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Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

JE Effective Lead Management system is a lead Management solution for Joomla websites to manage the leads or contact us Emails. This is kind of very tiny CRM for a sales person who follows up with leads. This best fits of someone who is looking for simple and effective solutuion. If you are small company with few sales guys, this works better, Doing a complete integration of other complex softwares to handle the leasds is a overkill sometime.

Features of Effective Lead Management system:

1. Customizable form for submitting leads.
2. Captcha field for preventing spam.
3. Displays all custom field created by Admin.
4. Supports ajax Form validation.
5. Admin can Manage Leads(ADD/EDIT/DELETE) from the back end.
6. The leads has been assigned to the salesperson by Super Admin.
7. Those who belonged to the Manager & Administrator user group are the salesperson.
8. Sales person handle the leads that has been assigned by the Admin.
9. Admin can change the status and weightage of the lead and write remarks about every leads.
10. Salesperson can change the status and weightage of the lead and write remarks about the leads.
11. Salesperson can update their daily status and next action to be taken.
12. Colorful Dashboard with shortcuts for all controllers and list of remainders by Sales person.
13. Display leads information based on the country and date.
14. Ease to maintain documents uploaded by users.
15. Admin can generate his own customfields and set parameter for every fields via backend.
16. Customizable mail template from the backend.
17. Unlimitted number of Sales persons can be added in backend.
18. Admin can restrict the users to upload particular files(.doc, .txt, etc).
19. Statistical information will be displayed based on the country, weightage, status, date and the sales person.
20. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, etc ..
21. Quick Icon in Admin section [only for Joomla 2.5]
22. Module for Listing Reminder,Latest leads,Leads Report by country in control panel(Admin section) [only for Joomla 2.5]
23. Upload Multiple files.
24. Automatic email notification for a user once a lead is assigned from backend.

Please do not use this reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Please contact us using support menu in our website.


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Reviews: 5
For the low price and granting lifetime usage, it's very good product with EXCELLENT support that helped fixed issues with speed and smarts. I recommend JEXTN unequivocally.
Reviews: 2
Really good Lead management system. Straight forward install and setup, smooth and stable application. Support was good and quick
Reviews: 2
This extension is what I was looking for. It does not do everything a normal Lead Management System might do, but they state that on their site.

I would like to see a bit more modification options, however. Some of the items in the extension have no meaning to our business. If we could change the verbiage it would help.

I had a small problem and sent them an email. Their response was within their time frames and I was able to fix the problem.

Reviews: 3
Before buying read what it does carefully, as it lakes lot of important options; like date picker for example. I purchased this component for only $ 28 and when I asked for adding a print option as well as date picker, they gave me an estimate of $ 240. Better to use one of the open source CRMs in the market.
Reviews: 3
This is not the most amzaing CRM, but it only cost 20€. Plus the tech support was great (excellent actually).

If you want a simple way of managing leads, this is pretty good.
Reviews: 1
Even though it was inexpensive for a CRM, I'd like a little more for my money. In fact, if I had paid $10-$15 for this instead of the almost $30 I did pay, they'd get more stars.

There's very little customization, it's quirky, there's not much there in terms of quickly gathering info and it's rather limited in what it can do. But, you get what you pay for and it does just fine for basic CRM needs. I'll be using a different program for other projects that need something more complex, though.
Reviews: 114
Good things. Loaded first time, simple to upload data and was easy to use.(K.I.S.S)

Stuff that needs work: In the admin section for in Joomla backend for 2.5 the category menu items are very odd. If this Lead Management is for the Shipping industry or a Parcel company then fine, but it does not say this when you purchase it and their are spelling mistakes. I mean really simple fundamental ones which you should not get wrong. Like Remainder, should read REMINDER!

The menu service reads:
Name--Remainder--Weightage--Status--Email--Country--Handling--Status History--Picked--Files

What the hell is Weightage? Handling? Picked? If I had known this was for shipping. I WOULD NOT OF PAID FOR IT. WHAT A CON!!!

You also cannot change it..... You can add customtext boxes but you cannot choose where they are put on the form. This is the 2nd component I have purchased from you now and both are poor.

If you are a Parcel company or shipping firm. Buy it! If you are not. ... DO NOT BUY!
Owner's reply

We have clearly mentioned about this in our website. We request everybody to read the documentation properly before they purchase any of our extension. Please find my inline comments of each
The menu service reads:
Name--Remainder--Weightage--Status--Email--Country--Handling--Status History--Picked--Files

Name : Name of the lead
Remainder : This will help to follow up the lead
Weightage : Weight-age of lead, You can call it as Low, Average, High etc
Status : Lead status
Email : Email address
Country :
Handling : Who handling this lead. Sales person name will display here.
Status History : All history of this lead. Admin can cross check with sales person. Whats happening
Picked : It means, Sales person started processsing the lead or not.
Files : Attachments...

Reviews: 2
good idea, good prospects, fast support, still much work to do, concluding at the time still is not worth 20 euros!
Owner's reply


As you already agreed, JE Lead is good idea, good prospects, fast support. All the mentioned features which we mentioned in JED is working fine for you. And also you seen the price of 20 Euro before purchasing..All the mentioned features are working fine. I am still confusing. Why peoples giving wrong reviews even its worked fine...

Reviews: 1
very good product and good support from the support team helped in the issues faced immediately. KEEP IT UP......
Reviews: 2
Great product and support. Nothing is too much trouble...Al the mentioned features working fine...
Reviews: 2
- it's easy to install

- it's easy to use

- Support team helped me to set up the configuration. I did within 5 min.
Reviews: 3
I'm very happy with this Extension and even happier with the support team! The extension has suprised me! It looks beautiful;
it works flawlessly and it all all (and a little more) it says here. The support team is fast and 100% efficient.
Thanks a lot guys!
Reviews: 1
Excellent, works perfectly! Been using it and it's just excellent.I have recommended to all my friends and clients.

I recommend this simple extension compared integrating with complex CRM solutions.