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Simple Review is a free review component for Joomla 1.5-2.5. It can be used for reviewing books, music, dvds, etc.

Simple Review is independent of Joomla articles and categories. It is a specialized component designed specifically for writing reviews.

Simple Review contains many features including:
*Community Builder, Kunena, JomSocial integration and phpBB via JFusion (currently limited to comment avatars)
*Star ratings
*Tag reviews with keywords
*User comments and ratings. Support for comments using Disqus.
*A powerful template system
*Multiple categories
*User submitted reviews (beta)
*Top reviews
*hReview support
*Captcha using Security Images 5 or reCAPTCHA.
*and more...

16/09/2012: Version 4.0.02 Alpha release. Bug fixes and a new module.

08/07/2012: Version 4.0.01 Alpha release. PHP5 strict standards mode. Joomla ini language files.

28/01/2012: Version 3.0.13 release. Supports Joomla 2.5 and includes some minor bug fixes.

7/11/2011: Version 3.0.12 released. Removes the restriction of comments requiring a rating and comment text.

26/09/2011: Version 3.0.11 released. Removes the restriction of reviews requiring a rating.

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Reviews: 3
Started in Joomla 1.0.13, and now working with Joomla 2.5

While it always had its rough edges, it was simple for me to use.
Great little component for writing reviews, hope it revives soon - as it does needs improvements that are forthcoming in version 4 (in alpha currently)
Reviews: 2
I installed it and couldn't even find it. No instructions for 2.5. Nothing made sense to me.
Owner's reply

The component appears under the 'components' menu in the Joomla admin. After adding a review category and reviews, you can then add a frontend link via the Joomla menu manager.

Reviews: 4
Has a lot of features for a free extension although had to do some html changes to get thumbnails on a category list. Keep the versions coming please. The forum has some great information and documentation. Thanks for your time and effort.
Reviews: 7
Simple Review is a great extension for featuring recommended recordings (LPs, CDs, and downloads) on my website, grouped by genre (classical, jazz, rock, etc.). Hopefully the user submissions part will get the bugs worked out.

Reviews: 26
This is a great extension for creating a table of reviews for whatever type of thing you want reviewed. Support is speedy and helpful, and if you need custom work the price is reasonable too. One of the few solid extensions on JED
Reviews: 7
OMG... uninstalled this as I discovered that it doesn't work with articles (disappointed...) and my website went blank! Installed it again and there was my website again. What the heck?
Owner's reply

Correct, Simple Review is independent of articles (I will update the description to clarify this).
Since it is independent I am not sure how it can be blamed for your website being blank, especially after being installed.

Reviews: 1
Hi! I'm using this component and it's very useful for my problems. I like user reviews' idea. There are some idea I would submit you: first of all I'd like to comment and rate the users' comments to a review; could be useful to have the total number of "raters". Anyway this is a great component and I hope could increase its popularuty and improve every day.
Reviews: 6
Simple Review is perfect component for any review site, i.e.: for games, movies or music reviews. It's easy to use, configure and even to modify. It's template system is really simple and easy to learn and understand. Also - developers provides great support via forums (and fast answers for short questions via twitter). There is no better review-component for FREE.
Reviews: 2
Having used JReviews previously on another site and finding it confusing and non-intuitive, I have to say I love Simple Reviews. It installed faultlessly, and the 1 issue I had with User Generated Reviews (applying the admin template and not the site template) was dealt with so professionally by the support tea,. In fact their support shames some commercial component support efforts.

I hope they keep developing this component as it's a really solid basis for a review engine.
Reviews: 7
After installing the component on Joomla! 1.7, it looked like it might just do the trick for the site I'm building.
But, I found too many errors and problems. For example, clicking on a category to see the reviews ends up with a 404 screen.
Also, in the config, it references extra fields and lets you select how many, but there isn't a way to define those fields or use them.
This is a great module, and I would like to see a later version. At this point, at least for me, there is too much I would have to change to make it work for my specific needs.
Owner's reply


I am not sure about the 404 problem as it has been tested to work. Please contact our support forum.

You can define the custom fields when creating your category and you then assign them values when creating a review.

Reviews: 106
This extension works very well, but I was a little disappointed to see that it does not work with articles. So on a positive note it is a good extension for people to submit reviews for things.
Cheers Josh Lewis
Reviews: 7
I used this extension for a restaurant review section of an expat site. It was easy to deploy and use on the Joomla V1.5.23 platform. The template suits my site well and the instructions seem pretty clear to me (so far).

My only issue is with the comments feature. It would be a real bonus to have this extension work with JComments, instead of/as well as having its own comments feature. Cool for a free extension however. many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 4
The component is clearly a work in progress, but it functions perfectly well if you are prepared to put the effort in.

I have found a problem upgrading from v3.0.6 to 3.0.7 - there are no instructions on how to do this, and it appears the wrong download is listed at the website (it is the full component).

Support is not commercial, therefore it is understandable that the developer does not want individual emails. However, we are told to post in the forum - but it is (at time of writing) not possible to register for an account.

So a bit frustrating, despite the usefulness of the component. If I can get these issues resolved I will definitely look to continue using Simple Review.
Owner's reply


Sorry I posted the wrong upgrade link on the blog (the correct file was on the JoomlaCode homepage), I have corrected the blog post to point to the correct file. You can unzip it and follow the instructions. There are some nice new features, so I hope you can upgrade to 3.0.7 and then to 3.0.8 without issue.

The forum registration is a case of bad timing, I only disabled it yesterday and it will be back up within a week. I was experiencing a very, very large amount of spam. It takes a large amount of time to deal with spam and the new attacks made it impossible for me to keep up and work on the component. I hope you can understand this temporary measure.

Reviews: 4
I couldn't get the user-generated reviews function to work on my Joomla 1.6 website. I.e., it works pretty good if I write all the reviews, but the point was to let my website's visitors write reviews. Also the layout and style is ugly. It's dominated by large black graphics that say "URL not available." These are supposed to be pictures of the things you have reviews for, but if you review things that don't have pictures there's no easy way to switch off the app's demand for pictures. Maybe there's a way to go into the template and comment out a line of code but I gave up. One feature that works well is that users can comment on the reviews you write.
Owner's reply


If you are having any problems with getting user reviews working please follow this guide:

If that does not help then please visit the forum.

We are working on ways to make editing templates easier as well as providing more prettier templates. Removing the image is very easy and we would be happy to point anyone wishing to do so in the right direction.


Reviews: 1
This component is really helpful with getting user feedback on my reviews- its simplicity to the user makes it easier for them to participate in my reviews. Not too mention it is completely free!

The developer says he is currently developing the component so registered users can leave reviews from the frontend of the site, I can't wait.

This is one to keep an eye on!
Owner's reply


From the sounds of it you forgot to hit the rating button (please update your review's rating if this is the case).

User reviews do work in the current version - but it is in the early stages of development, so please try it out and provide any feedback in the forum.


Reviews: 1
Simple Review is not as simple as it claims to be.
Good idea but very poorly implemented at this stage (vs3.0.1).
Good the idea of the customizable fields but again... very badly implemented: e.g. you can add fields easely to the frontend but then you have to edit the templates and in order to get it to work properly a lot of manual tweaking is required.

Furthermore, i found it very unstable and quite buggy. Personally I believe this product is currently in a pre-alpha conceptual development stage, definitively not to be used in a production environment.
Owner's reply

I believe version 3.0.2 fixed some of the bugs you may have experienced as well at simplified some of the GUI. Myself and others use it on production sites without issues, so if you have any specific bugs/issues then please report them in the support forum so that they can be fixed.

The custom fields must be manually put into a template as the component does not know where you would like to place them in your review. This is comparable to having to specify your module positions in Joomla templates.
I would disagree that a lot of manual work to get them working, all you have to do is put {Review:Field:1} somewhere in your template or review.


Reviews: 5
Hard to make it work, it was not easy to set up and make it work
Owner's reply


If you have any problems or detailed feedback please post them in the forum and I will be more than happy to help.

Reviews: 2
This is one of few free extensions I found that have good support, that are constantly developed with defined goals, and working properly.

Though it still lack few things I find necessary (ability to write reviews for articles and CSV import - these features are planned for future versions), I have to give highest grade.

Just keep up the good work :)
Reviews: 1
A great extension that works as described. It's packed with features, and has a great support forum that will give you plenty of help, and a terrific developer who is always adding new things.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best free extensions I've come across and it appears to be well supported and improving with further development. Can't wait for future updates, keep up the great job.
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