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Projectfork is a suite of Project Management components & extensions which are fully configurable to meet your business needs. Projectfork is widely used by small businesses, governmental institutions, political parties and non-profit organizations (including Joomla).

Project Management Features
* Unlimited Projects
* Time sensitive Milestones
* Tasks and Task Lists
* Lightweight Forum
* File Repository & Attachments
* Time Tracking & Reporting
* Comments on Projects, Milestones, Tasks & more
* Native Joomla ACL & Groups
* Configurable Email Notifications & Subscriptions

Intelligent Design
Projectfork consists of many extensions working together; but the streamlined interface will make you feel right at home as if you're using a regular, single component. Installing and uninstalling Projectfork is as simple as with any extension: A single package to install, and a single extension to remove from your site.

User Experience First
Projectfork looks and behaves like your average Joomla 3 extension for the most part so you can it pick up naturally. If you ever get stuck, we provide plenty of comprehensible documentation on our website.

Developer Friendly
Projectfork uses a Joomla-native code approach wherever possible and is written "by the book" and best code practices. There is no custom theme engine, no Zend or other framework - just pure Joomla MVC architecture. Looking to hire a developer to make some modifications? No need to find a "Projectfork specialist"!

Powered by Feedback
If Projectfork helps you run your business, please consider leaving your feedback below. Thank you!

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Reviews: 2
This Hydra project manager looks very promising. They have put some very nice work into it. However, theres a couple of issues that I noticed.

No frontend access. This means you require all users to log into to joomla's backup. Not good idea

Whats the point in having the calendar if your tasks are not tied to it? Who wants to create tasks then turn around and post events for those tasks?
Owner's reply

hi kipper!
You're right with the calendar..pretty useless at the moment :D
Hydra is a huge thing and I can impossibiliy work on everything at a time.

On the roadmap you see that I've promised the task/calendar integration in 0.6.5.
It's not there I know but I'm working on it.

Reviews: 6
hi i have instaled hydra in no time.
its very easy to understand.
help on the forum is also good and fast.
Reviews: 5
As a not-for-profit agency, we rely heavily on inexpensive resources to accomplish our mission. We continually seek out parnerships with reliable software developers and are huge supporters of the Open Source Initiative.

To this end, we are very impressed with Tobias Kuhn's Hydra Manager ! This software seamlessly integrates into our website and allows our board members to share tasks, documents and calendar events, even though they are scattered across two states! Tobias is friendly, responsive, and open to the needs of his user base. Although still in development (v0.6.1 is installed at the time of this writing), Hydra Manager promises a simple solution to our collaboration requirements. Thanks, Tobias!

Dave Simpson
CEO, First American Military, Inc.
Reviews: 1
I have been using FlySpray as a project manager. I didn't have any problems with it but it seemed a bit quirky at times and didn't have that fully integrated look and feel.

Hydra goes beyond all my expectations. It is very comprehensive and it looks very slick indeed.

Congrats to the Hydra team, you have done a great job for the community!
Reviews: 3
Great! I searched for a component like this a few month ago, but found nothing.

Now I saw this component, tried it and ... WOW! :)

It's exact what I searched for, perfect for managing all kind of projects!
Reviews: 3
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful components to ever look at, the design is simply perfect everything is at hand. Install was a breeze and the entire look of the component oozes class, i hear this is no where near finished but i couldnt give it anymore props truely wonderful hats off to the devs behind this.
Reviews: 1
This is a must component for any project management group. Its really fantastic! Great work guys and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Brilliant. I'm a part time freelancer and this extension provides me with a structured environment in which to post my daily tasks as well as a place to direct my logged in clients. Once logged in each user is directed to their own personal project page where they can track my progress.
Reviews: 1
I'm thankful for this component~ kudos to
Reviews: 1
I love this! It is easy to use, easy to understand and Tobias provided immediate help with my one issue. Pixelpraise did a great job of providing him with a clean site design that made it easy to navigate and find how to install and configure the extension. I wish all extensions worked this well!
Reviews: 2
This component is fantastic! Not only is this a great tool for project management, but it also works as a calendar and file manager. READ - With this one component, you no longer need tools like DOCMAN and separate calendar components.

So far this application is very well designed for being so young. I am very excited to see where it heads.

Reviews: 12
I was surprised with that great component.
Thank you for releasing this for free .
I will defintly use it ,it will help me keep every project I start organized

User Groups , management , Authentications


Hope to see fufure updates

Thanks a million
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a component like this, and I've tested some
other stand-alone Project Managers (dotProject,phpGroupWare..) before I found this Component here.
And I can say that this Component has more potential than most other Groupware Tools!
The whole System is easy to understand, no useless Gimmicks or
Information overkill.
Especially for people who
- are new to Project Management
- don't want to read a big manual first
- setup a workstation on the fly

this component is just perfect. But I can not recommend it for bigger and complex Projects. The component is just not ready for this yet. But I'm sure it will be greatly improved in the future.

Thanks for this component, great job!

Brian Menaso
Reviews: 5
Previous writers have told the most, so all I can do, is to repeat - very good and promising component. There are shortcomings, but the author is working on them.
Really really impressive!
Reviews: 1
This certainly looks very promising. As the author as pointed out, there are bugs in 0.6.0 particularly with SEO turned on in the back end of Joomla. I've implemented the hotfixes and it works to an extent now but there are still a few issues.

Also it would be nice if the component accommodated templates with not too much width to play with. The site I'm trying to introduct Hydra too is quite a narrow design so I tried disabling some of the Settings options but even with them turned off the heading 'Settings' is still displayed anyway so the width is still taken up.

Nevertheless, I'll be keeping an eye on the progress of Hydra and will be installing further updates as they are released.
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for a component with these capabilities for the better part of two months.

I am planning to use Hydra as a basic project tracker that allows employees to check on the status of certain projects, and to clearly define what tasks and resources will be necessary to complete that project. Ultimately, I also want to publish this information for the general public in a read-only fashion.

There are a few bugs yet in the program, but I am *really* impressed with what I have used so far. I don't think Hydra is intended to replace the functionality of MS Project or dotProject, but it is a very nice, straight-forward, easy to understand component for doing basic project tracking, which is exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 1
Wow, this tool rocks! Congrats on this easy to use Project managing tool.

But, I still have a suggenstion. have you perhaps got in mind that Project Admins are able to send out mails to project team Members when something changes, or else that when project members change status that admin gets a mail?

keep up the good work :)
Owner's reply

Hi ghosty,
there will be a Project and User-Tracker in the Future.

And a note for everyone:
Some People have have discovered several Bugs and Problems in this Component.

There are some Hotfixes available in our Forum!

There will be an Update to 0.6.1 next anyway :)


Reviews: 1
OK, first off let me just point out that I just installed this component 10 minutes ago so experience is limited at best. However from the looks of it, and after trying out the basic features, this appears to be pretty much exactly what I needed to keep track of multiple projects from within a Joomla environment. Not as extensive as dotProject and other stand alone alternatives (not that I need more features really) but extremely promising and useful! Big thanks to the devs!!
Reviews: 2
This is a much needed project management system for web developers and designers. Very easy to install. Great documentation for only being released. It's a 5 in my book.
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