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The Helpdesk Component is an advanced support system, which is also known as Customer Service or Customer Support Software. With this effective and efficient solution you will be able to implement, manage and create a flexible customer support solution, efficient for both customers and support staff.

Flexible yet powerful structure:
* Flexible security structured with different permission levels for both customers and support staff
* Complete solution including ticket, knowledgebase and task management plus other great value-add features
Contract based support:
* Limits based on years, months, days, number of tickets or labour hours
* Configurable per workgroup, allowing to use the same system to support ad-hoc and contract based clients.
Advanced ticket options:
* Dashboard view with filtering and search capability
* Support agents can build their own views
* Extensive ticket detail including ability to add replies, notes, time spent and task tracking to each ticket
* Timesheet reporting, allowing you to track time spent
* Pre-defined replies
* Custom fields
* Automatic and manual ticket assignment
* File attachments support
* Allowing explanation of technical terms
* Keyword auto highlight: any known keywords used in Knowledgebase are highlighted offering instant explanation
Export engine:
* Ability to export to csv format customisable set of fields
* History of exports are tracked and available for redownload (while records marked as exported)
* Categories support
* Support for usability rating by users
* Attachment support
* Comments support
* Ability to hide via publish/unpublish
Reporting engine:
* Workgroup analysis
* Client Analysis
* Support Staff Analysis
* and more...
Other handy features:
* Ability to stick tickets to appear at the top
* Ability to bookmark ticket(s) and knowledgbase article(s)
* Ability to post system-wide through to client specific announcements
* Email fetching, Support for replying and creating new tickets via emails (currently support POP3 and IMAP)
* and much more...

Integrations with JomSocial
MaQma Helpdesk integration with JomSocial is available in different ways:
* Show the customer status inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Link to the customer profile inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Post KB comments in the users wall
* Post KB creation in the users wall
* Usage of JomSocial avatars

Integrations with Stores
MaQma Helpdesk can be integrated into Virtuemart, Redshop and Digistore by using the component Store Integration available in our website.

Also integration with JoomFish, jomLike, SobiPro, ArtOfUser and MosetsTree

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Reviews: 1
I tryed other products before (free and commercial, es. obHelpdesk) but, as i said nothing is near this one.
Furthermore the component itself can be useful for many different scopes.
the support is quick, simple, friendly and efficent.
An excellent experience at all.
Strongly recommend.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an off-the-shelf solution to a user-based work tracking system, and having tried out project management, time tracking & other extensions, I decided that a helpdesk might best fit my needs. From there, it was a matter of finding the best and best-supported extension, and the MaQma Helpdesk rose far above the rest.

The developer responded immediately to my inquiries, assisted my integration, and included some of my needs in subsequent updates to the system. The Helpdesk itself is robust, solid, and straight-forward. This extension gets the highest rating.
Reviews: 2
This component and the company behind it has blown me away!!

It's ability to manage not only helpdesk tickets but clients and SLA's as well takes to the top for Helpdesk extensions.

Not only does this component provide everything you need in a ticketing / kb / download system, the support is second to none. Each time I submitted an enquiry I received a response in under 24 hours.

Integration with Virtuemart, and activity governed contracts has allowed us to manage our requests and ensure our company remains profitable.

One of my favourite Joomla extensions and I have seen / used a lot of Joomla extenions !!

Great work guys!
Reviews: 3
Wow.....No other word to describe this.
I have installed hundreds of components over the a bit of a joomla fan to say the least.
I wanted a helpdesk and other ones that seemed great caused issues for me. I found this helpdesk which i'd never noticed before. I bit the bullet and bought it. Installed it...and oh my gosh..this is so intuitive, SO SO feature rich (2hrs into playing and i still discover major features! Not to mention the amount of modules, translations, plugins, and links to different 3rd party components...stunning!). I hit some errors upon initial installation. I wrote on the support forums (which seemed a bit empty and worried me)...within a couple of hours, i had the developer personally replying. He then went on to skype chat with me and look at my site personally. The next day i woke up to see he'd been working at night to fix things. He contacted me as soon as he came to work...came back..sorted everything for me. Shared his screen with me and gave me a few explanations to things i'd not understood and introduced me to his other products.
I have no idea whether to go on more about this EXCELLENT helpdesk component, that's beautiful to look at..and am sure can handle much more than my needs if necessary, or whether to go on more about this developer. If only all developers worked like this and cared so much about their work. THere's a reason the official joomla site uses this component. I know i said one word and this came to more. So what? You get the idea...don't think twice...don't try the other helpdesk components - that simple! (And no i'm in no way affiliated with this...i'm just outstanded by the level of support, and the quality of this component)
Reviews: 1
This extensions is simply the best I've found so far. It have needed to provide the best customer support and even more, there's no other with such features in Joomla but it's also the level of not Joomla helpdesk applications.

Congratulations and keep up with the good work.
Reviews: 1
This extensions is simply AMAZING.

Got this extension a few days ago and is the MOST powerful helpdesk component without any doubts, feature rich as no other.

Just subscribed their club so excited I am with it =)
Owner's reply

Thanks, glad to hear you like it :)

Feedback is welcome to extend the component even more. Currently we're working on a mobile interface and integration with Community Builder.

Reviews: 1
This was the only extension I could find that allowed for my customers to have both users and managers. This is a critical element for me. There are bugs and design flaws in this software. One major flaw is that you can't enter your time worked if that time crosses over midnight because it only allows for one date, and assumes both the start and stop times are in the same date leading a negative hours calculation that you can't override. There are bugs in the ability to save settings when selecting which parts of the program to use. There are two front end vies for tickets, and in "list view" customers can change ticket status no matter what options you select on the back end to prevent that - this at least happens on my system which has been on two servers now, and tech support is ignoring me on this so I have to assume it's not just me. Which brings us to the final and most significant problem: documentation is very poor and tech support is slow to non-existent. However, hacing said that, once you get it working it's a great extension. If they would step up support or at least open a user forum for users to support each other, it would get another star. Fix the glaring bugs (which seem to be related to scripts not working right in newer browsers) and this is a 5 star extension easily.
Reviews: 1
i just want to say some words with this extension.. Maqma Helpdesk help our company to improve our Online Tech Support, its a great extension with all you need to work and more than you can expect, fast realiable with a great price
Reviews: 1
Most of the other free help desk components that I have tried worked for the most part but they generally either lacked the polish of a well thought out component or they lacked the support. With MaQma I was impressed with the features available in the Free version. The help desk part is simple to configure with an intuitive layout making it a breeze to get up and running quickly. And you get a Knowledge Base and FAQ section with it! Like I said, impressive.
Reviews: 2
I really liked playing with the trial version of this software. The downer for me was the lack of a way for non-registered users to submit tickets which RSTickets and Billets offers. They are working on this from what I understand.
Love the Knowledgebase (I think FAQ could just go away, seems redundant) which is searchable from the joomla search as long as the plugin is enabled.
Wish the license was similar to Billets where you purchase it and are allowed to install on as many domains as you wish.
Nice product and will be keeping me eye on future releases.
Reviews: 2
I have been using Joomla! for over a year, and I have never left a review. I did in this case first of all because this extension rocks! Features, usability, style and configuration are all perfect! I really appreciate the work you guys put into this.
And secondly, I just couldn't bare to see that poor rating be the first thing people see when evaluating this extension. I thought this product delivered excellent features, just as described. Give it a try, you will like it :)
Owner's reply

Thank you! We don't get upset with lower reviews because in the end they are the ones that can help us improve our products.

What makes us humans in the end is the diversity in the thinking of each person. We accept low rates and hell, let's improve it further to convince them the other way around.

Reviews: 4
This component has great potential and maybe all of the functions work in the commercial version. However, the free version does not have any functionality and is misleading. It should really not be marked as such and be in this Joomla extension site. With that said, here is what the free version does not have (even though the documentation shows the functionality and claims it exists)...
1. Cannot edit/delete knowledge base articles.
2. Same with tickets
3. Can add articles but thats it nothing else.

If this free version was mean't to be more of a trial/marketing/demo version for customers to try and get them to buy the commercial version, it failed in doing that. The commercial version is extremely expensive. Much better tools in the market place for that price. I would have paid the 35 or even 185 for it, but 635 is ridiculous.
hopefully, they can release a free version that actually works as stated and I would be happy to pay a reasonable amount for a commercial version. Also the documentation is actually mean't for the commercial version as none of the functions as related to the knowledge base and tickets it claims the free version has is in the software I downloaded.
Owner's reply

Dear Bruno, in the free edition you can edit KB articles there's in fact a fault in the delete of an article which is fixed on version 3.3.5 that will be released soon.

Regarding the tickets it's not possible to delete so there's no lost record of a support incident, was done that way and thought that way, maybe it's not the best way but we're welcome to receive feedback to improve it.

As stated the free edition allows to have KB articles and tickets, we say that in here.

As we said, many people gave their opinions and we followed them when we agreed without any problem and if you have ideas for the free or even the commercial we're glad to receive them.

Version 3.3.5 should be released later today, so maybe you can give it a try to see if it's better.

By the way, what version did you had installed on your tests? Was 3.3.4? Let us know if possible [by direct contact]


Reviews: 30
This looks like a really good system but the free or "non-commercial" version has Tickets and Knowledgebase disabled so it's not even a working Demo. So I can't actually evaluate how it works. The setup was fairly standard for this kind of system and everything looks nice. Well organized. But I couldn't test it because the critical features weren't functional. If you want the program you have to buy it. The price is reasonable.
Owner's reply

There's a trial of the commercial edition where you can try the other features :)

Reviews: 1
We have been using the commercial version of the MaQma product for almost six months and it is excellent. It is very feature rich and easy to customise to our exact needs.

The developers are very responsive and helpful and adding new features with regular updates.

I cannot recommend this highly enough!
Reviews: 3
Unfortunately I wasn't able to use this component, because the Admin buttons (specifically 'Apply' and 'Save') don't work. I was hoping to find answers on their website, but there is nothing there in the KB about it... The other problem I have is that the entire component is not intuitive, the terminology used is not descriptive in a way that allows you to setup the component easily. Terms such as Client User, Customer User, Assigned User - none of these mean anything to me, so you have to consult documentation (which I haven't found yet) to find out what they mean. Too bad, looks like a great component.
Owner's reply

we are open to accept recommendations to make it better, regarding the buttons of Apply/Save you mean all of them? Just create a ticket or drop us a mail and we'll gladly help you to set it up :)

Reviews: 1
I am using joomla for last 2 years, but never signed up in this site.. but this time I signed up only to post a review for this product. Its excellent. Let it be FREE as it is.A special thanks to Ma!ma team for this awesome work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment. With the help of all MaQma Helpdesk will always have a free edition now besides the commercial ones.

Reviews: 1
For me all was perfect. Application is awesome and support was also quick and helpful. The most complete helpdesk for Joomla, for sure.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We had our up-and-down during the years but the team is very good now. Stay tuned for what's coming ;)

Reviews: 2
A lot of the feedback here says the product is fantastic (which I strongly agree with) but the support is terrible.

I think their just a bit overwhelmed with the success of their product. If I ever get really stuck, calling them (rather than logging a ticket) normally gets the problem resolved quickly.

I would suggest that componentslab start a forum for customers so they can support each other with the easy stuff.
That might take the strain off their support team and allow more time for them to do development work.

The product itself is VERY flexible and suits our needs completely.
It has loads of editable templates for each screen and email and can be configured very easily.
Comparing this product to the other Joomla ticket systems out at the moment is easy. This one knocks socks off all the others in terms of functionality.

However, most of the code is compiled and is not editable.
Because of this you will need ioncube installed. It's pretty easy to do on most servers, but something to bear in mind before you purchase.

Lastly, I always wait a couple of weeks before installing one of their service patches (with the exception of security fixes) to make sure they've tested it properly. IMHO they're a bit too quick with patch releases and they may not be as stable as they could be.

Hopefully, the J1.5 native version will be out soon as I can't wait to get my hands on it!
Owner's reply

Support should not be a problem anyone since I believe the team currently working is very good :)

Reviews: 2
The extension is far beyond that what is listed here. Huge portfolio of functions to create and manage tickets, including functions for knowledge base. The component is process oriented - you can create knowledge base articles converting tickets - and has funtions that I could not find other help desk solutions. In particular the ReadMail function is a pleasure to work with. Last but not least it has many statistic functions.
Reviews: 1
This solution was awesome for us, it included almost all we wanted to provide support for 6.000 users and the small things it didn't included they've done it for us.

Their support was always fast and we have no complaints at all. We are resellers from them and already implemented the system in a couple of our customers.

A professional and powerful solution. I recommend it for all companies that really care about customer support.
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