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JE Project Manager Component

Admin assign the project to multiple users to complete that project. There will be tasks in the particular project. So user has automatically assigned to the tasks which will assign the project. User will have to complete all the tasks in the project then they get the payment of the whole project if they haven’t user can’t get the payment. So user will have to complete all the tasks in the project. When a project is marked “Paid / Complete” the total amount of payment for the user is deposited into their personal account.

- Admin can login in front-end site and manage those things. Not require to login in back-end for that component. All features are in front-end admin and login user.

Admin Side :-

- Project Management: Admin assign the project to the multiple users and fill the detail of the project like Project Name, Project Budget, Users, Project Type, Due date, Description, Admin Notes, Publish etc. Admin can add, edit and delete the project. Project budget can be divided among the selected user (If Project Budget is $50 and there will be 5 users assign that project then each user assigns the $10 each).

Task Management: Admin can add, edit, and delete the tasks. Admin can fill the detail of the task like Task Name, Project, Description, Estimate time to complete the task And Publish. Task Cost, Due date and No of users are automatically generated when admin select the project (as mention in the project each user assign the $10 then the task budget will be $0.1 each user).

- Status Management: There are 9 status has been given. Admin can add, edit and delete the status.

- Payment Status Management: There are 2 payment status has been given. Admin can add, edit and delete the payment status.

- Message Management: Admin can manage the message in this section.

- Approvals Management: Admin can manage the user wise project management. In this section admin can see the user, no of project assign, no of tasks, task reported complete, completed tasks, Date/time of most recent complete tasks. Admin can see the user projects and tasks. Admin change the status of the task Reported complete to complete then that task will be completed for that user. If all task completed for the particular project and approve by the admin then the entire project will be completed automatically for that user. Then admin change the Payment status Unpaid to Paid Completed then the whole project amount will transfer to that user. After amount will transfer to the user then user request for Withdrawal.

- Admin Withdraw Request: This is where the administrator can receive withdrawal requests from users and make payments easily. The withdrawal amount will be taken from the users account balance which will be updated every time a project is marked “Paid Complete”. User request for an amount admin can see which user has request for amount. Payment status for the user has been “Unpaid”. If admin want to release the payment then admin changes the unpaid

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I chose JE project maanger for my marketing company to share different tasks to my employees.

My opinion:

First, this component is very easy to understand for all types of users.

Second, it is easy and comfortably to correct the design and some functions of component (easy structure).

Third, it is cheap for this functionality.