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Projectfork is a suite of Project Management components & extensions which are fully configurable to meet your business needs. Projectfork is widely used by small businesses, governmental institutions, political parties and non-profit organizations (including Joomla).

Project Management Features
* Unlimited Projects
* Time sensitive Milestones
* Tasks and Task Lists
* Lightweight Forum
* File Repository & Attachments
* Time Tracking & Reporting
* Comments on Projects, Milestones, Tasks & more
* Native Joomla ACL & Groups
* Configurable Email Notifications & Subscriptions

Intelligent Design
Projectfork consists of many extensions working together; but the streamlined interface will make you feel right at home as if you're using a regular, single component. Installing and uninstalling Projectfork is as simple as with any extension: A single package to install, and a single extension to remove from your site.

User Experience First
Projectfork looks and behaves like your average Joomla 3 extension for the most part so you can it pick up naturally. If you ever get stuck, we provide plenty of comprehensible documentation on our website.

Developer Friendly
Projectfork uses a Joomla-native code approach wherever possible and is written "by the book" and best code practices. There is no custom theme engine, no Zend or other framework - just pure Joomla MVC architecture. Looking to hire a developer to make some modifications? No need to find a "Projectfork specialist"!

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Reviews: 3
Seems not to work with my latest installation of Joomla ( 1.5.22 - after installation I could not access joomlas drop-down menus - luckily I could remove it and keep my J-install, big shame for me ) but...

Definitely the most advanced free project management extension for Joomla I've seen. Very well made with a great professional GUI. Email notifications and tasks are my favourite features. Give it a try, but be smart and backup your site first (as you should do before installing any extension)!
Reviews: 1
This solution is perfect for me. Also, the assistance I got from the authors was excellent. I bought an additional extension to Projectfork and all function perfectly - thank you!
Reviews: 2
I have a small Business and i needed a solution for project management and being able to review the time people are working on projects as well as few other tings. I have tried a few other extensions, but Project Fork is the best value for money giving you exactly what you need for a reasonable price. The other thing the have done well is support because at the end of the day all there is 3 extensions that are in the same category as Project fork but Project fork has so many solutions that all work it is value for money and they have supported me well why would i pay more like i have to get less support and value for money
Reviews: 3
Great extension. Intuitive yet versatile PMS. Really easy to mod, too. They provide excellent documentation and intro to modding/paneling. I hope to see more third party extensions become available in the future.
Reviews: 4
This is a great Joomla extension!

The UI for Projectfork is extremely customizable and with some cleverness could be used for a lot more than just project management. Nearly every facet of the UI can be turned off or adjusted to fit the needs of nearly any website or idea.

Plus there are some great add-ons and themes for this extension too.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Had a little difficulty installing extensions due to my lack of knowledge but the guys where extremely helpful with getting my issues sorted.

Thanks guys
Reviews: 3
ProjectFork is a simple to use project management component. Perhaps more important is that the support is great and friendly. While you may not always get a response in the first couple hours (although not uncommon) or maybe even a day, you will get a response. And they do really listen and try to help.

The commissioning system is a little complex, but once you understand it, your good to go.

I am not a programmer but was able to easily make some slight code modifications to make it a little "better' for me. I think this speaks to the clarity in their design style.

I highly recommend Project Fork.
Reviews: 2
I don't write reviews enough, but this extension has come so far since I last tested it it def deserves a big thumbs up. Great functionality, bug free as far as I could tell, and a really intutive user interface/experience.. was impressed enough to buy the add-on bundle and it's now a great part of the site.

On my wishlist for taking further would be a Wiki and some sort of Gantt view of tasks. Throw in integration with a CCK so I can make custom forms - eg expense claims - and it'll be my number 1 joomla extension ever!
Reviews: 4
Wow, this is the most amazing extension I have yet found for Joomla! It's feature-rich beyond my wildest dreams.
Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
I think it's one of the best components I have ever use in joomla. Working perfect, fantastic design, easy to use, good distribution, complete features... I just can say perfect!

Thank you for this incredible component :)
Reviews: 1
This was pretty much exactly what I was looking for...a simply project/task management tool without a bunch of overhead. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
We were always unorganized at our work. After installing project fork, the life of 21 employees have become very simple. I can't believe what this software has done for us. GREAT WORK!!!
Reviews: 2
This is exactly the sort of software which makes Joomla a fantastic technology. Easy and intuitive, we found it excellent!

Yesterday was a bleak day as we got Microsoft Office Live working on one machine, and hours later still non-sensical error messages spewing out. Today however after referring to the Joomla Extensions Directory we found Projectfork and both of us are fully functional and up and running after little more than 1 hour of installing and configuring.

Well done to all at Projectfork!
Reviews: 2
exactly what I needed, great software!! Very easy to install and work with. The access level settings where hard at first, but great when you understand them.
Reviews: 3
Not much to say about projectfork except, I have no clue what i would do without it! If you haven't tried it, download it today. You can't get the entire picture of its incredible capabilities until you try it out for yourself. Painless implementation.
Reviews: 21
If you need a projectmanagement, so you need projectfork.

If you are working professional with biger projects Joomla! Sites and Portals like me, then you need a full functional projectmanagement. this component should be your first choice. it's absolutly professional in design and function.

thanks to giving for free...
Reviews: 1
While Project Fork may not satisfy the likes of a Gant-chart-addicted engineering development team the functionality if offers to first time users and small-budget development teams is unequivocally the best in class for any CMS.

One can argue that Basecamp, like other hosted solutions, provides superior feature depth and that Microsoft Project is much more powerful - but, these programs all lack that mainline connection to your website, can cost a lot of money, and limit accessibility to your own information.

Project Fork is about building upon your existing Joomla infrastructure, including it's user-base and developing a collaborative solution which allows Project Tracking accompanied by dedicated Task Lists, Versioned File Storage with comments (Pro version), Messaging (like a forum) and Task-based Time Tracking.

As with any tool, one should always examine their requirements first and *then* determine if the tool suffices. Project Fork absolutely delivers on it's promises.

It's a free component, but I highly encourage throwing some monetary support at these guys - they deserve it!
Reviews: 7
Great tool does just about everything I needed it to do... I'm gonna try the time tracker too, and if you could get it all to generate custom invoices and I'm your best friend forever! ;-)
Reviews: 1
All I can say is wow. Well thought out, well deployed. The only thing I can see that it is missing when compared to the expensive commercial Project Management tools are gant charts and graphing in general(they may be there, and I just might be missing seeing them). But I bet that data is mine-able for import into spreadsheets (haven't tried yet) I have had this installed for less than 6 hours and I am really excited to provide this to my users in the near future. Well done, my hat's off to you.
Reviews: 4
This component does not disappoint. It does exactly what it says it does. Although it is a free component it has the quality of a commercial component. Worked upon first installation without any (noticeable) bugs.

I can't wait for this component to be extended to add various charting and reporting tools, and also being able to integrate with popular calendar formats, and integration with subversion (the built in file repository is usable, but subversion is far more advanced). I would also like it to inherit CSS from my template. Anyway, that's my wish list.
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