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CiviCRM is a Constituent Relationship Management System for Joomla! This component (primarly targeted to the non-profit and public sectors) will allow you to very effectively manage your organization's contacts, and begin to build a better connection between your CMS and your constituents.Development site: CiviCRM has multiple sub-module that are based on the CRM and extend the data model. They include:

CiviContribute: A donation module to accept online payments via PayPal, and Google Checkout. Recurring donations are also supported via PayPal and CiviContribute has support for Pledges and Soft Contributions.
CiviEvent: An event management module for integrated event registration and management
CiviReport: A reporting module to make sense of all the data you collect
CiviMember: A membership module to manage your members
CiviMail: A high performace broadcast email engine
CiviPledge: A module to manage pledges
CiviCase: Case management for human service providers (with thanks to Physician Health Program - British Columbia)
Personal Campaign Pages: add donors and constituents to your fundraising team

Note that CiviCRM now requires PHP v5.2.1+ and MySQL v5.1+ and higher. If you need help installing this component please consult the service provider list at

Note that the CiviCRM license is AGPL v3 which is compatible with GPL v3. CiviCRM v2.1 is for Joomla 1.5 (it is NOT compatible with Joomla 1.0.x)

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Reviews: 1

I finally figured out how to install CiviCRM. I used version 2.0.4 on Joomla! 1.5 Legacy far so good.

Install steps:
1. Download zip file to computer and then Upload it to

2. Use Joomla! Xplorer to unpack it. After unpacking,it should be here:

3. Go to Install from Directory and enter your ENTIRE path. If you don't know what that should be (which is what my problem was) go to the Help>System Info>Configuration Path and scroll down to $log_path. This is the ENTIRE path you should be adding when using Install from Directory.

Your path will probably look something like this:

4. The actual install process may take five or so minutes.

Good Luck!!!

The software as we all know is great! This is just what my non-profit needs to complete the site and manage its operations comprehensively. CivicEvent is the answer to lots of our prayers/requests, and I prefer the Joomla! administration panel to that of Drupal.

Hope this helps.....CiviCRM Rocks!!
Reviews: 1
To start with the functionality of civiCRM looks great in the documentation. I could really use this, but...

It is not ready for Joomla. I tried for 2 days to get civiCRM installed without success. I tried with 2 different hosting services. I had the services make the necessary php changes and am still not able to get it installed. The forums have many posts of others have have experienced similiar problems trying to get civiCRM installed with no real solutions, easy to implment soultions.

This tool is not ready for Joomla. Before adding any new functionality the development goal should be to make the install straight-forward and simple.

I have done several websites using Joomla and have never experienced as much frustration or as many issues trying to install a component. Save yourself hours to days of frustration and avoid civiCRM until install issues have been fixed.
Reviews: 13
Surly CiviCRM is great, and I love it, but it is too hard to install on a normal server. CiviCRM is not Joomla friendly!

The file is too large and the installation takes too long so several timeouts are reached in the PHP. The workaround is to increase the timeouts before installing and decreasing them after the install. This you can only do if you have your own server or the hoster gives you access the php settings.

I recommend that the team behind CiviCRM rethink the installation – perhaps install the core of CiviCRM and move the rest to a second installation (like for example done in the JCE plugins, not said that the JCE plugins are demanding), perhaps with the use of Ajax so the execution timeout is not reached.
Reviews: 3
It is true that it takes some time to get to the point where you are actually able to use it (I couldn`t upload the zip-file via component installer and had to upload it via FTP and then install from folder) but once the install is done this component really rocks. The fact that they offer this component for free is AMAZING!!!
Reviews: 2
I can't believe all the whiners ragging on CiviCRM here. I installed and configured 2.0b3 on a Joomla 1.5.1 site (which is not officially supported) and only had a few minor problems, most of which were of my own doing. The software works great and is incredibly flexible and powerful. This might be what is giving some people headaches, CRM software is NOT simple and can be almost too configurable.
Initially the documentation can be a little overwhelming and is a little short on concepts, but is getting better and is CERTAINLY better than Joomla's documentation (which really sucks).
All in all this package integrates as well as it can within Joomla (due to the total lack of Joomla User ACLs and API hooks) and does what it is supposed to. The only thing I wish was different is that CiviCRM would have allowed me the option of using a separate SQL database instead of piggybacking on the Joomla DB.
Reviews: 1
I found CiviCRM an excellent Extension but i do have a couple of issues with it.
1. The Documentation is woeful and leads you from page to page without giving clear instructions
2. The Admin section is slow and hard to understand

These two issues aside, once you have a grasp of how the extension works and you write your own procedures. The it does exactly what it advertises.
Reviews: 1
Unsure what others problems were with this extension, but I followed the instructions in the CiviCRM wiki and everything works fine. Which is great because the component I paid for did not work so I was left struggling to find something that would.

The community is great as well and I am confident that with a bit of reading through their wiki and help from the forums anyone can get this extension working.
Reviews: 2
It took me about a dozen attempts to make this work. The first thing I noticed is that the Joomla install must be compiled with PHP5 enabled. For some hosting services this requires a few lines added to the .htaccess file. The next thing I noticed is that you must extract and upload the entire package to another directory, then install from the directory you uploaded it to. This is important because the package is 10+ MB and most webhosts limit the uploads to 2 MB or time-out while trying to upload such a large file.

Once this is done the application works like a charm. However, the front-end integration still needs some work to make it as functional as the back-end is.
Reviews: 1
CiviCRM is awesome and powerful...but not for Joomla.

It is not a Joomla component at all, but a full featured CRM application. The designers are diligent, responsive, and very active. Except for that they pay much more attention to the Drupal side of things.

Most features do not work with Joomla out of the box. Some examples:

- You need php 5x WITH SOAP libraries installed to use the CiviMail portion. That's not a typical configuration on a shared server (which many Joomla implmentations are). There was no way I was going to compile my own PHP just to get that to work.

- The default configuration doesn't play well with Joomla either. There is a front end session issue that I never was able to fix, despite numerous forum posts on the CiviCRM website (although the developers are responsive...they couldn't fix my problem). Basically, the CiviEVent and CiviContribute forms worked fine in the backend, but experienced fatal errors in the front end.

- I tried very hard to stick it out with CivCRM, including contacting some professional support people I found on the CiviCRM website....except they were all Drupal -- not Joomla -- experts.

- One of the developers suggested I do a clean install of Joomla and CiviCRm and see what happens. Sorry...but we utilize our Joomla install for *many* other things, so it was not an option.

Give CiviCRM some time and it will ROCK. Or, if you like the potential features that much, check in to using it with a Drupal implementation.

In the meantime, I've found a handful of other Joomla plugins that work out of the box and accomplish the same things...Including MosList Messenger, Attend Events, and Community Builder.

I would have like to rate it higher....but it's just not ready for prime time with Joomla.
Reviews: 1
To the previous poster... check the civicrm support forums. The issue is not their software, but more than likely your upload limits on your web server. Download the software directly from/to the server or use ftp and put it in the local install component install directory and you shouldn't have any problems.

To the others, yes it is very complex but very powerful and is a great package for which it was intended (grassroots organizing). You won't find anything better in the OS world. Joomla and Civicrm are a great combo.
Reviews: 1
Why make it a Joomla component when it doesn't even have a proper working front end. This was hard enough to install let alone now I have to copy and paste URL's to make it work with my Joomla site.

Please make a proper Joomla front end, using Joomla modules and components that actually work out of the box with no additional work by me.

Also, it is pointless being a Joomla component if I still have to Sync all my users from Joomla into CiviCRM. It should be transparent.

The documentation is great. But it needs to have a better index with page numbers and standardised headings for sections that also form the header of each page. Some people still print documentation and this documentation is not friendly for those people. I spent more time flipping through the darn doco than actually printing it. Dont' get me wrong it is certainly good content, but I takes to long to long flipping through to find it.

This may be a good CRM and outside of Joomla I'm sure it works great, but I'm pulling teeth here. I'm now on my third day of trying to configure this. I've NEVER had to spend so long on a Joomla component in the past.

If it is supposed to run under Joomla it should just work with minimal config.
Reviews: 1
This component is exactly what I was looking for...being in need of an app to manage online donations and membership mailing for a small non-profit orchestra.

The functionality, though quite complex to set up properly, seems to be top-notch (having demo'd several other NP fundraising systems which weren't web-based).

HOWEVER, IMHO, this should NOT have been created as a component, but as a stand-alone w/ a bridge. The installation is a NIGHTMARE - I've been working a solid week and still can't get it to install w/o hiring a professional (which I shouldn't have to do for a component). It did, however, install flawlessly on my local JSAS - and I didn't even bother to check memory limits, execution times, MySQL versions, or anything. GO FIGURE.

I'm torn about my rating, but given the choices listed, I had no option but to rate it below average.

Sorry, guys at's just WAY over the heads of 90% of the people who use Joomla...the whole point of components is to add functionality w/o a lot of fuss.
Reviews: 1
Well, I CAN say that after this component was installed and setup that it is exactly what we needed...

However, I received a back street, NC-17 rated beat-down trying to do this myself and eventually had to drag my pummeled, bloody body to TWO different developers and payed them to get it correctly installed and setup.

The good news is its a great component once its up and running! And hopefully they will make this an "actual" Joomla supported component in the future... but for now, beware, this bad boy can do some damage to the unsuspecting!
Reviews: 12
Although it didn't install without a few tweaks to the system*, instructions for doing so were easily located on the authors' forum, and once done, installation was simple and straightforward. This is a very complex system that takes some time to learn, but the capabilities are astonishing. Three cheers for open source!

**add a few lines (documented on the forum) to the Joomla configuration.php file and use "install from directory" rather than "upload and install."
Reviews: 2
If you're a non-profit looking for a way to manage and communicate with members, stop looking. The answer is here. CiviCRM is EXACTLY what you need, and more.

CiviMail is the killer app. Blows everything else away (once you get it installed). CiviMember and CiviDonate are also amazing. The whole package rocks.

As the integration with joomla becomes even greater in CiviCRM 1.8 and beyond, the two are becoming a perfect couple for any non-profit. But don't wait, get them today!
Reviews: 1
I'm not going to bag this product as I can see there are a lot of happy people and also the potential (from the demo site).

Minor hurdle with install but I'm tech savvy (but Joomla newb) and forums were a great source of help. After that my problems began - spent a day going round in circles trying to work out so called profiles etc.

Crikey!!! All I want is a search & list on the front-end for goodness sake. With links to email perhaps.

The main area I see as a weaknesses is in the documentation. Sure I could get help but I'm developing this as an intra-net and access to external people is damn difficult in a 'locked down' managed environment.

For the time being I'll use the basic contacts and come back to this "maybe" when it matures more.
Reviews: 4
After three days of fighting with CiviCRM I finally gave up. I got a few successes only to get error messages about files not existing when I tried to use it after manual installs.

I don't care how good the code is, if you can't install it it's next to useless.

I agree with the comment that it needs to be set up as a separate application with a bridge like SMF and other large apps. There's simply too much here for the Joomla installer to handle reliably and I have yet to find a manual install that actually works.

Oh, and don't tell me to find another, more expensive, host. That's not a good enough answer to this kind of issue.
Reviews: 1
On a nice sunday (25 feb 2007) i tried CiviCRM for Joomla (version 1.6.8517). I was very enthousiastic that installation with the normal Joomla/administrator/installer as an component was no problem at all! (everything works).

If you want more languages you also have to copy the files in the package "civicrm-1.6.8517-l10n.tar" . I have a lot of experience with SugarCRM, PHProjects and vTiger. CiviCRM has not so much functionality as the other applications. But the advantage is that the application works within Joomla. So if you have too built an application where you don't need dashboards with prospects and that kind of stuff, then you have too look to the CiviCRM. I think that this application is also suitable for other branches then the non profit branch.

So i give this application an "Excellent!" rating because it is really good.

Evert Jan Hooijer
General manager
Reviews: 4
I've been waiting to use this component since I first ran across it in late 2005.

I tried holding out until ACL's were fully integrated, but an organization redesign came up and I decided to go ahead with the install rather than wait for the ACL functionality with Joomla 1.5.

Even without the the ACL's, I am just thrilled with the funcationality so far. The site I am using it for is for a small member nonprofit organization. Just being able to maintain the membership details online, readily accessible, is a huge bonus.

The profiles provide a very flexible way to display contact information on the front end.

It does take a little more effort to install than standard Joomla components, but I had no problems following the details, step-by-step instructions provided to install from directory.
Reviews: 1
CiviCRM is a huge contribution to the Web 2.0 tools for all kinds of non-profits from micro to mega organizations. The developer team and user community are very responsive and helpful, from technical support getting CiviCRM working to business process and high level design and customization advice. I've been using CiviCRM on Drupal for over a year - in which time CiviCRM has gone through 4 or 5 major releases and Drupal went through 3. I have just started trying the Joomla version, and it rocks too!

CiviCRM has acquired a reputation in some quarters for being tricky to install and to run on the slow side. This is all relative: the code can reliably handle millions of records - and the CiviMail component can handle bulk mailings on that scale too. Of course this high end use requires a high end server, but for organizations with up to thousands of contacts records who want a constituent relationship management system that can also provide membership, contribution and mailing and a forthcoming events management module, performance is more than adequate on a reasonably well resourced shared hosting environment. As for installation, the wiki documentation has improved considerably, the support on the mailing list is great, and installation is straightforward if you follow the instructions. If your web host just doesn't support it, urge them to or find another host - it's worth it!

It's true, CiviCRM takes some commitment to understand its power and features. But for what it can do to empower non-profits with true Web 2.0 sites, in my opinion it has no rival. Moreover, the project is under very active development, so refinements and improvements and support for new versions of the underlying CMS come in a reliable stream.

In addition to the available demos at, there are specialist web hosting services such as that are designed to support CiviCRM and will even install it for you if you are a serious non-profit organization.
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