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Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

JoomTiger is a Joomla and vTiger CRM(5.1, 5.2, 5.3,5.4) and 6.0 "On demand" version integration component. The main objective of this component development was to "KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)". Just install & Press the Synchronise Button, Thats all it needed to integrate Joomla & vTiger CRM(5.1, 5.2, 5.3,5.4) and 6.0 "On demand" version. Whatever the data or form filled up by customers in your website are directly inserted into vTiger CRM(5.1, 5.2, 5.3,5.4) and 6.0 "On demand" version.

1.joomTiger Lead Form - Automatically update in your vTiger CRM leads system.
2.joomTiger Contact Form - Automatically update in your vTiger CRM Contact system.
3.Form Validation for both lead and contact Form.
4.Support captcha for prevent spam.
5.Frontend display setting in backend.
6.Field synchronization option for both Contact and Lead form.
7.Field Edit - You can modify the field label, field size, make the fields required or not.
8.Field publish and unpublsh option in backend.
9.Field Ordering - You can reorder the fields.
10.Preview - You can check how your form will be displayed in the front end in Admin side.
11.Support multilingual.
13.Lead capturing & Contact Capturing from the website to vTiger CRM is made possible using the lead form or contact form
14.Mail Notification:If a user enterred email id while creating lead or contact form then they will received one email about their contact or lead data . And the admin also receive mail if the data is stored successfully.
15.Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, etc ..
16. Compatibility with VTiger 6.0 "On demand" version.

1.To have your form any where in the website we have provided Lead Module and Contact Module.

NOTE: You should have vTiger CRM installed separately. It is a connecting bridge between vTiger and Joomla CMS.



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Reviews: 5
I purchased this initially to work with 5.4. No tracking features is available for Analytics conversion and attempts to communicate this were not met with any commitment to address the shortcoming.
Joomla as well as VTiger 6 are free open source software, while Joomtiger is paid for and supports up to VTiger 5.4, it only supports VTiger 6 paid (On Demand), in all fairness the free VTiger 6 version has only been out since January 2014, however attempts to get a handle on a timeline or roadmap for being VT6 free compatible is met with poor communication.
Reviews: 1
Easy to configure and great support! I had an issue and contacted the support team. They solved the problem in 24h, great great great! Very kind and professional. Keep up with the good work!
Reviews: 2
A really good extension for integrating Joomla with vtiger. Really useful component & nice support team. Cleared all my issues in time.
Reviews: 13
Works great! I had a problem but the support team are second to none and solved my problem without hesitation.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I had just one problem with date fields but developers where very kind and helped me out to solve it. Thay have good Customer Service and the component does what they promise.
Reviews: 1
Quick and helpful team problem solving, are really smart and useful products and functional
Reviews: 1
I find the JoomTiger plugin most useful, which eliminates the need for manual installation of webforms without worrying the issues. I am also impressed with the promptness and quality assistance offered from the support team whenever I have issues with plugin and they have been very responsive with high integrity. Definitely recommended.
Reviews: 1
I am fairly new to the Joomla Community, but there is one thing I appreciate most about any company. That is being able to live up to or exceed my understanding of there products, marketing and support.

JOOMTIGER has delivered as promised. Well worth the money and the support was no hassle just simply got the problem fixed.
Which the only problem was a setup choice I made and now is working perfectly.

Thank you JExtension,

Anyone the needs integration from Joomla to V-Tiger for contacts and leads. Look no further.

Thank you again for the quick turned around on support,

Shane G
Reviews: 114
We are using the Tiger CRM for our business and we have found it to be fantastic. We had used a few other ones with different bridges and they were poor in comparision.

I especially like the Marketing Campaigns, Contacts, Webmail, Calendar and Documents as this allows us to target our potential clients and new customers with E-Shots and other media.

The settings tab is simple to use for anyone from beginner to expert. I take my hat off to the developers of this CRM as it is invaluable for business.

The Support process on the CRM allows you to fine tune every aspect of the program - from Trouble Tickets to FAQ and over to Milestones. We changed trouble tickets to "Raise a Ticket" and found the whole process very easy.

The Analytics is very simple, nothing special, but it does the job of keeping tabs on what you are doing through the day by giving you a dashboard everytime you login.

Thank you.
Reviews: 3
Having decided on vTiger as our business CRM I searched for a simple way to capture visitor enquiries to our website and have them magically appear in vTiger.

Luckily I found JoomTiger and proved the setup is indeed KISS.

However I began receiving emails from my website for new Leads showing my JoomTiger Lead field names but no data.

That's when JoomTiger proved their worth as a software provider with real support.

After several days of emails to provide the required access to my website for their fault finding, the guys at JoomTiger found the bug and sent me a corrected version.

Hoping they will add capturing registered Joomla User data for auto-transfer to vTiger in the future.
Reviews: 1
We we looking for a solution to integrate joomla contact forms in our VTIger CRM. Joomtiger is an affordable solution wich does just that. And more. It even allowed us to use personalized forms created in VTigers Leads and/or Contacts straight away in this joomla module. Technical support is quick and one on one. Personal contact is a key feature for our company to our clients, its reassuring to know joomtiger technical support has this same approach to us as a customer.
Reviews: 1
We've been looking for something like this for a long time. It does exactly what we need and with a simple installation. The support was fast at getting back with any question I had.

Great product! Simple and clean! We can't wait for updates and new versions!
Reviews: 1
Our company recently installed and began using vTiger CRM, and we were looking for a quick but customizable way to have lead forms on our Joomla! website that fed directly into vTiger Leads. JoomTiger does this, and so simply, especially compared to several of the other solutions we saw on the market.

All that you have to do is establish the authentication keys, then synchronize your fields and all of your Lead fields, even custom ones, are available to use in Joomla. We were able to have lead forms up and running on our website in about 30 minutes. Pretty slick, JoomTiger.

Even though we gave this 5 stars, we do have a suggestion for the next version:

Allow defaults for field values to be set in Joomla, for both visible and hidden fields, in each module deployed on the site. For instance, we use a "Lead Type" custom field where we can indicate whether the Lead is for web design, custom development or one of our own Joomla extensions. We'd like to be able to set this field in each module we use, then hide it from the user. That way the module that is published on web design content pages can send the appropriate Lead Type automatically, without it needing to be a user selectable field.

All in all, great work. Wish there was something that worked this smoothly for Joomla and vTiger user authentication and synchronization! (Hint, hint)
Reviews: 1
I am working as System Developer for a big Financial Company. My company was using Acymailing component for email marketing. We had a huge database of clients in joomla. We recently decided to use Vtiger as CRM. I was worried for the integration due to import and export of data. It would really have been a headache if this extension was not there. It simplified my job. Its so simple to use and configure.All our agents are happy and can communicate well with their clients.I would reccoment this product best for vtiger to joomla integration.

Thanks again for building a great product.

Harjinder Singh Saini
System Analyst
S21c Technologies Ltd.
Reviews: 2
JoomTiger a powerful and effective extension for the connection of Joomla website onto vtiger CRM.
It's really simple to configure and use. It does a great job!
It delivers what was promised. I would recommend using it.
Reviews: 1
We have just recently rebuilt our company website using Joomla. As users of VTiger CRM we needed an extension that would allow us to import specific lead fields from VTiger in to our backend system in joomla; allowing us to create a simple registration form for the front end. Joom Tiger was the perfect solution for us. It was easy to configure using documentation from the developers website, and even easier to begin using it. We now have complete integration between Joomla and VTiger -from the point when a web visitor fills out a registration form, their details are instantly available in VTiger and filtered specific to fields. We now have the capacity to target specific email campaigns and newsletters – thanks to the Joom Tiger extension. The developers of Joom Tiger are currently working on developing a module for this extension to allow us more functionality and design options more specific to our needs.