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Extra Vote Plugin

Extra Vote not only provides the ajax five-star rating feature to your Joomla content, but it allows you to insert those beautiful voting stars anywhere else inside of your article independently, so your users can rate specific parts of it, just by adding {extravote 1}, {extravote 2}, {extravote 3}, etc, in order to id every piece of content you want people to rate.

Version updates:

For Joomla 3.+ only:
• 2.5.8: {mainvote #} code in order to show the ratings of other articles by id.
• 2.5.7: Using com_ajax

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ only:
• 2.5.6: Three different star sizes.
• 2.5.4: Adding the aggregateRating property according to Google Structured Data.
• 2.5.3: Show/Hide current rating until they have voted.
• 2.5.2: Possibility to hide the stars in blog views.
• 2.5.1: Enabling half stars (or not).
• 2.5.0: New option to show the average rating.

• 1.3: Possibility to allow only registered users to vote.
• 1.2: New {mainvote} code to also show the main content rating inside of your article. Show/Hide counter option.

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Reviews: 2
I never was about to make an account for this website, but after downloading this system I did. I think Extravote is a good plug-in, for several reasons:

The application is pretty simple, installation is done in a couple of seconds. Because of the ‘few features’ it allows your website to be more unique. As a website developer you can ‘change’ the scripts to fit into your template.
You can change the language, so it’s not only for English sites (like somebody posted here). After downloading open the .RAR file. You’ll see three maps and three files. Click on the map called “language”. After clicking on the map, click on the next map: “en-GB”. Now you’ll see three files. Double click on the last file called: “en-GB.plg_content_extravote.ini”. (Open it in Word or Notepad or any other text editor).

The first three lines are a basic note from the developer. After the three lines you’ll see a white rule and then there is a list of different commands. The plug-in has different ‘command names’ linking to a ‘simple’ word. (This is for the users: they will only see the short/simple word).

The short word is always between “ “. This is the word that will be shown. You can change this word to whatever you want or translate it to your language. This will allow you, as an admin, to change the language of the plug-in. After updating the plug-in, refresh the page using the plug-in.
I must say that I only miss one small thing about this plug-in: it would be a real ‘thumbs up’ when the team made an extra option where there is the possibility that sub-votes has influence on the main-vote.

I’ll illustrate it:

The situation: you got a movie review and you want to give your visitors the chance to vote for it. You make subcategories like actors, music, movie mistakes, acting, … You allow your visitors to vote for all these subcategories. After they’ve voted it would be cool that the plug-in counts a ‘global’ vote for the movie.

Global vote (counted by the plug-in, visitors cannot vote here)
Actors: O O O X O (4 stars)
Acting: O O X O O (3 stars)
Music: O O O O X (5 stars)
Mistakes: O O O X O (4 stars)

After they have voted for the four subcategories the plug-in counts:
VOTE 1 = 4
VOTE 2 = 3
VOTE 3 = 5
VOTE 4 = 4
VOTE_COUNT = 4 (you’ve to vote for 4 things)
Result: VAR = 4

Now the plug-in has automatically counted the global ‘vote/number/stars’ for this movie.

Only an idea for a future update.
Good download, worth downloading.

- Sorry for my bad English, Belgium.
Reviews: 2
Great plugin!

Simple to install and configure. It doesn't offer lots of functionalities but does exactly what it promises to do. Great.
Reviews: 2
This plugin worked the first time I installed it. No worries, no hassles.

Excellent work!!!
Reviews: 9
Does not work installs fine shows up on 1.6 apart from you have to edit the standard vote files but you click to vote and nothing happens shame would of been a great plugin
Reviews: 1
it is very good. install, enable and forget it. excellent means excellent plugin.

by the way "is there any chance to integrate with RS Monials. I am using RS Monials for Local opinions.

Any how it is very good. Thanks a zillion for developer.
Reviews: 2
A very simple but very good plugins, a best one !!!
Reviews: 6
This plugin is very nice and I know why it's not working in Joomla 1.6.

For make it work you should activate your vote in Joomla (Content-Article Manager-Options and there you should activate Show Voting)

When you will activate this plugin you will see both of them (voting plugin of Joomla and Extra Vote).

The fast solution that I found during writing this review is to change names of .xml and .php files of Joomla plugin. So if it's Ok for you do it here: Plugins - System - Vote and I added "_" in the end of two files (vote.php and vote.xml).

Thank you very much for this plugin, it's really very nice :)
Reviews: 2
I've tried another plugin (scriptegrator) that was bigger and didn't work.
This one is perfect, exactly like other comp/mod/plg from vargas (I use Xmap too).
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Its a very useful voting plugin for joomla. But, I found one issue when use this. Have u ever tried to give rating two times continuously? If click on star two times, total vote decrease by one after giving the message "You have already voted".
Reviews: 1
Works good. Does what it says. However, I dont think i should tell my users to type [mainvote] after every article XD

Is there a button for usage in the editor screen on the frontpage?
Reviews: 4
Running Joomla 1.6.3, this extension didn’t work at all. The documentation is for Joomla 1.5. The support forum was locked in January 2010 so I can’t ask report the problem or ask for help setting it up.
Reviews: 3
I am sure that this could be one awesome extension, if it didn't fail to work. I have installed it and published it, but somehow it fails to display the actually voted stars. It only displays empty stars until one votes. then again, emptiness. I have tried looking into the forum, but the according section is locked. how unfortunate.
Reviews: 3
Excelent plugin. The only bad thing i found is that (at least in my 1.6) the old rating shows below the extravote and I cant hide it without hiding the Extravote. But veryveryy nice
Owner's reply

Thank you!

In order to hide the core rating system, go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager, find "Content - Rating" and disable it ;)

Reviews: 6
It looks very nice, is simple to use and works great!
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin. Simple and effective.

It does exactly what it should do.

On a different note, is there a way for it to be used with k2 items? I think that will really make this plugin excellent
Reviews: 2
this is exactly what i am looking for.
you can add rating on different parts of same article. fantastic feature.

thanks for this plugin :)
Reviews: 4
Very easy to use this plugin. Great plugin

My suggestion is add a new configuration option for each article category
Reviews: 5
Very nice appearance. And it works... only if you're not using Explorer, and if the user doesn't try to vote before logging in (and some other issues). The support forum is locked (last message sent in january 2010) so, after a few days using it in my site, I admit I'm going to change it. Sorry, it was apparently lovely.
Reviews: 4
Plugin does what it says. Very nice, very chic, nice appearance.

Go for it.
Reviews: 4
After having to uninstall another rating plugin due to it not being compatible with Mootools 1.2, I decided to give Extra Vote a try, it installed within seconds and worked perfectly straight away, what more can I say, it does what it says on the tin :) thanks
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