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Jtag Members Directory ComponentModule

Jtag member directory extension helps in the management of user profiles with the ability to publish member information in a simple searchable directory. This extension is great for Non-profits, clubs, local chapters or Board member websites.

Now you can easily find the location of member using google map.
Show map functionality from front end to display loction map of member

• Available in these Languages - English,Danish,Croatian,Norwegian,Dutch, German, Italian!
• Add , Edit or Delete Members (registered Joomla users)
• Three elegant, attractive views - list view, table view , simple animation view and the strikingly different collage view.
- Use Custom Fields(Text,Textfield,Radio Buttons, Dropdown) to tweak the extension to suit your needs
• Display of contact details(registered and non-registered) to end users is configurable
• Members can register and edit their details from frontend
• Ability to add social links to member profiles such facebook, twitter
• Displays key information like email, phone number, facebook, LinkedIn and twitter pages on the main page
• Mobile friendly view as well
• Gallery feature - Users can add images to the gallery, from front-end and back-end and can be viewed from front-end
Three types of gallery-
1)SimpleGallery 2) Members Gsallery 3)Slide show gallery
• Display of contact details(registered and non-registered) to end users made configurable from backend
• Ability to manage profile picture with automatic thumbnail resizing
• Administrators can configure the order of display on front end
• Import a list of Joomla Members into the directory
• Upload files along with member profiles. Allow other members to download these files too
• Upgrade to newer versions of JTAG Members without having to uninstall, retain your current data
• Integration with Gravatar
•Integraion with Joomla content component
Now you can show articles of users
• Integration with Google map for location

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Reviews: 5
I purchased this component as there really are no other competing products available for a member list inside of a basic Joomla installation. I wanted some major changes made to mine to reflect a more community feel such as registration date, last visit date, and display of username rather than actual name. I emailed support and within a few hours had a response which included step-by-step instructions for making all of the changes to the code to achieve my desired results. When a minor issue cropped up, their response was again immediate and complete. I had a few follow-up suggestions and questions which were answered quickly and professionally. I even received a follow-up email asking if everything was working to my satisfaction. Now THIS is the type of service GUARANTEED to turn a basic product into something special. Messages on their forums are responded to quickly and the quality of the product seems to be top notch. Spend your money without reservation with this team, they back up what they sell. One happy Joomla developer here!
Reviews: 2
The component is OK but it is very poor programmed, some things are not working as expected and are buggy. Support tries to help and gives hints and snippets where to correct something, but you have to do the all the work alone and altering the core files. An installation version with all these issues corrected has arrived yet.
I'll give three stars only because it has an active support and does (with many bugs, after correcting these manually) what it should do. Otherwise one star would be my vote.
It is the only one component of that kind I found. I hope, it will be get better in future.
Reviews: 2
After comparing with other extensions, decided to buy this extensions. Worth tom buy, easy to use, don't even need assistance from developer to install and use it
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension and it was very fast implemented.
However there were some issues, but the developer had it fixed soon. Very fast respons on the email.
I could highly recommend it!
Reviews: 3
I am a huge fan of this extension and the company that supports it. It does exactly as described with some flexibility. The best part about this extension is the support. They are great, responsive and very patient as I know nothing about any type of coding. I would find some answers in their support forums but mostly I asked questions and they answered the question in a timely manner with exactly what to change in what file. It was quick fixes or adjustments and I even learned a bit about how things work in the background of Joomla. I won't hesitate to get another one of their extensions if the need arises.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extention because I was in need of a good member directory.
The product provides a simple and great registry witch are configurable and it was exactly what I was looking for. I had after installation, minor problems with that not all information was presented in the front view. The support was very good and they were very willing to help and fix this quickly. Support also helped me with answers to my other questions on customization options for the module. Worth every penny.
Reviews: 2
I struggled to get this to work but one email to support and they fixed it all for me.

Very impressed
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a component like this, so I bought it. That's a normal step. But then I found some issues cause by the webhoster of my client. I ask for support and the guys from JoomlaTag helped me to solve this problem. I got fast response and I'm nothing then positive about the way they helped me. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
This extension is great. Even better is the support. They helped me with my client who wanted a few changes to the display of the extension. They went above and beyond!!! Thanks so much
Reviews: 1
I've used it and get the support very good JoomlaTag . Thank you for your great support !
Reviews: 1
I'm operating a non profit website and was looking for a simple yet effective module that could provide our members with internal contact information and a list of members. The JTag Members Directory fitted exactly what I wanted but it was a providing a little more information than what our site needed. Through the JTag Support guys I was able to modify the module for our exact needs! JTag Support are indeed 100% behind thier product and are willing to work with you until you are entirely happy with the product. I would not hesitate again to buy any of their products, I know they support it!
Reviews: 5
Looking for a people-, employee- or member directory for my intranet site I've found the JTAG site with a lot of other great extensions. For a low price as from 39 euro – 59 euro’s you’ll have full access to ALL their extensions and templates AND having fanatical support from them!
I'll write here in Dutch what I was looking for: - Smoelenboek -. This is because translated in Dutch 'Smoelenboek' is 'Facebook' and Facebook is not what I mean when searching for a people, member or employee directory.
There are not much extensions with this functionality (except installing Community Builder, too heavy for only this function) and really, I've searched a very long time to find this extension and finally I've got it!
I've downloaded and installed JTAG Member and it was exact what I needed: having people displayed on the site, extra fields (10!), the option to edit from front end by the member, having a photo book per member and very flexible search and display options.
Translation into Dutch was easy, not much text and very well formatted language files.
With one click you can import all your users to the member extension and start editing them to your needs (or let the user do so!). Twitter and Facebook links are provided, even as a per-user photo book with a nice presentation technique.
Nice thumbs for the presentation on your site and a flexible detail view.
One little point: there was no support for using HTML to edit the story for the members, but with one e-mail Kirti has made this for me in less than two hours. For a next version this has to grow, because it was pre-made for me by meaning of using the HTML view in the editor, and that's too much for a regular user….
This will be optimized in a next version, even as the possibility to distribute the extra fields you make to all other members (sure, you can define extra fields (10) for a user, if you need the same fields for others you have to define them again per user).
So a great, clear and powerful extension if you need something like this, but a very warm and important part of this review is for the people of the JTAG support, very prompt, quick, nice, alert so in fact real FANATICAL support! I had a few questions and small issues, every question and e-mail from my side was answered very quick and prompt, every time with a solution.
Thank you JTAG people, Chapeau!!!
Reviews: 35
Easy to install and setup. In the front end, this app looks *great!*

Docked one star because a somecreative configuring is necessary to allow for front end signup, and then a manual connection needs to be made between the joomla contacts list and the JTAG app. But once you've done this, JTAG Members is easily the nicest membership list from the user experience perspective.
Reviews: 2
works great for me. Was very easy to install and configure. Recommended.
Reviews: 1
I am very please with this extension, It is doing a great job and is easy to use
Reviews: 1
I had bought the extension and I installed it on my site. I got the 500 error so I contacted the support. They respond immediately that a new version with a fix has been uploaded. I downloaded it again and now it's all fine. I'm actually very happy with the quick response.
Reviews: 1
I tried it for myself on local server as well on a few sites, running on Joomla 1.7. I ran it and works perfectly with no errors, on last versions of lamp. I tested it on good hosting with installed very last versions of PHP and other extensions. I'm not sure what caused the problems/errors.

I think this is good and useful plugin.
Reviews: 1
I installed this on all of my sites with differnt configurations and tried it on three differnt servers, I also installed it on a plain Joomla fresh install and get a 500 error. No support seems to be provided from the developer. It looks pretty but does not seem to work. I would love to know how the other reviewer go this extension to work, and what kind of server config they are running. Mine is a standard server that runs nothing but joomla sites with no issues on hundreds of other extensions.

I wish the developer provided at least a little support for this. There also seems to be a lot of unawnsered support questions on their forum with some people waiting for over a month with no reply.
Owner's reply

Thanks for purchasing this extension. At Joomla Tag we take customer support very seriously and every issue is important to us. We have sold dozens of this extension with only 3 customers posting issues on our forum for this product. The original release of this product had the 500 error for joomla 1.6/1.7 but we fixed this issue about week ago and uploaded the new files. Please send us an email and we guarantee a prompt response to your issue

Reviews: 4
Very easy installation I have several sites 1.5 and 1.7 and it installed like a charm. Thank you for the great tool.
Reviews: 9
Tried to install this on multiple sites and servers, I get a 500 error on joomla 1.5 and looks like there are a lot of typos in the code.

Tried tried it on joomla 1.7 and it doesn't seem be a way to add it to a menu item.

It look like it might be good, but developer needs to fix some error, I look forward to an updated fixed version.
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