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BeestoWorkflow Component

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beestoworkflow is the perfect project management extension for Joomla! Your staff can now easily manage their projects, collaborate with other staff members/clients or create own workflows.

The design was built to be easily used by anyone from your staff.

Key features:
- easily create projects
- create unlimited tasks inside a project
- attach files to project/task
- accept project requests from clients
- specify a deadline for your projects/tasks
- add personal notes and bookmarks

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Reviews: 1
I am so happy that there is a project manager that is compatible with 3.0 and free!!! I am also amazed at how well it works! I love the individual task settings as well as the note keeper. I love how easy the project manager is to use and deploy among my team. Even the members of my team who are not very computer savvy are able to use this extension with ease! Thanks so much for your support!
Reviews: 8
We have been using this extension for a few months now and have really grown to enjoy it. It is based on "originator/creator" as the Project Manager but not part of the actual Project Team. They simply oversee the progress etc. However, the small learning curve and the reliability of the extension is excellent.

Yes we wrote the developer and discovered there was no plans for an updated release beyond 2.5 (hence why not 5 stars). Since we will be upgrading to 3.0 soon our selves we will be yet again on the lookout for a different project manager. For those of you who will be on 2.5 for awhile and are in need of a project manager - this is definitely one to consider.
Owner's reply


Since more and more people seems to be interested in a Joomla 3.x compatible version I took the decision to launch a compatible version as soon as possible.


Reviews: 8
One of the few project managers out there that really works without a lot of 'extras'. I worked with this extension for awhile and thought - this is really good. This is great. And free? Really? couldn't believe it. So after using and loving it - I was saddened to hear there wouldn't be a 3.0 version. Sadly that leaves those still looking for a easy to follow and use project manager. If you are sticking with 2.5 - check it out.
Reviews: 4
I really like this extension. It is simple, effective, efficient and overall works with the ACL without breaking it (unlike ProjectFork).

My only complaint is that the Developer stated there were not going to make it Joomla 3.0 compatible - that is sad for it is a really good extension and has a lot of potential. I'd even pay a small amount for it - if it would be updated for both 2.5 & 3.0.