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The Helpdesk Component is an advanced support system, which is also known as Customer Service or Customer Support Software. With this effective and efficient solution you will be able to implement, manage and create a flexible customer support solution, efficient for both customers and support staff.

Flexible yet powerful structure:
* Flexible security structured with different permission levels for both customers and support staff
* Complete solution including ticket, knowledgebase and task management plus other great value-add features
Contract based support:
* Limits based on years, months, days, number of tickets or labour hours
* Configurable per workgroup, allowing to use the same system to support ad-hoc and contract based clients.
Advanced ticket options:
* Dashboard view with filtering and search capability
* Support agents can build their own views
* Extensive ticket detail including ability to add replies, notes, time spent and task tracking to each ticket
* Timesheet reporting, allowing you to track time spent
* Pre-defined replies
* Custom fields
* Automatic and manual ticket assignment
* File attachments support
* Allowing explanation of technical terms
* Keyword auto highlight: any known keywords used in Knowledgebase are highlighted offering instant explanation
Export engine:
* Ability to export to csv format customisable set of fields
* History of exports are tracked and available for redownload (while records marked as exported)
* Categories support
* Support for usability rating by users
* Attachment support
* Comments support
* Ability to hide via publish/unpublish
Reporting engine:
* Workgroup analysis
* Client Analysis
* Support Staff Analysis
* and more...
Other handy features:
* Ability to stick tickets to appear at the top
* Ability to bookmark ticket(s) and knowledgbase article(s)
* Ability to post system-wide through to client specific announcements
* Email fetching, Support for replying and creating new tickets via emails (currently support POP3 and IMAP)
* and much more...

Integrations with JomSocial
MaQma Helpdesk integration with JomSocial is available in different ways:
* Show the customer status inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Link to the customer profile inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Post KB comments in the users wall
* Post KB creation in the users wall
* Usage of JomSocial avatars

Integrations with Stores
MaQma Helpdesk can be integrated into Virtuemart, Redshop and Digistore by using the component Store Integration available in our website.

Also integration with JoomFish, jomLike, SobiPro, ArtOfUser and MosetsTree

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Reviews: 1
This solution was awesome for us, it included almost all we wanted to provide support for 6.000 users and the small things it didn't included they've done it for us.

Their support was always fast and we have no complaints at all. We are resellers from them and already implemented the system in a couple of our customers.

A professional and powerful solution. I recommend it for all companies that really care about customer support.
Reviews: 1
I bought this component because of the ability to customize the ticket forms. I have a number of fairly sophisticated ticket driven processes and this feature was critical.

The component installed easily and while the documentation wasn't the best, I still figured it out. Unfortunately, there are a number of serious bugs that make the customizable features unusable. What is more frustrating is that, as other reviewers wrote below, the support is pretty much non-existent, quite an irony for a company that builds support desk software.

Even more frustrating is that I paid 300+ Euro for an upgrade and they have yet to deliver release the software to me. I'm beginning to wonder how "real" this company is based on my experience and the experience of the other reviewers.

This is all terribly unfortunate. Were the component to work as described and their support sufficient, I would give this component an Excellent rating. As it stands, however, anyone looking for something more advanced than a simple ticket system should keep looking.
Reviews: 4
We had such high hopes for this product, which looks great and promises fantastic results. Sadly, we experienced many issues when attempting custom changes for our client, in line with instructions from the manual.

The support from this company is next to non existent. I have to agree with the previous comment that this drastic lack of support leaves this product incapable of performing in a corporate environment.

Very disappointing.
Reviews: 2
I love this component!!!! This does anything...extremely flexible. I would recommend this to anyone. The on site documentation knowledge base is not extensive but there support is 100%. Within hours I was able to contact the developer by Skype and he helped me through every aspect of this component.
Reviews: 1
We originally bought the corporate version of this component for about 100 dollars. We later decided that we needed multiple workgroups, so we upgraded to the professional version that is around 500 dollars. We also purchased the maintenance and the logo removal options. For about the first 2 weeks support was AMAZING. We usually received an answer within the day, if not within an hour or two. However, after about 2 weeks, we didn't here any responses to our emails or tickets for over a month. We then received one reply finally after about a month and a half. The reply stated that someone else was now handling support, and that he would be looking over our ticket and answering within the next few days. That was on April 16th, and it is now June 9th, almost two months later, and we have not heard one word from anyone at componentslab. We love the component, but there are certain things that we need support to handle for us. We set this all up on a test site, and let them know that we would be switching over to a live site a few months later. They agreed to switch our license to the new site for us. We are now ready to launch our site, but cannot because the Support Center license is set to our test site. The other downside, is that if the license isn't correct, it breaks your entire site, not just when a user would actually use the support center component. If the Support Center component is not licensed for the domain, when you try to go to the homepage of the domain you will get errors on the page instead of the site's home page. The errors are stating that Support Center is not licensed for the domain. In the end, great component, but the once wonderful support that they offered has dwindled down to nothing. Hopefully they will start answer tickets and emails again, because if not, I will have to remove this component from the site and be out about 600 dollars:(
Reviews: 3
I bought this component a month and a half ago - and got it up and running in it's basic form.

Trouble is, some of the modules don't work correctly (the latest articles in the knowledgebase for instanse - very important to us).

I submitted a support call and set the priority to urgent (10 days - very slow).

After 2 weeks I hadn't had a response, so I added to the ticket asking for an update.

It's now 5 weeks later, and I've got no response.

This is one of the more expensive components (my version cost me £120) so the lack of support is not just completely unacceptable but also makes this component unusable in a corporate environment.
Reviews: 1
I bought a pro version (400$) a few months ago, and I want to say that the componant itself is great BUT the support is really poor. If they can't help you, they WON'T answer your tickets, which is incredible when you buy a comp' at such price ...
Reviews: 1
It is sad to say, but I wasn't able to install and run it.
I am an experienced Joomla installed. I have installed more than 40 different extensions in the different webs I maintain.
I installed a demo of this program and the only result was to transform my web site in a blank page screen.
After some attempts to contact with the support, I was able to have a reply, asking me to send the log file of the application install. I insisted several times to get a solution, and silence was the only thing I got.
Finally, I got tired to insist, and I found the Flyspray application that suits my needs.
I think that the Component Labs people should take a better care of incidents with their own product, in order to obtain more satisfied users.
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 2
This certainly is a very nice looking product that has a framework that is impressive. I tried Support Center, but was never able to get it to work for my organization. My problems were:

1. There is no public access to Support Center so that outside customers can enter or view their own support tickets.

2. One of the updates broke Support Center. When I notified SC of the problem they were quick to correct with a subsequent patch, but it left me wondering about their QA.

3. Another subsequent update left me unable to update or save a ticket, which basically rendered the product useless. I was still testing the product, so I waited patiently for 30 days, hoping for another update, after the suggestion offered by SC failed to work. I declined an offer to grant the SC author admin access to my site, so perhaps the problem is my own - I was appreciative of the offer, but felt uncomfortable having to grant such access for what appeared to be such a basic problem.

My basic sense is that Support Center Helpdesk simply does not have a large enough user base to ensure that problems such as the ones I described above are adequately vetted during a QA process. I think the support offered is adequate, but this product is not ready for anything close to a mission critical piece of software.
Reviews: 1
We have been using this component since its early days and have been more than pleased with the support and continued development over that time.

It was one if the few support programs (including non-Joomla!) that allows for client companies each with a set of users and managers. another highlight for us has been the ability to have multiple workgroups hence we can provide a customised ticketing interface for each client company.

Definitely worth the cost and for us its provided a very good ROI.
Reviews: 2
The guys at Components Lab were extremely helpful in getting our new Support Center set up correctly.

We purchased the 10-client license and launched our new site this week. We expect to upgrade to the unlimited license version in the next few weeks.

We also purchased the support option, which has included many personal communications with Components Lab's most technical advisers. They even spent a day on our site re-installing a new version for us!

It is clear that this Company is keen to establish itself as a strong player to be depended on who will continue to produce better and better systems as time goes on!

Thanks Components Lab!
Reviews: 1
The professional edition is certainly pricey but the corporate edition should be more than adequate for most non-commercial uses I think, and is much cheaper at €89. I bought the professional edition and have no doubt that it has saved me far more than €399 worth of my time!

A very polished and professional component, with good support. There's nothing else for Mambo/Joomla! that comes close in terms of features. I looked at integrating free alternatives like Eventum, but couldn't justify the time, and this one looks infinitely better, is very flexible and perfectly integrates with the rest of my support website.

All in, a joy to use - I love it!
Reviews: 6
This procduct seems to very pricy... the Pro version being 492 US dollars.. wow
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