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Core Design Ajax Vote Plugin

Simple but eye-catching ratings system which allows users to your website to rate your articles.

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Reviews: 6
great, it works like one of the few. Unfortunaly if you put on system cache and progessive cache on an anoying javascript popup comes with the complete INDEX posted in it.
Reviews: 4
This extension REQUIRES the Core Design Scriptegrator Plugin, but there is no trace of this dependance in the description!

Also, this plugin IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD and in order to achive the most updated version ( which works flawless with joomla 2-5 ) one needs to pay for a full membership on the developer site.

If one download the free version of the plug-in ( actually 2.5.x.2.2.1 ) and istall it on a Joomla 2.5.3 than it WILL RESULT IN FRONTEND BROKEN WITH WHITE PAGE only displayed.
In few words, this is a fraudolent behaviour oriented to scam.

Also there is a clearly fraud in the statement reported on developer site(*), near the Script Generator Plugin version 2.5.x.2.2.2. It stated that public version is released few weeks later than paid one, but IT HAS BEEN RELEASED on March 22th, 2012 and yet THERE IS NO FREE AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD.
This means that the developer intend to force users to obtain a PAID MEMBERSHIP IN ORDER TO RESTORE THEIR SITE functionality. ( In some countries this is considered forced extorsion! )

This statement is to be considered fraudolent since there is no warning in the download section for free users about Script Generator Plugin "known" problems and incompatibility!
Owner's reply

Core Design Scriptegrator plugin and Ajax Vote plugin are both free extensions available to download for everyone. Each Core Design update is available for Membership users at first - then (a few weeks later or month and half... is our decision) for public. You don't need a membership to download these extensions but it helps to us to cover the costs for server and our free time.

Mention about Scriptegrator plugin is not included in description of this extension but is located on the official Ajax Vote page under "Important" notice. Also is mentioned in our tutorial related to Ajax Vote plugin.

Reviews: 5
Fairly easy to install. Does require an additional download to enable it to work.
I couldnt see how to remove the original voting section in the site but did eventually work it out (disable voting plugin in manager).
Looks great and with a minor tweak it now sits at the bottom of the articles.
Best voting plugin i have tried.
Thank you
Reviews: 3
Works great. Earlier reviews had me a little skittish but gave it a shot and it is excellent for my purpose. Was unable to locate install instructions but turns out it was pretty straightforward. Enabling functions within the plugin was not clear at first. I too have dark background and it looks great.
Reviews: 7
I checked out many rating plugins, some didnt work and some I didnt like. But this one has that red heart for me to go for. Remember to install scriptgator plugin and enable before you enable this plugin.
Also I think bigger voting images would be good. Thats what is missing. I am just going for single image than 5 hearts and a bigger one is needed
Reviews: 15
Just installed the plug in an hour ago. Everything seems to work great for me. I was reluctant to try it because of some of the negative reviews so I tried a couple of other plug ins 1st. They didn't work for me. All of them would not register my vote.
This works well so far and I like the little extra functionality where you can change the appearance to a few different rating skins.
Reviews: 3
From the first day of installation I had problems with this vote plugin.
But i persevered because I loved the 'heart' image option - suited my site well.
Support helped my fix initial issues but further down the line other issued developed and now my users can't vote at all.
Very Temperamental ... as has been shown by all the other reviews.
Reviews: 20
I don't know if it's the jquery pluin or my template... but when enabled, it pushes my content down to the bottom of where my sidebar ends. This is the only plugin that has done this, so I have to assume it's the culprit. It worked, but didn't save the vote.

On the high side, the stars look very good on my black background!
Reviews: 1
Well, turns out it was easy to configure the plugin, but after I've installed borth required components the rating systems just doesnt save ratings. I rate an article and when I hit refresh the ratings will resert and it will say 0 rates, but I cant rate it again because it states I have already rated..
Reviews: 1
All I wanted was a simple plugin that allowed people to rate the threads on my site and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It did require that I installed another plugin but once I got everything installed and activated this tool works great!
Reviews: 3
Fonctionne parfaitement, les icônes sont modulaires, et c'est un plus pour cette extension.
Reviews: 8
Got it working no probs, Only reason i didnt give it 5/5 is the default stars dont really look as nice on a dark background/theme.
Reviews: 97
I would like to rate this one 5 stars but I can't, because it simply doesn't work!

I installed this plugin on my Joomla! 1.5.6, and installed the Scriptegrator plugin. Surely I had enabled both plugin and select jQuery JS to yes in Scriptegrator plugin. But it just refuses to show up the stars!
Reviews: 6
The jquery script (inside scriptegrator) needed for this plugin is 120KB huge!
I don't know if it uses other scripts, but I don't like big scripts..
Otherwise this would be a very simple and nice plugin!
Reviews: 2
I also tried this plugin on multiple sites. It didn't work. I was sure to turn on all voting on articles as instructed in the tutorial, which I actually read, didn't help.

Joomla version 1.5.2
Scriptegrator 1.2.5
Ajax Vote 1.0.1
Reviews: 1
Thankyou for making such a simple, effective plugin!

I've been looking for something like this for a long time, last year I had a site running joomla but had problems getting similar plugins to work, this one works perfect and looks very effective!

I must admit, it took me a while to figure out why it wasnt displaying, whether that was just me being new to joomla 1.5 or being inexperienced at joomla in general i'm not sure, but after going into the settings for the Scriptegrator plugin and selecting "Yes" to load jQuery JS it worked fine.

Many thanks! :D
Reviews: 7
It seems like the people below were probably using an older version of the scriptegrator or the plugin itself. I installed Scriptegrator 1.2.2 and Ajax vote plugin 1.0.1 and it worked.

I did encounter a CSS issue causing the hearts for the rating to be misaligned and right after installation the folder permissions were not set correctly, so the vote went into an eternal loop. Tiny issues really as you can expect these with most components when implementing them in your website.

The plugin itself looks and feels really slick and makes a very good addition for any site.
Reviews: 2
Yes I used the "Core Design Scriptegrator plugin" (the first v I found in site) and nothing happens I hope next version will work I really need a rating system on my website and I don't want JCMS 1.0 to use it for many reasons
Reviews: 1
Hello, unfortunatelly tried this on several sites / templates and it doesn't work
Owner's reply

This plugin require Core Design Scriptegrator plugin installed too (version 1.2.1 and above). Thanks.