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Tracktime Component

Tracktime is a tool for freelance developers.
Manage your customers and your projects efficiently.
Keep track of every change made, so that you can submit reports and justify the costs.
Thanks to the built-in timer, you'll never forget to write down an activity!

Working as a freelancer is not easy, even if it leads to a lot of satisfaction, TrackTime tries to make life easier for developers:

★ Document manager
Have you got some docs related to the project?
Customer docs, PSD, paper sketches?

Attach them to the project, so you'll never loose them.

★ Access detail manager
Can't you remember the access details for every customer?
Domain, FTP url, FTP username, FTP password, Joomla admin user and password and so on?

Save them! (Dont' worry they're encrypted)
By the way, do you need more fields? Don't worry, you can customize them.

★ Built-in timer
Do you want to exactly know how much time did you spend on a project?
Is this customer asking so much changes that this work is turning un-profitable?

Use the built-in timer!

Moreover you can have a visual aid on projects deadline and manage customer "hour credit".

Report Extension



Reviews: 8
Seriously, if you're in need of something to keep track of your hours to clients and want an easy, hassle free and easy to update tool: this is it. And it's freaking free. Best thing i ever got. Ended up buying it.
Reviews: 1
covers all the needs of a webmaster who works with joomla, makes his work so well and in time it can evolve more and more with new features to make it easier to manage websites with joomla but also other type of cms or systems
Reviews: 10
I have been using other project management systems for Joomla for some years but in all cases I stopped using them because they were not minded for a freelance web developer business like mine and they were often to complex. So for some years I have been using some other / off-site software for handling the hours spent on my clients’ projects.

I wanted to use a Joomla component so my clients could log in and see the hours spent (under implementation in TrackTime as I understand it) or get a manually created e-mail (with a PDF) about it. Hopefully this can be done automatically in the future to save lots of hours (when you have many projects and clients). TrackTime could also benefit a lot if it too had management of employees and their way of submitting their hours spent on the different client projects (from the frontend – quick and easy).

TrackTime has most of what I need. The support is very fast and the developer Davide seems to be very dedicated to his work. I love being a part of great Joomla components – helping with ideas, suggestions, bug fixing (I am a programmer) and so on.

In essence: TrackTime Free is great but TrackTime Pro is the best project management system I have used for Joomla. I have spent way too many hours on project management systems that did not do the job.

I see the option to connect TrackTime’s invoicing part with my accounting system (e-conomic – web-based with an open API) and having the invoicing and bookkeeping (for the client projects) done semi-automatically.

If TrackTime in the future would manage to improve the invoicing part to including the cost (billing) for the client’s web hotel and other ongoing client services I would have a complete solution in one great component.

Thank you for a very fine component - I just knew it when I finally found it :-)
Reviews: 8
A couple of times in the past I've attempted to make use of other components to track and manage projects, but found them way too feature heavy and ultimately rather complicated for my needs.

I've been playing about with Tracktime for a few days now and I'm very impressed by the components' way of handling and presenting the information. It's got all the features that I need, along with a few that I don't (yet!) and has streamlined my management so far.

The documentation on the support site is really well written and comprehensive, so kudos to the devs!!

I really look forward to seeing where this component goes, it's been really helpful so far! :D
Reviews: 9
Started on FREE version 1.3.0 and now already working with TrackTime PRO 1.5.0 Stable, and I'm very happy how fast and on the right way, this component is evolving!
If you are a freelance that works for third party websites development, maintenace or administration this component will help you to have all the projects, timmings & charges under control!!
- Note that no one will save you of 'template-override some default component forms, language-override some default definitions and even to fight more than once with the custom fields re-orgering, again and again but... At the end you will be very happy with the latest PRO version!!
- The best of all is that 'Davide' has a open ear for everyone an to every suggestion and he respond to every tip or question quicky and under a very professional manner. if you stuck or have a need for help no doubt he will provide you the answer or the right way where to look!
Thanks, Davide for this excellent component and keep up the good work,
Reviews: 7
Exactly what I need!
And Tracktime team very fast and efficient.
When you will be able to make it working on front, it will be a great.
Reviews: 5
This extensions does the best job to keep track of freelancer tasks and billing.
Just few additions makes it a good Project Management Extension.

I tried assigning projects to users. Realized it is made for single user.

Please add Front-End management so we can use it as Project management tool.

Best wishes.
Owner's reply

Hi, first of all, thanks for your kind words. We're trying to do our best on this extension.

Regarding user assignment, we started working on that, but we found that there's a Joomla bug preventing us from using the built-in ACL function; so we froze the development waiting for a patch.

Currently we're working on several features, you can contact us suggesting new ones.