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Simple Review is a free review component for Joomla 1.5-2.5. It can be used for reviewing books, music, dvds, etc.

Simple Review is independent of Joomla articles and categories. It is a specialized component designed specifically for writing reviews.

Simple Review contains many features including:
*Community Builder, Kunena, JomSocial integration and phpBB via JFusion (currently limited to comment avatars)
*Star ratings
*Tag reviews with keywords
*User comments and ratings. Support for comments using Disqus.
*A powerful template system
*Multiple categories
*User submitted reviews (beta)
*Top reviews
*hReview support
*Captcha using Security Images 5 or reCAPTCHA.
*and more...

16/09/2012: Version 4.0.02 Alpha release. Bug fixes and a new module.

08/07/2012: Version 4.0.01 Alpha release. PHP5 strict standards mode. Joomla ini language files.

28/01/2012: Version 3.0.13 release. Supports Joomla 2.5 and includes some minor bug fixes.

7/11/2011: Version 3.0.12 released. Removes the restriction of comments requiring a rating and comment text.

26/09/2011: Version 3.0.11 released. Removes the restriction of reviews requiring a rating.

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Reviews: 3
Hello, I would firstly like to say what an excellent Joomla extension this is, exactly what I was looking for - well done on the great work.

I just have one question if you would be kind enough to help me, the only thing I would like to change is the way the TOP REVIEWS are shown. My site works on a rating system of 1 being lowest and 10 being highest when reviewing games, and because there are so many reviews (hundreds) lots of them have a rating of 10, but it seems as though only the first ones which were rated 10 can be displayed in the TOP REVIEWS section, is there any way of randomizing lots of reviews that all rated their respective games with a 10?

Any help much appreciated, thank you
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.
If you post your request on I will be more than happy to assist you with this. Thanks.

Reviews: 3
The initial bare bones FREE review was hard to tailor but recent changes have improved this massively and I am looking forward to the upcoming front end interface. The key feature that has been fixed was the inability to use content plugins. Now the joomlaworks free extensions work fine, as do many others. Im just grappling with the possibilities now - didnt think this would shape up quite this quick :) Many thanks for yet another good quality FREE joomla extension.
Reviews: 1
If you could make the Template as to put a to make the appear review there it will be great. Instead on writing a review you see the template code. And every time you edit a template and save it on Template Manager you have to update too on the Review Manager? That is not logical. If you could fix this like idea I gave this will be better. Also forgot to tell add an image uploader for the folder of reviews. You add those things this would be better I'll use it beacuse is free! Free is better!
Owner's reply

I have just released version 2.2.0 which fixes this template issue.
Template are now file based (so if you update a template this will be reflected in your reviews).
An image uploader would be nice, but more important things need doing first :)

Reviews: 10
The only one's that can add reviews are admins. The only way to access the review system is from the admin back-end. When you add Simple Review to a menu you see nothing initially. I take it that the menu link is to list reviews.

The only way I can see around this is create a review. Try to link to that review (or category) manually. Use a component like JComments to let users submit their rating and comments about the review.

I haven't tested this out so not sure if that will work as I theorize.
Owner's reply

I have just released 2.2.0 and now any back-end user can add reviews - adding reviews from the front-end is almost done and will be released shortly.

You must first create and publish a review category and then the link to simple review will show that category (and any others). Once you create and publish reviews they will be listed under their category.

Reviews: 1
Didn't like this at all. Not a friendly interface and was not easy to set up at all. Once i did manage to get it working, it seemed that someone had to submit reviews from the admin part of the website. Seeming as it is illigal for staff to submit reviews on their own company without purchasing services/products this isn't very good bearing in mind that they are most likely going to be the only ones to have access to the administrator part of the website. I highly recommend making the interface on the administrator part of the website easier to understand and also making a user review part so that users can make reviews. As far as i saw neither of these existed hence the reason why i am moving to another ratings tool.
Owner's reply

Front-end submission is coming very shortly.

Reviews: 1
A nice component! Thank you! Very easy to use!
Reviews: 98
I had visited the Demo site of this component. It looks no different from the Joomla content (com_content) system. So, why bother to develop/use such a new component which even has a wrong design of language file system?

When I check the language files, I noticed that the author used php format for language files, NOT ini format, which should be respected as the J1.5 standard. This is the first fault.

The second fault is, there are two duplicate language files respectively in folder languages and Language_Module. I made a Chinese language translation and uploaded it to the languages folder, but it can't be detected. This component can ONLY detect the language file in Language_Module folder. So, why you created the languages folder?

The third fault is, even after I put my translation language file into Language_Module folder, it can't pick up my translation automatically. I had to choose the language manually at backend settings page of this component. You know, J1.5 has parameter to allow extensions pick up correct php format language files, why didn't you use it?

The fourth and the largest fault is, I can't find the advantage of this component. Imagine this: I create a new section in the Joomla com_content and title it as Reviews, then I can create Categories inside this section. Next, I can write reviews just like new article(content). And the visitors can rating and comment my article(review) via my commenting component. You know, there are many commenting component which can also offer the rating stars feature.

So, what is the advantage of installing a new component to write reviews?
Owner's reply

You are reviewing an alpha version i.e. very early build for Joomla 1.5. As you noticed the language is currently incomplete and in two parts which makes it far from ideal. In it's current state it is only there as a place holder while the component is being fully converted from Joomla 1.0 -> Joomla 1.5. The ini format will most likely not be used while compatibility is maintained with 1.0. Myself and others find the component useful, if you don't then that is fine.

Reviews: 1
Initially, I thought it looked ok in the back end. It appeared simple, it appeard well layed out. When I got to the front end it was not what I expected at all, which was ok. I was willing to work with it. Then I began making catagories and sub catagories. I didnt care for the lay out, it was to simple for me. Once I attempted to make a couple of reviews, I had some issues where I kept getting page errors and the page did not load propperly. I thought mabye a fluke the first three times... After trying to create my third review and experience the problem three times in a row, I gave up...
Thing I do not like, only the admin can create reviews. I suppose members could reply on a review you create, but its not what my member will want. Nice program, and it is simple.
Reviews: 2
I am using this component for my site with cosmetic products reviews and I never had big problem with it. I had little issue with UTF, but now its ok.

I like option to make my on template for display-ing reviews. This meen you have full control over layout. This component have own SEF system and works realy good. I am yust waiting now for 1.5 Native. :)

Thanks for this great and FREE component!
Reviews: 11
I have been using this component for a year now and I've never had any problems with it. Nor me, nor my users.

It can be fully customized, it is easy to install and configure and it works flawlessly!

It also can be used for a lot of things. I for one have been using it to review new metal albums on my webzine.

The only bugs you're going to find in this component will be the ones that you create yourself.

Cheers! .. and thanks for this marvelous piece of software!
Reviews: 2
Simple Review does exectly what it says, and it does it great. For Example I use it for TV-Ratings, which is absolutly amazing with this component, because the Template, and categorie-system is nearly perfect for this.

And there is also a great support, because the creator really helps you to customize the component. Definitely a component to watch...
Reviews: 2
I agree with rodvold - this is a developer to keep an eye on! Easy to install/configure, works very well for my Radio/Music/DVD site.

Works well with my template, my only wish is that it was 1.5 native instead of legacy.

Please upgrade this extension, because it makes me happy.
Reviews: 7
This component is really helpful with getting user feedback on my reviews- its simplicity to the user makes it easier for them to participate in my reviews. Not too mention it is completely free!

The developer says he is currently developing the component so registered users can leave reviews from the frontend of the site, I can't wait.

This is one to keep an eye on!
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