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obHelpDesk ComponentModulePlugin

Joomla Help Desk Dashboard, Charts, VirtueMart support, Overdue Track, FAQ/Knowledgebase integration,... are what this Joomla Help Desk extension offers.

obHelpDesk is the powerful Help Desk component for Joomla. By using this Help Desk extension, your customer will be able to request support via Help Desk Tickets, and your staffs will be easier to keep in touch with your valued customers.

After trying many Help Desk solutions, we decided to make this Joomla Help Desk extension which is for our own usage as well as providing a better Help Desk solution to the Joomla community.

Since we support our valued customer everyday, we focus on saving time for our staffs; make support job easier to navigate, track, writing a reply message,... and those are all available in ob HelpDesk.

* Super Help Desk Dashboard
* Integrated JUI Twitter Bootstrap
* Email Crons (send ticket via email)
* Customer Profile page
* Statistic with Graphic Charts.
* Advanced backend reports with Google Chart.
* Customer Care: assign some customers to particular staff.
* FAQs/Knowledgebase integration (Content, K2).
* Canned Responses.
* Spent Time for each response message (for staff).
* Track Overdue Tickets.
* Custom Fields for each departments.
* Works properly with VirtueMart.
* One click report to Mantis Bug Tracker, Trac, JIRA, ... (extra plugins requires)
* View customer profile, subscriptions status, purchase orders by plugins architecture (extra plugins requires)
* View related tickets, view other tickets from the customer, view customer information,... by plugins architecture (extra plugins requires)
and much more...

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Reviews: 6
This is a promising support desk extension for Joomla no doubt. However, most of the functionality do not work. Here are the Pros and cons based on my experience installing on a demo site:

1. Solid email templates and immediate email delivery as soon as visitor submits a ticket
2. Easy installation - set up was completed in less than 5 minutes
3. Simple UI - the user interface is easy to understand although compatibility with 3rd party Joomla templates CSS may be an issue for some.

1. Missing documentation
2. A few of the included features do not work - e.g
2.1. you can set up new canned messages but only the two included examples will show up for frontend makes no sense to enable this feature at all
2.2. No way for you to set the keyword parameters - example, ticket due time has keyword of overtime but as an admin you do not have control over when ticket is overdue, only the default number is shown to customer in email...and interestingly that number is 0!
Reviews: 1
Although I also had to manually import the SQL tables, after installation it works like a charm.

Just create the departments and support users on the backend, place a menu entry for submitting tickets to your frontend, and you're good to go.

Thank you very much for this extension, it is just what I needed for my website.

My suggestion to further improve obHelpDesk is to allow guests to submit tickets, not just registered users.
Reviews: 4
I am really satisfied with the way it is working but with minor initial glitches. Installation had some problem in Joomla 3 and I had to manually insert required database tables. After that it worked perfectly. It has lots of potential and can be made more better. All the Best.
Reviews: 3
Certainly can be improved, but for a free product it's quite complete and has very good potential.
Five stars for the good work and encourage developers :-)
Reviews: 2
I contacted them and asked is it working, because a had my doubts since the reviews aren´t good.

This is what i got:

"we used to have more than 30 positive reviews but due to some issues with JED, it has been removed we had a hard time developing obHelpDesk 3 series, which is now available and in that time, we are not very good at customer support service (because of human resouce)"

Ok, nice to hear. But it is not working and support worked only when i was buying it, not when i had my problems.

I tried to install it in two Joomla 3.1.5 sites and both of those had different problems (those are in same server). Blank pages here and there, debug gives errors..

Also there are really no dokumentation for this. I asked refund, lets see do i have it. I already removed that extension and buyed another one, hopefully it is working better. If not then i need to buy Maqma helpdesk again (im using it on my site now and its working really great, but upgrade is really expensive).

Another nice suprice was with obhelpdesk, when i submitted ticket to them (they are using it on their site). Submitting was ok, but i got confirmation about that ticket about 5h later. Thats fine, slow postman..
But today i was looking that have they replyed to it, no , my ticket is gone! One of my test sites did the same..

I really cant have anything good to say about this right now. This should be free beta right now, not commercial extension.
Owner's reply

We are sorry to hear that. We used to have problem with send-mail on our server which prevented our customer support service, it's ok now and we are ready to support obHelpDesk's customers.

Reviews: 2
I purchased this extension about a year ago. At the start of my usage I found numerous bugs, reported them and was assured that they would be fixed "in the next release". Here it is, now a year later, still no bug fixes. I have not even received a response to my tickets on their site in over 9 months!

When a "Commercial" extension is paid for, it's usually for support and bug fixes. These guys do not care about their products, customers or reputation.

I would NOT recommend purchasing anything they claim to provide.

Expect disappointment and a large amount of wasted time only to end up with a less then mediocre ticket system in the end.

Try something else, there are plenty of worthy (supported) products out there.
Reviews: 1
The features of the product are very interesting, it does not need to envy other helpdesk extensions, however the compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and 3 is very limited, with bugs to be fixed but a very poor customer service.
Other extensions I bought with other companies replied any time and day of the week within 3h, while some reviews on their facebook page relate responses 2 months late and more. I have been waiting 1 day so far, and no answer, neither do they have a complete FAQ or forum where users can help each other or even read solved issues.
I am waiting for an answer to my problem from them, if not received by tomorrow I will ask for a refund and by another helpdesk extension with good reviews like FreeStyle Support or else.