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RSTickets!Pro ComponentModulePlugin

RSTickets! Pro is a powerful customer support gateway / ticketing system, complete with staff groups, departments and custom fields per each department.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
» PHP 5.2 or higher required

» Manage your customers' issues through the frontend or the backend.
» Create custom fields - choose if they are mandatory or not, personalize validation messages, add custom HTML attributes.
» Customize each department - setup custom fields, change email address, notify other emails,
» Spam protection - protect the submission form with either the built-in CAPTCHA or ReCAPTCHA.
» Total control - Assign staff members to multiple departments, create groups that your staff members belong to.
» Customizable statuses - create any number of custom statuses on top of the built-in ones (open, on-hold, closed).
» Priority levels - by default low, normal and high. Add any number of priorities you want!
» Notify customers of inactivity - if customers don't reply in a timely manner, tickets can be closed automatically after a notification is sent.
» Increased workflow - with the automatic ticket assignment you won't have to worry about assigning tickets, they get assigned load-balanced to each available staff member.
» Better usability - only one form to complete and your customers will receive an automatically generated account and a copy of their ticket.
» Knowledgebase - add articles & categories as resources for your clients to use.
» Client's dashboard - a place where your client can search the knowledgebase, submit a ticket, view and search his own tickets.
» Customize email messages - each email message sent by RSTickets! Pro can be customized.
» Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena.
» Three ways to view a ticket - plain (all information on the page), accordion or tabs (relevant information separated).
» Ticket subjects - choose either predefined subjects or allow customers to enter their own subject.
» Predefined searches - create quickly accessible links for your most common searches.

» Dashboard
» Tickets
» Submit a ticket
» Knowledgebase - Single Article
» Knowledgebase - Layout

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Reviews: 1
I bought the app and thought is it worth it?

Yes it is. All function works fine. The Support is
great. You submit a ticket and within 1 hour you get a feedback. The Team of RSJoomla continously working on my problems until it was solved. No standard Email "look at our FAQ" or something like that.

It would be great if the had more translation for the Pro edition, I had to translate it by my own.
But I'm sure they will do that in the future.

Great job keep it up!
Reviews: 7
(My English is not native, so don't judge me too hard)

I've been following RS Team since their early beginning. That time I choose another support desk.
Time passed, my demands to my joomla site grew up and I got their RSForms extension. When I opened their site again I was shocked how the small team became one of the most advanced joomla extensions development company. Their constant (very important) development is the most valuable aspect when choosing you background team.
Sure, there are good (very good) extensions, but when you are using some extension you need not "perfect-extension-right-now", but some extension which is in constant development and integrated in other extensions.
Main reasons I finally choose RS:
1. Constant development and updating (The most unpleasant thing is to choose something perfect now but without future. If you are trying to create a serious project, it’s shame to stay unsupported)
2. Big popularity (over 60 000 users on the forum is a considerable number)
3. Very good support team (I consider myself as an annoying client, but every time I ask questions, they respond fast and polite!)
4. Other native and 3rd part extensions integrations
5. Best value for money balance

One thing I would like to notice is design aspect. Some their templates are quite old-fashioned. Of course if you are using such kind of advances extensions, you probably can handle css etc., but I think that out of the box perfect design is very attractive for potential customers.
Simple forms design modifications makes our clients want to enter their credit card information in it.

Thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
We're using RSTicketsPro for a new site, and it's proving to be an excellent choice. It's very stable and well organized. I had a few questions, and submitted support requests with RSJoomla. I received accurate professional help within hours. When buying an extension, it's nice to know you can get what you pay for, and the company will stand behind it.
Reviews: 1
I integrated the RsTicketsPro plugin into my system and was really impressed with the quality and ease of use. The flexibility is exactly what I needed. I had a few questions and the support was excellent. Well done!! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Great extension, work smooth, without any problems. Exactly what i was looking for!
Reviews: 1
I have been in the web design business for a few years now. Everytime I wanted to track support issues for my clients I used a simple form that would email me their request. Now that my business has grown I needed a professional solution - and found RSTickets! Pro. This is by far the best support system I have ever encountered (and I did use a few stand-alone scripts but they didn't quite feel right). With the "Cron Email Parser Plugin" I can discuss issues with my customers by email while still keeping these records in my Joomla! database, it's simply amazing! No flaws I can point out because I haven't dealt with any issues yet (I'm using REV 3, which is the latest as of now).
Highly recommended! Worth the small price!
Reviews: 3
My company required a flexible and comprehensive ticket system for our customer's support needs. I required a product that would integrate with Joomla! After having reviewed both native components and bridges to other products, I had nearly given up - there was no adequate solution to be found.

I had was disappointed because RSTickets! almost fit the bill, but lacked some critical functionality we required. When RSTickets! Pro was released, I was ecstatic. Not only did it meet our requirements with extra functionality, but exceeded them. I had some initial difficulties with my installation, but RSJoomla identified the problem and got me up and running quickly. (The problem wasn't even with RSTickets! Pro, it was with a plugin which was creating a conflict, and they provided a fix for the plugin!)

If I could give these guys 10 stars out of 5, I would! Thanks!
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