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StarSnippets Plugin

Provides rich snippet rating/voting functionality for every joomla elemente (articles, modules, etc.) of a page. You can customize size, orientation and colors of the rating/voting.

Report Extension



Reviews: 4
I thought I had found a good star rating solution but the star images and ratings are pulled from their site. If they are down or slow you are out of luck. Also it is heavily branded in an obtrusive way. There are better solutions out there.
Reviews: 15
This extension gives flexibility to push the rating anywhere in the article or in the module, and has options to customize and make it look beautiful. Everything seems cool until you realize that you can use this feature only once per article!what a buzz kill.If you use it multiple times in the article all of them are rated same! This was supposed to be a better alternative to 'extra vote' but was a little disappointed.