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Projectfork is a suite of Project Management components & extensions which are fully configurable to meet your business needs. Projectfork is widely used by small businesses, governmental institutions, political parties and non-profit organizations (including Joomla).

Project Management Features
* Unlimited Projects
* Time sensitive Milestones
* Tasks and Task Lists
* Lightweight Forum
* File Repository & Attachments
* Time Tracking & Reporting
* Comments on Projects, Milestones, Tasks & more
* Native Joomla ACL & Groups
* Configurable Email Notifications & Subscriptions

Intelligent Design
Projectfork consists of many extensions working together; but the streamlined interface will make you feel right at home as if you're using a regular, single component. Installing and uninstalling Projectfork is as simple as with any extension: A single package to install, and a single extension to remove from your site.

User Experience First
Projectfork looks and behaves like your average Joomla 3 extension for the most part so you can it pick up naturally. If you ever get stuck, we provide plenty of comprehensible documentation on our website.

Developer Friendly
Projectfork uses a Joomla-native code approach wherever possible and is written "by the book" and best code practices. There is no custom theme engine, no Zend or other framework - just pure Joomla MVC architecture. Looking to hire a developer to make some modifications? No need to find a "Projectfork specialist"!

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If Projectfork helps you run your business, please consider leaving your feedback below. Thank you!

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Reviews: 3
The best type of software. Balance between ease of use and power. Development for 1.5 is continuing! Though it may be a while. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Tobias the lead is a very nice guy. Give him your Support and Patience if you support this project.
Reviews: 1
The component seems really good. However it does not work with Joomla V1.5.1.

The website says "basic support for Joomla 1.5 - there are some small bugs". These are not SMALL bugs, the component has major bugs. These are a few that I found:

1. You cannot see users imported or access them. Which renders the component useless
2. Joomla menus disapear.

3. Cannot log in. Which again renders the component useless.

There are a few hacks in the forums that helped me fix problem # 1. And there are a few post that claim that they fix problem 3 on their sites. However, it did not fix it for me.

Is there any support out there??
Reviews: 1
A really nice component however with the development site dead and no support it is hard to use especially as it doesnt really work in 1.5
Reviews: 2
I was up and running in less than 1 minute after the download. Install was a breeze, and the process is very intuitive. I am using this tool to work with multiple people and there have been zero issues.
Reviews: 1
Having tested a range of project tools I finally decided on this one – something I haven't regretted.

Installation is easy and the setup and configuration is easy and intuitive too. I currently uses it for planning projects in a society and am currently testing a Danish translation that I’ve made (I‘ll send it ASAP).

One small wish, that would make the component even greater, would be the possibility for exporting projects and tasks for use in e.g. a spreadsheet. This is of course possible from the database itself, but an integrated action would be perfect.
Reviews: 4
I like the component. Works great. I have been working wtih PHProjekt and I like this one better, since it integrates with my Joomla CMS instantiation. It is an excellent extension that I can use for managing work with my fellow developers. Excellent features are the importing of Joomla users.

The only difficulty I am experiencing with it is with the date management functionality in the task manager. If I put in a specific date, it defaults to the current date when I save a new/modified task. (v.0.6.7)
Reviews: 2
This works really well. I'm using for a web design team to collaborate on projects and it works great from installation to usage. Very good component!
Reviews: 1
hands down, best extension i have needed.
Reviews: 3
Event though it's young and in beta, this tool is incredible. The backend integration is flawless and admin tool design is cleancut and very functional. There's a great blend between an iconic and text button approach.

File management is fantastic. You can add files with new tasks, after the fact or add files separately altogether, and additionally can be secured to a specific user. Groups management is simple and slightly cumbersome but functions well right out of the box.

I'd like to see a little better front-end systems integration and management or ability to customize its sizing. Additionally workflow management would be useful, requiring that task contributors, etc. require their feedback or submissions be approved by an admin or Project Manager.

Another benefit would be templated projects - allowing users to create new projects with basic or templated tasks inserted (like a drop down menu); even more helpful would be allowing a finished projects tasks to be set as a standard template.

One final thing I'd like to see: integration with a billing/management system. Professional users could use this tool as a Professional Services Proj Mgmt tool. The front-end could help keep customers updated as to their project status; and billable items could be setup with tasks, i.e. billing could occur at 30% completed, 50%, completed, 100, etc.

Otherwise, this tool is incredibly useful for anything anyone has in mind.
Reviews: 9
This seems to be the best (and only?) component currently available for Joomla! that tackles all the common categories of a project-management-system.

Whether or not it can ultimately be useful is a different question. Most of the project-management-systems out there have the same problem - accessibility and ease-of-use of non-techie members/employees.

So although the features in the project are well-crafted, it's worth considering that accessing them requires a few clicks within Joomla.

Great for collaborative project work in small groups, but there may be some issues for larger organizations. Worth trying out, definitely.
Reviews: 16
This young program is off to an excellent start. I'd like to see full email integration both sending and recieving so that things like Sales Orders can be automatically printed.
Also a simple trouble ticket integration would be good that way things don't have to be duplicated.
All in all an excellent start. Lets not stop here though please!
Reviews: 1
Pros: Relatively simple and easy to use. No problems with installation. Looks good.


1) Default display is 1024px width! Unless your Joomla template is full screen fluid width, you may want to think twice about this one as it will break your layout. There is a "business theme" at 800px width but it looks crappy and you have to edit your MySQL database to get it to work - kind of daunting if, like me, you have no experience with these kinds of things and are used to themes being installed automatically.

2) Developer is too busy to answer questions on the Project Fork forum. I've posted 2 or 3 questions weeks ago and still there is no reply.
Reviews: 4
This is one of the best extensions I have seen at the moment. Easy to install. Helpfull for having projects management on your website.

Look at the documentation if you want to install a theme or language
Reviews: 1
Great! Thanks a lot for your contribution!
However, I have some suggestion, hope that you 'll consider:

1. There should be some way to restrict Project's member not be able to delete or modify task & project!
2. There should be some way to restrict Project's member be able to access only the projects and tasks that they are responsible to!
3. There should be some way to restrict Client be able to access only the projects and tasks that they are relative to!
4. Ability to quick access to "My TODO" or Member's "todo list" should be displayed right after the toolbar after project's member logging in!
Best Regard!
Reviews: 1
We have installed software and even translated it to Bosnian. It works very good for us and I like integration with Joomla. We have made intranet site in Joomla and all users directly are in Project as well - nice stuff.

So far has all the good stuff we need for project management. I like it because it is just right. Some other software offers too much attributes for tracking project that we do not use.

Overall right balance of functionalities with nice visual. Good work.
Reviews: 1
This is one of best project management extension I have tested so far in Joomla! Project Fork is very simple and straight forward and I really like it that way.

One thing I've noticed and may also be beneficial in your future release, is that there is no easy way to track down listing of usergroups, their projects/tasks (-tasks-directories-files-comments)in a certain page tabulated of some sort so that group leaders can easily track/compare which usergroup/members have more task and who are performing well-->something like that :) I think it's really necessary and very vital specially in an output oriented group leaders and managers.

More power Project Fork staff!!! Looking forward to this promising extension.
Reviews: 1
1) I find it big disadvantage the fact that you can not relate Tasks with files. Filemanager comes a bit pointless if you do not have this flexibility.

2) The overall project completed percentage should have an option to be disabled because a project might never finish because it is active and always is going to tasks and by having the overall average of the tasks there might be confusing.

3) A proper way to add a project leader should be implemented and not by having to create a usergroup, make the appropriate permission settings, add the project leader and then make the group a Project Group.

4) Someone else said it but i will say it again that..Calendar is at the moment totally useless if it's not bound to tasks deadlines. Personally i would prefer not having it around making confusing than to have it and not be able to use it properly.

5) Importing a specific user at a website with more than 5000 members without a search filter is....very frustrating.

6) Proper notifications to the project leader by setting it at the Project options and not at each task individually. Automatically the project leader should receive a notification that a new task is added and the status on it each time is changed.

It definetely needs lot of work because things like the above are very basic stuff to project & task management.
Owner's reply

hi there,

Thanks for pointing out the weak points of the component :)
I'm quite aware of these, and I'm working on improvements.


Reviews: 2
I was looking for an extension that was close to DotProject in spirit, but simpler and well structured, and of course integrated to Joomla.
Project Fork matches exactly my needs, its interface is clear and intuitive, despite a few little bugs that will need to be fixed (however they do not prevent the system to work).
Reviews: 1
It's relatively easy to setup. It worked right away. Just awesome, does exactly what I need
Reviews: 1
Our business involves people from all over the US in different offices. We were looking for an easy method to keep track of the various projects, tasks, milestones, progress and calendar. Project Fork is it! :-)

An unexpected bonus is the Document Management ability that allows us to link current documentation with specific tasks. What a great feature.

The installation was a breeze, and everything is working perfectly. I would recommend this handy tool to anyone using Joomla who wants their team to be more organized.

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