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The best help desk extension for Joomla!

Simple, beautiful, powerful. Let Tickets take care of the help desk on your site and manage communication with your customers!

It allows you to collect inquires, questions and provide support to your site users, and provides you a platform to manage the tickets from the administrator interface of the site.

You can choose who is in charge of managing tickets (agents), and choose the default agent for new tickets. People and agents can attach files to each ticket reply.

E-mails are sent to alert agents when tickets are added, assigned or updated, and users are alerted via email when an agent replies.

Examples of what can it be used for:

- On-site customer support
- Managing tasks between different people
- Handling user inquiries
- Handling project requests
- Any kind of user communication with the site owner

The most simple and usable user support extension for Joomla, try it!

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Reviews: 1
I'm sorry to give such a bad rating, but the interface is so poor, for 69$: only a few fields, it's more a blog system that a support tool. I'm surprised by other comments, did we try the same extension ? Good luck guys for next version, I wish you all the best.
Owner's reply

Hello Agnes, luckily many other users have a different opinion.
Tickets is for everyone that wants a simple (yet powerful) ticketing system in place with just a few clicks.

There are other extensions that help you build the next Zendesk or [enter name] by having tons of options that complicate everything.

We value "less is more" in a deep way, while providing lots of goodies in a pretty package.

I am not sure where did you get the impression that it's similar to a blog, while it's completely unrelated. It's similar to email, yes, I can get it. But a blog?

I cannot find your name in our clients database, maybe you did not purchase and fully experience it, and you based your comment only by testing our demo, which is very unfortunate. P.s. remember, $69 includes 1 full year of priority support, we have cheaper options.

Reviews: 7
Best tickets component! Works like a charm: easy configuration, very good interface both for user and administrator.
My hosting provider had to cancel suhosin on the server for the component to be installed.
Before that I contacted the developers support for a solution and this is the kind of support you dream of when you are told about customers support! I quickly received elaborated and useful answers to all my questions.
Great work, fantastic component and wonderful support!
Recommended for any one who is looking for a ticket support system with best support ever.
Reviews: 1
This ticket component was exactly what I needed to manage all of the non-project specific tasks that take up a good deal of my time each day (little 10-30 minute web site updates). Had a minor install issue on one version of Joomla the developer was immediately on top of it. Excellent support!
Reviews: 3
If you want a ticket system without bells and whistles that gives users a good experience, this extension is recommended.
Reviews: 1
Very good and simple extension. Ideal for a simple ticket support system. Without many effort to make it work.
Moreover, i would like to mention the direct support from the team of the extension.
Definitely i recommend it to everyone.
Reviews: 5
This help desk is perfect for those looking for a simple ticket system that works as advertised. It was quick to install, easy to customize and the support is outstanding. I had an issue that was caused by a conflict from another component and the developer was very quick to troubleshoot and fix it for me.

Thanks for a great help desk and for the superb support!
Reviews: 1
This piece of software is fantastic. I searched for a powerfull, yet simple ticketsystem for my website. The layout had to be simple and good looking and this software has it all. Also the support is great! I wanted to tweak some stuff and I got super fast responses and they helped me a lot!
Reviews: 9
I am a newbie on joomla administration and this component have helped me very much! It couldn't be more simple. You install it, place the admins you want for this companent and create a menu for your users. Simple as that!
The user creats his ticket easily. He can see a list of all his tickets, too. Admins and users get allerted with emails when a new ticket or answer is made. I would prefer a button in the admin area to notificate me but it isn't such a missing thing, is it? :-)
Oh oh I missed to say about the GREAT and FAST support that I received from the developer!
Reviews: 5
I have tried this component for my project website. If you need a really simple ticket system, then this component is made for you!

It is easy to handle and you can start right after the installation with the support!

The developer was very friendly and answered very fast on my mails.
Reviews: 1
Does what it says it does. Provides a nice, simple ticketing system to be used either as a help desk or whatever you have in mind. Installation was painless, no errors to report. Seems solid overall. Bit more documentation would have been handy, but the UX is pretty intuitive. As mentioned earlier, the CSS could do with some tweaking, such as some of the widths are hard coded, but its not a deal break IMO
Reviews: 3
The ticket system works as advertised. You may have to do some tweaking with the css, but overall it's not too bad. I'd like to see an intergrated faq or knowledge base for the price. Can't wait to see future updates.
Reviews: 1
Simple, good, nothing unnecessary!
I like it, thx.
Reviews: 3
On the lookout for a nice helpdesk/ticketsystem i stumbled upon this one. After taking it for a spin i must say i am a bit disappointed, but that is totally unfair of me. It does exactly what it says, and does so in a very smooth way, but unfortunately nothing more. I would have preferred something like a faq build in, or that some questions could be published to the general public. So, very smooth component but not feature rich.

One thing i didn't like is the extra js being loaded for this component. That seems to be the norm with all ticket/helpdesk components, so that's more a general remark about this category than about this component.

For me the search continues for a lightweight reasonably feature rich helpdesk system, but considering all listed components this one is pretty smooth.