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Extra Vote Plugin

Extra Vote not only provides the ajax five-star rating feature to your Joomla content, but it allows you to insert those beautiful voting stars anywhere else inside of your article independently, so your users can rate specific parts of it, just by adding {extravote 1}, {extravote 2}, {extravote 3}, etc, in order to id every piece of content you want people to rate.

Version updates:

For Joomla 3.+ only:
• 2.5.8: {mainvote #} code in order to show the ratings of other articles by id.
• 2.5.7: Using com_ajax

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ only:
• 2.5.6: Three different star sizes.
• 2.5.4: Adding the aggregateRating property according to Google Structured Data.
• 2.5.3: Show/Hide current rating until they have voted.
• 2.5.2: Possibility to hide the stars in blog views.
• 2.5.1: Enabling half stars (or not).
• 2.5.0: New option to show the average rating.

• 1.3: Possibility to allow only registered users to vote.
• 1.2: New {mainvote} code to also show the main content rating inside of your article. Show/Hide counter option.

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Reviews: 18
The default voting display is ok but this plugin replaces that with a very neat voting system.

Thanks for sharing
Reviews: 3
I've used this plugin with my older site (J1.5) and now installed it on the newer site based on J3.2.

Jesus, the creator, is great - he helped me overcome some issues I had which were not related to his plugin, and everything worked brilliantly!

I'd highly recommend this for any Joomla site as a replacement for Joomla's standard voting system.

If Jesus would add support for Google's rich snippet, then it would become a *MUST* plugin as it will greatly help with SEO optimization.

Thanks Jesus for a wonderful plugin!!!
Reviews: 1
Extravote is a great extension but i request you to please add the funtionality to show extravote rating on joomla 3 featured page articles also, would love to see that, thanks in advance
Reviews: 1
I used this plugin on my old Joomla 1.5 site with some minor customization to support 10 stars when voting.
Now I switched to Joomla 3.0 and K2 and hoped it will work with that as well. It does not :(
I would love to see this working in K2, and would even pay for it...
Reviews: 2
I used this plugin to encourage the users of a site of scary tales to rate the texts. It was quit simple to install and configure. Worked as a charm. Thanks for this quite usefull plugin.
Reviews: 1
Nice little plugin! Simply enabled and its working perfectly. Overwhelmed
Reviews: 19
I'm using Joomla 3.2 and couldn't get the voting plugin that comes with joomla and then I saw this great little one and thought I would see how it goes. It works great and had no problem. Cool!
Reviews: 1
It works! After a bit of experimentation I found that you must enable Article Rating globally through Article Manager - it's not sufficient to enable it on an article by article basis as that still doesn't show up your stars.

Well done developers - looks great!
Reviews: 5
But you must enable user rating in article (joomla 2.5).
Unfortunaly, it also shows the rating from Joomla itself.

Nothing that a display:nonel in your css can solve
Owner's reply

Thank you :)

In order to hide joomla's default rating, go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager and disable Content - Vote

Reviews: 3
ExtraVote has been a fantastic extension, but as others have reported, it no longer works with 2.5.x, and the support forum is locked.
Reviews: 4
I have been using this plugin for years and it will not work with 2.5.9. To make matters worse, Vargas as LOCKED the support forum for this on their website. Even if you are logged in, you can no longer get support. It's very sad. I used to love this plugin.
Reviews: 2
Doesn't work!
this plugin doesn't work, and the autor doesn't answear anything about my question in his forum.
Reviews: 1
I have purchased several 'forms' programs looking for the best for my purposes.Hands down for ease of use, capabilities and speed, it has to be BlueFlame Forms. The others were confusing but I learned bfForms in no time. My site is now up and running.

Steve Ark
Reviews: 4
i starting using this extension but facing problem
i made setting that only registered user can vote
so i registered and vote, i succeed
but then i register again with new name and went for vote
it says u already voted. so your system allow only 1 registered user to vote on behalf of very other reigstered user?
Owner's reply


The "u already voted" message occurs when you attempt to vote from the same IP as the last recorded vote.

Thank you!

Reviews: 8
Good job with the plugin. It looks good and it works well.
The only thing that I don't like is that it creates a new voting system rather than just replacing the existing Joomla voting. I suggest to modify the plugin so that it will just replace the existing Joomla rating system and therefore keep the number of votes that were already created using standard Joomla voting plugin.
Reviews: 3
Hardly do I ever review a Joomla! extension, because many prove faulty under certain conditions. This one, though, is a brilliant choice and I am really happy that the developer has worked in such an excellent way. It has proved to be easy all the way - from download to installing, to setting up and using anywhere in my content.
Brilliant !
Reviews: 22
Great Plug-in.

Downloaded it, installed it in 2 minutes and now my site looks much better.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I like this plugin it help me to place voting anywhere.

When aligned to the right, however, appear some hidden numbers and the plugin is goind to crush. Given that it is a free version this bug can be swallowed.
Reviews: 2
Very simple to use and with a lot of options to configure it exactly how you want to show it.

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
simple and easy to put it wherever you want inside in articles..Nice..!!!
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