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Vtiger Customer Portal vtptickets Component

Vtiger Customer Portal Joomla Component vtptickets is a component that works like the Vtiger Customer Portal, but now completly integrated inside Joomla 1.7 and Higher. It gives access to 6 posiblilities in Vtiger. e.g. Account, Contacts, Tickets, FAQS, Invoices and Products. It is made to work with VtigerCRM 5.3.0 but can also be used with 5.4.x. Also tested with 2.2 (Germany)

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Reviews: 2
I had high hopes with this component in the beginning. Developer was very quick to respond to emails regarding install issues. I corrected some things and was able to get the component to work, but not completely. I have sent emails to developer for weeks with no replies from him. In the process of requesting full refund for money paid to them.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear via this medium of a problem of vtiger, not of the component. The component does take over the functionality of the standard Vtiger Portal inside the joomla CMS 1.7 and 2.5!
This problem is a pdf problem inside the vtigerCRM itself, i checked it via your original Portal twice. The pdf generator in your VtigerCRM is not working as it should. My answer on 10/28/13 gave you a link to possible solution(s). Last time i looked the component worked like we developed it in the same way and with the same views as the original stand alone portal does.
Also put in much free time (with no charge) from 10/2/13 to 10/28/13.
Please contact me if there are any problems with the Component, contact Vtiger developers for other problems.
Thank You.

Reviews: 2
This item is listed as non-commercial, however to get the functionality advertised in the article you need to purchase a commercial version which does not even appear to be listed in joomla's extension directory. I installed the item as instructed and it still would not work with the current version of Vtiger, and from simple appearances does not support a support ticket system in the free version.
Owner's reply

My apologies about the wrong items mentioned in this text, it remained there after a promotion month, it is removed. If you have trouble to get it work mail us and we are delighted to help you make it work. Many people before you got it work why not you to? Hope to hear from you. Our commercial version wil also soon listed here.

Reviews: 5
10 months on no use of this, purchased full version. I asked for proper instructions nothing has been forthcoming.
The offer for help was that I give full access to my system, which is a security issue for me, and I think the issue may be SSL related, but I am not sure.
Owner's reply

It is a pity to hear you did not get it work. There are instructions, faqs and contacts possibilities on our site and instruction videos on You Tube. This component is a STAND ALONE extension (no need of any other software), which can be used if you put in the right settings. These settings are a "Vtiger Portal Server Path", "Character Set" and if you like to see the portal without registering in Joomla or not. We are at all time available to help our customers, and sometimes we need to see things in the working settings, and therefor we ask credentials to see what is happening and to correct wrong settings inside the options/settings. If your vtiger installation works and the portal from vtiger is working then most likely our component will also. Hope to hear from you so we can help to solve this problem.