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osTicky (osTicket Bridge) ComponentPlugin

osTicky (osTicket 1.8 Bridge) is Joomla 3.0 component that integrates the popular open-source "osTicket Support Desk system" into Joomla environment. It works both with the latest osTicket V1.9 and V1.8.x and provides complete functionality of osTicket frontend interface - users can raise tickets, view their tickets' progress, send replies, etc.

osTicky is a fresh look at ticket support systems for web designers and programmers.

The added value of osTicky (and that is why this extension was created) is that it offers a new type of web-based service requests - "Sticky Tickets".

This type of tickets is especially useful for web designers when they have to gather feedback from clients. A client simply issues a ticket "in place" - i.e. pointing to the element he or she would like to comment or modify. osTicket staff member will get the page and location of this element already attached to the ticket and a link (in ticket alert email) to view the ticket as a sticky note, so he can start working on the suport issue without losing time in telephone calls/emails.

Main features summary:

• Seamless integration of osTicket frontend functionality into a Joomla site
• Staff members working with original osTicket administration/staff backend see the tickets exactly the same way as if they were issued using native osTicket frontend - no learning needed
• All configuration values that affect the component's behavior (creating tickets, posting messages, attaching files, etc.) are taken from original osTicket administration settings - no need to create additional configurations for osTicky
• "Create ticket" Joomla menu ítem can be configured to be locked to a specific help topic
• If a user is logged in his name and email are automatically populated into the fields on a new ticket form
• "Sticky-note" ticket mode. The information sent automatically with a new web-ticket may significantly decrease the time needed for a staff member to identify the issue, providing reliable "fingerprint" of the element associated with the ticket.
• The client (ticket's sender) can review his tickets in form of a list, ticket details with message thread and as a sticky note "in place" (on the page where the ticket was created)
• Staff member (ticket's reciever) can view a "sticky-note" ticket on the page where it was created (following the link he recieves in "New Ticket Alert" email)

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Reviews: 9
I am amazingly surprised this extension configuration is so simple to install. Then check some options followed by database and your done. I really appreciate these time saving extensions.

Thank you for a non-commercial stellar gift.
Reviews: 32
This is an excellent extension for getting OSTicket functionality into Joomla!

Very easy to install, setup, and connects seamlessly to your OSTicket installation.

Support is second to none, truly excellent! - I had a slight problem with layout so I raised a ticket. Alex replied within hours to offer a detailed solution including the file and field to amend.

I thoroughly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 9
Decided to purchase a paid component but than i came across this little extension. This does more than what i expected. Thanks for such an error free integration. Would like to see some tabs at backend that could take me to the appropriate admin links. Still i would recommend this extension who are in need of ticket system for their site.
Reviews: 18
I really recommend this extension!
The only reason I did not give it all stars is that it needs some minor touches. For example there should be a CANCEL buttons on the New Ticket form, so the user can easily close it down. The docuemtnation should be improved. I would like to see mlike step by step scenario, as I have had some problems understanding how the other (than main) plugins work. I was not able to find a download links to extra plugins. anyway - it is still great! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Just installed this extension, no problems configurating!

Great Extension!