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Like Plugin

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Very simple system which adds a thumbs up icon and the word "Like" (or any custom administrator specified words) to content items, allowing members to vote or "Like" them. Similar to the Like system found in Facebook.

There are three icons to choose from in admin settings, thumbs up, thumbs down and a heart.

"Like" text can be customized and the colors, backgrounds, borders and positioning can all be set within the plugin parameters.

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Reviews: 5
I installed this plugin and it worked out of the box. Easy to install and set-up but unforunatly when i am not logged in at Facebook the text is displayed in English on the website wich is not the language my website is build in. Maybe adding a language file of autodetect language function would be nice in future release. Not sure if its possible tho since i am not an expert at those things. Anyway, a verry nice plugin.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words. There are no language files for Like at this time. Perhaps in the future. I don't know what Facebook has to do with this though?!?!?