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CiviCRM is a Constituent Relationship Management System for Joomla! This component (primarly targeted to the non-profit and public sectors) will allow you to very effectively manage your organization's contacts, and begin to build a better connection between your CMS and your constituents.Development site: CiviCRM has multiple sub-module that are based on the CRM and extend the data model. They include:

CiviContribute: A donation module to accept online payments via PayPal, and Google Checkout. Recurring donations are also supported via PayPal and CiviContribute has support for Pledges and Soft Contributions.
CiviEvent: An event management module for integrated event registration and management
CiviReport: A reporting module to make sense of all the data you collect
CiviMember: A membership module to manage your members
CiviMail: A high performace broadcast email engine
CiviPledge: A module to manage pledges
CiviCase: Case management for human service providers (with thanks to Physician Health Program - British Columbia)
Personal Campaign Pages: add donors and constituents to your fundraising team

Note that CiviCRM now requires PHP v5.2.1+ and MySQL v5.1+ and higher. If you need help installing this component please consult the service provider list at

Note that the CiviCRM license is AGPL v3 which is compatible with GPL v3. CiviCRM v2.1 is for Joomla 1.5 (it is NOT compatible with Joomla 1.0.x)

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Reviews: 5
Wow, I mean wow, what a disappointment. Based on the top billing and glowing reviews I truly expected a lot more; like a program that actually installed.

21 megs isn't a component, it's a stand alone program. And that's how this should have been packaged. Just like SMF and phpBB, this should have been packaged as a stand alone installation with a BRIDGE. I spent HOURS trying to get this thing to install following every thread I could read with no real results. And because the password on the demo site is not the one listed, I STILL have no idea what it even looks like.

To have a developer suggest that you "consult a professional to install" it (actually in one of the threads!) is counter intuitive - the largest demogrpahic of Joomla is people without extensive programming, PHOP and MySQL knowledge. Furthermore the target audience, non profits, are trying to do everything they can to AVOID such an extra expense. Many aspects, especially front end access, feel like 'hacks' instead of councious efforts to work in the Joomla framework.

I *am* a consultant and I've never had to give up on an install until CiviCRM. I hope they'll separate the app from the bridge and give each the attention they deserve because it seems like if you are lucky enough to get it to work, it's got an excellent feature set.

I'm moving onto trying others and keep hoping they'l work these things out. You shouldn't have to hack your config files and php.ini to get a real Joomla component to work.
Reviews: 1
I'm beside myself with relief that a component like this has been written. I do volunteer web management for an incredibly cash-strapped, yet effective, international solidarity organization that runs domestic and international campaigns in the US. This software allows us to manage contacts between organizers across the country, track donors, and solve myriad problems that otherwise would continue because there's no way we could buy CRM software. Maintenance and installation have been incredible hassles, but they're worth it. Data import and customization are easy and well-designed. Thanks to all who have contributed to this project!
Reviews: 4
Its not easy, but installation is possbile with a little bit of work. I thought i could use it as a universal CRM and modify it into my community needs... but it seems to be rather specific in its target audience. All of the internal workflows and procedures are well thought out and work, but they do not seem to be all that adaptable to other groups.

If you are running a civic organization that needs to keep track of a lot of people with their demographics and you want to do fundraising... this may be for you
Reviews: 1
.. especially if your site isn't English. The "component" (which seems more like separate program) doesn't provide any usable setup (the installation routine fails by default, not the last because of the incredibly bloated size of the package), the translations are fractional and don't display foreign characters correctly, and an integration (Style sheets etc.) in Joomla is almost not existing (as is the documentation or a basic profile setup routine, a template or whatever -> nothing, nope, nada). To be honest, I wonder who this component received 3 of 5 stars from - and what for.
Reviews: 98
I installed this com_ on my testing server. But I can not find the option to change the language. After about 2 hours' search I know I have to modify some codes in the civicrm.settings.php file. I can also change the default country name there.All these information was not added into the readme file.

Another pain is I do not know how to set up one or more menu items on the frontend. I had tried to do so by creat a new menu pointing to the com_ but cause error on the frontend.

Hope authors give detailed instructions to a new user.
Reviews: 3
Support is excellent. Developers are building CiviCRM simultaneously on Drupal and Joomla. Functionality already is great -- and I think there's more flexibility currently in the Drupal version partly because core developers are waiting for basic core enhancements in Joomla! 1.1. Can't wait!
Reviews: 2
CiviCRM is great for putting up a quick way of getting donations and volunteers from a website.

It does not however, integrate with the fish.

It has many oddities about how it lays things out that will give your graphic designer nightmares.

The user interface on the backend is probably an excellent candidate for an AJAX type interface similar to vtiger.

performance also seems to be a bit suspect. Your RAM usage will noticibly increase.

Any usage that is non-trivial will require a lot of thought about adding fields.

You should set up a test server with representative sample data before deploying it (unless you are sure that you have not hit a performance bottle neck when you organized your data.

I have not tested the max records, but it seems that it will hold millions, but may have issues at about 32 million.

The schedule a meeting functionality is still very primative, and probably will be a few generations before it is a challenge to outlook.

Email blasts are still a work in progress, you probably want to use anjel for email blasts at this point.

Over all, an excellent project with a bright future, Well thought out schema, the fields seem to match the real world. I'm torn between giving it two stars and five stars. it has elements that deserve each of the rankings.

joomla 1.1 has a lot of promise, as it should be possible to integrate civicrm and community builder seamlessly using that.
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