign up, I am putting this on ice.
Owner's reply

JoMSocial have built in Captcha since it's early versions, and you should be able to enable it any time in JomSocial registration flow.

Also, it's important to know how JomSocial is not a user manager. All users at your Joomla site are handled strictly by Joomla itself. JomSocial only extend it with it's profile features.

That being said, if you have any other component that allow creation of new users, it could easily be "exploited" for spam purpose.
And another thing to consider, even without ReCaptcha (which is as stated earlier disabled by default but can be enabled) JomSocial already have the built in system against spammers, and thats simply a custom profile fields.

Reviews: 1
I like it!

Component is also suitable for solving non-standard tasks.

Easy and convenient system of technical support.
Reviews: 4
good Support
It works fine Jomsocial
Very good job recommend
Reviews: 3
I´am using JomSocial since three years and I would like to share my experience.

Since three years I never get the goal - a bug free version of JomSocial. That means, I always had things which don`t work or work as it should be.

Doing updates with JomSocial is a big risk, because I got always new bugs or they changed anything else, so some functions are gone forever.

The support forum is not well structured, many posts with the same issues and different answers from the support team. The response time is from "normal" (into 24 hours) up to never (if you don`t complain).

I spend lots of hours finding bugs and still get blamed by emails from users who told me: "I cannot get registrated" as example.
(A new included datepicker tool was the problem which was not solved for weeks!)

In my mind, this component is a risk for my reputation.

I already complained that to the JomSocial team, also to their CEO.
Owner's reply

Hello and thanks for your feedback. Many of the "bugs" people find are the result of using third party extensions and not JomSocial itself but of course, some bugs do exist from time to time. During the last year (since iJoomla took over), we have implemented a very comprehensive testing process to avoid future issues, and customers are already reporting that the releases are much more stable than before. We will keep enhancing this testing process in the future.

Reviews: 16
Jomsocial is simply an amazing extension to socialize your Joomla! website. Sometimes, I sit back and wonder, how do they do it? With this thing, only your imagination stops you from being the next Facebook. I have just used it to create a business network and when it succeeds, people will be looking at me, but I will be looking at these guys. Lovely extension.

Reviews: 6
Hi guys,
Jomsocial for me is the best joomla extension ever, just try it is amazing.
Reviews: 2
I work with a number of community components. Depends on the customer and specific needs. I use more JomSocial also because of additional products created for it but also because JomSocial itself is great interactive and user friendly. If you are just using it you will find all you need in it and if you are among those that try themselves in developing you will like that it offers you possibilities even though it does make you work for it.
Reviews: 4
When you start working with community components you soon find that JomSocial is the best, the only one. It has a complex nature so you need to study it, don't give up if you are a beginner because it works perfectly. It also has a lot of support.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the great review :-)

Reviews: 4
At the moment I do believe that JomSocial is the best social component out there. I have been using it for my site and often for my clients. It works nicely, the stream and other functionalities. I have found bugs but they can be fixed so that is not a problem. It is normal to have bugs, every component has them. The only issue I did have with JomSocial is the design which is ok and is not really their need to work on that too since there are now those that have created a great product that deals with this issue. with Jomsocial and Tigra for Jomsocial I am perfectly happy and will continue using them happily.
The best there is!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review :-)

Reviews: 2
You're simply the best......better than all the rest...better than anyone....

If you want an online community get Jomsocial , best money you will ever invest in your website..
Owner's reply

What a nice review, thank you!

Reviews: 2
I've purchased and renewed Jomsocial and number of times over the years. Until recently, the releases were too buggy and support/communication with the developers was poor (especially communication ... time lines were never met). Since the recent entrance of iJoomla, they have really made headway.

But after years of a product that wasn't quite 100%, I'm skeptical that they're still working with a shaky foundation, especially with the number of bugs that are often fixed with the help of paying customers.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback! You are right, previously the quality assurance process wasn't as diligent as it should have been for such a huge application. However since iJoomla took over, we've implemented a very comprehensive testing process that included 4 cycles of testing, everybody who uses the new version says it's working extremely well. The foundations were not shaky, it was just a matter of doing a lot more testing :-)

Reviews: 12
I've been a paying member of JomSocial for years. Over that time prices have doubled, the support forum disappeared, and reappeared, and noticeable upgrades were implemented in their software. Some of these were frustrating changes; some were nice to see. But, I'll tell you one thing - I'm still a paying member - because they clearly are working hard, trying their best to improve the product and support, and I know that they will always be around (and that means my community will be as well).

Price: I was a member back when plans were 1 year long. Now, the plans are the same price, but only good for 6 months. So, essentially, the prices have doubled. It is quite a steep increase, but I still feel it is money well spent. If you actually stop and imagine all the coding that goes into this product, it'll make your head spin. It is a monstrous project. It would take you years and years to develop it yourself, and it wouldn't be nearly as nice. Again ==> $$$ well spent!

Support: I'm very pleased with the support. I've seen a noticeable improvement since the price doubled. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence, or not, but it is great to have such dedicated people helping you out. They really go above and beyond.

Learning curve: like any great product in Joomla (including Joomla itself), there will be a learning curve. JomSocial has a tonne of settings, which can appear daunting at the beginning. But, once you work with it for a little while, you come to appreciate all the thought that went into it.

One word of advice - if you are using sh404SEF, turn it off for JomSocial. They are slowly working out their issues and better together, but I found that 80% of the "glitches" I found in my community were all due to conflicts with sh404SEF. Both are great products, but they do not play together as well as they could.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the great review! One thing that is incorrect, the price has not doubled because renewals are 40-50% off. The cost of this operation is huge, employing 16 full time professionals, that is why the cost has changed. The price you pay is just a tiny fraction of what it cost us to develop and support. I hope this makes sense!

Reviews: 11
This is definitely the best extension to build a community. The design is great, mostly easy to customize and the social stream is really cool.

I like it very much.

Thank you JoomSocial, love u guys!
Reviews: 7
This is a nice component for a community based site. I would recommend this to all. I also request them to release a stable version compatible with Joomla 3 soon.
Reviews: 3
Well, its a good product and a great idea for the Joomla Community. That being said, as you can tell from other comments, support is somewhat limited.
I went through the trial period to "test" the product to see if it was a fit for my client, it seemed good but i had some questions, so i figured by purchasing the full edition i could get these questions answered, after-all, it is one of those little bullets listed next to the purchase price. Its been over a month since I've submitted my questions and still no answer. Not even a recognition of my existence as a customer. I've had poor support by a few component suppliers, but I usually at least get a mandatory "we are reviewing your question" response. I can't recall ever being ignored by a developer like this.
I believe they deserve 3 stars because the component itself is good. Even the documentation on the site is good-enough to solve most issues. the problem is direct support and customer service.
Reviews: 2
JomSocial has surpassed my expectations in Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 on several sites.

The many configuration options has allowed me to give a unique feel and look on several sites. The defaults had me up and running in a very short time.

In starting a new community based project my thoughts went to JomSocial but at first glance I thought the idea to be a bit out of the box even for JomSoical. But the amazing support team proved me wrong. The support team listened to my idea, spent time brainstorming configuration option and came up with a configuration and work flow that worked!

Their willingness to be open to "new" ideas and support the project save me a lot of time and the expense of custom coding.

Great job and great combination all the way around.

Thank you JomSocial; Eric and Chris. You both made this fun!

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