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Advanced ticketed support/help desk on your website. Includes Knowledge Base, FAQs, Announcements, Glossary, Tickets by Email, Testimonials and many other features. Robust, customizable, professional, affordable and easy to use. Demo sites available.

New features include Ticket Groups, allowing your users to share tickets and other extra.

Checking an email account for new support tickets is also fully supported, along with having your users and ticket handlers reply by email too (All messages will be added to your ticket system).

You can customise all aspects of the sections of the component so that users can easily find the information they require. If the user cannot find the relevant information in our highly flexible FAQs, Knowledge Base and Glossary sections, a support ticket can be submitted through the ticketed support system - this ticket support system is completely customisable (custom fields, categories, emails, managers etc). In addition, the testimonials section allows you to display customer comments/feedback; an announcements section allows you to display a series of announcements to your users.

Use our announcements component to keep your users upto date with the latest news on your site.

The several section are as powerful as the leading extensions for each individual area - but with Freestyle Support Portal you get all of this for a lower price! Why not give it a try??

The ultimate support portal / help desk for Joomla

* Knowledge Base Module
* FAQ Module
* Testimonials Module
* Ticket Support System Module
* Announcements Module
* Glossary

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Reviews: 1
I had many options to pick from and this wonderful Support portal knock them all out

Nice Work....
Reviews: 2
I purchased and recommend. very good, exactly what i needed.
- simple.
- efficient.
- practice.

gratz and thanks.
Reviews: 1
Is really good product, can be installed understand and setup in few time. Great support. We will change our actual support ticketing system to Freestyle support.
Reviews: 2
We were looking for a support system but not from the traditional IT perspective.

We are building a site to offer our construction industry customers a way of viewing reports on customer care jobs with realtime updates.

Freestyle Support is incredibly flexible, and for first time Joomla users like me it has been a great introduction to how good we can make a site with a great extension.

Support is excellent and have been happy to walk me through all queries i've had and tweaked things to work how we would like.
Reviews: 3
Freestyle Support Portal is a simple component to install and configure in record time. Well designed and structured, it is easy to customize it, even for a non-developer like me. The online documentation and forum, as well as the simple and straightforward configuration are just perfect. High value at little cost. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
This product does exactly what it says it does. Easy to install, use and administer. We discovered a very small issue when we were configuring the extension, submitted a ticket through their website (based on this product) and received not only a prompt reply but an amended version of the component was attached.

Very highly recommended - this is the first JED review I have ever felt compelled to write despite downloading many extensions over the years.

Thanks guys
Reviews: 1
Hi, this is one of the best Ticketsystem I've ever seen. The early Joomla3.0 Support is also verry nice
Reviews: 3
i have been using this component for sometime now and only thought it fair to offer a review

the component is worth every penny they charge . i use everything except the testimonial section on my site , replacing numerous other components , this has the benefits of having a uniform layout and only having to upgrade once.
i initially thought it maybe a jack of all trades , but its not , each component of the suite is as fully functional and in most cases more so than any stand alone component

the support is good and suggestions are taken on board and implemented in a timely fashion

i asked for a smart search plugin and was emailed within 48 hours with a link to the new install

buy with confidence
Reviews: 1
Very happy with this purchase as it does just what we need for it to do. I had some issues that arose when upgrading to the latest version and the support team had the issues resolved for me within an hour. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 2
A excellent component, very well structured and easy to configure. This component meets all the conditions needed for my site.
It would be nice to complement it with a live chat, i wait for it!
Reviews: 5
Forgive the 5 stars when I don't use the entire product, but I felt compelled to offer praise for these: The Knowledge Base and FAQ.

The KB is fantastic, a great way to organize your content. Although the phrasing of some items is rather market-specific (the term "products" referring to what are basically articles), there's no fuss in using it. It's highly configurable but extremely simple to use. I, my managers, and our customers especially like the ability to accordion articles under categories, and to display your KB categories in rows / columns to more effeciently use screen space.

The same can be said of the FAQs. You can accordion the articles within a single category like in the KB. Just be aware that, if you are using Google Analytics, it will only track the category and not the individual FAQs, since they already "exist" in the page. For this reason we reverted to a standard list of articles, but that's no fault of Freestyle.

These two parts of Freestyle alone have helped us make a site our users love, and support requests are handled quickly and politely. A great extension!
Reviews: 8
Truly simple and easy to use extension with some nice features. The support is friendly and helpful. There are some features that hopefully will be included in the near future such as ACL based articles, knowledgebase etc. Freestyle states they are still evolving their features and will be adding new ones soon. Check the site often and if you use it, keep it updated. Overall, good experience and great quality especially for the money.
Reviews: 2
The freestyle support component has all the required features for great user/customer support.
It can also import products from Virtuemart but it did not work for me as I have installed Virtuemart2. I contacted the support team and answered very promptly that they will update Freestyle Support quickly so it will integrated with VM2.
The template can be customized easily from the back end.
Tickets can be assigned by users, groups, languages,...
All in all a very very good component.
Reviews: 40
Very good extension. Its not classical support ticket, so can use for many things.
Reviews: 1
It is a good extension for joomla man and i bouht it. But it will be excellent if the ticket function is better than now which means the ticket not only fetch emails from email server like gmail app, but also can answer it automatically configuring a sticket # via smtp service. Like free and open source osTicket and other ticket systems doing.
Reviews: 1
Freestyle Support is the very first extension I purchased for our new Joomla website and I absolutely love it. It does everything it says and is very easy to use. We were so surprised to find a Support ticketing software that was so easy to use and so inexpensive. FANTASTIC Support!!! Once you get used to the time difference it is much easier to get the answers you need when you need them.
Reviews: 9
I can't believe this product is so far ahead of the others I researched! It's a great product, awesome value for money and adds a genuine business benefit. I try to add this to most of my sites. It's extremely customisable in terms of the functionality and I found their support to be some of the best I've had. They seem to be improving the support too, which can only make it even better. Extremely satisfied customer! I just need it to be fully 1.7 compatible now with ACL included. It has some included as standard but I'd prefer it to have deeper ACL. They have already taken some of my points on board and stated they'll make some available for the future, so I hope they'll keep working on this one too. Great work guys
Reviews: 1
Fantastic product. The ticketed support system has helped me manage support requests effectivly for my site. We have moved our documentation to the KB system, and the ratings have started to highlight where our documentation requires improvement.

Fully open source, which is great as it has allowed me to make some customizations to accomodate my site.

Would highly reccomend!
Reviews: 11
I say excellent because this tool offers so much for so little. The reason for the low mark is that I put in two support tickets and after two days I was simply ignored. I don't care how great an extension is if the developer does not support it then it loses value.

So if you need a fantastic support ticket system look no further. If you are not well versed in working with advanced extensions you might be in trouble if you need help.
Owner's reply

Just a note regarding this review: The 2 support tickets mentioned were opened and the closed by the user within 36 hours. We normally respond to tickets within 24 hours, though sometimes it takes slightly longer depending on our current workload.

Reviews: 4
I used the free Freestyle FAQs lite on our company page and was despite a few minor issues quite happy with it. So just recently bought the Freestyle Support Portal as it seemed a good, complex and nice way to give support for all the software and hardware products we offer.
But when I run into some problems I realized that it is not well documented and still has certain problems. This may be due to the still new Joomla 1.6 release.
The ticket system looks quite nice and useful and the amount of additional features, like Knowledge Base and Glossary cross-linking, is really good.
But Freestyles own support responds to their software is not so good (and it's the only thing you can turn too as the forum is much hidden and dead with lots of spam).
It's a little shame that their nice concept and look is a little bit lacking.
Still I hope that there will be soon a new release 2 as somewhere announced and my bug feedback helps to improve it.

Really wanna use this nice component without regret to have bought it.

So keep on developing it guys !!! ;-)
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