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Extra Vote Plugin

Extra Vote not only provides the ajax five-star rating feature to your Joomla content, but it allows you to insert those beautiful voting stars anywhere else inside of your article independently, so your users can rate specific parts of it, just by adding {extravote 1}, {extravote 2}, {extravote 3}, etc, in order to id every piece of content you want people to rate.

Version updates:

For Joomla 3.+ only:
• 2.5.8: {mainvote #} code in order to show the ratings of other articles by id.
• 2.5.7: Using com_ajax

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ only:
• 2.5.6: Three different star sizes.
• 2.5.4: Adding the aggregateRating property according to Google Structured Data.
• 2.5.3: Show/Hide current rating until they have voted.
• 2.5.2: Possibility to hide the stars in blog views.
• 2.5.1: Enabling half stars (or not).
• 2.5.0: New option to show the average rating.

• 1.3: Possibility to allow only registered users to vote.
• 1.2: New {mainvote} code to also show the main content rating inside of your article. Show/Hide counter option.

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Reviews: 3
Easy install, easy use, simple and elegant! Users can give their vote twice: [1] general, one-time vote or/and [2] unlimited number of votes within an article, on images or any piece of content.
Reviews: 2
Thank you!
Exelent extention for English sites only, but other languages you can hope better only. :-)))
Reviews: 3
It's very simple but very useful :)
Reviews: 24
This extension allows you to replace Joomla's own rating image and also to let users rate on as many categories as you want in the same article.

It really is simple to use and has useful configuration options like turning vote count on or off.

Very impressed.
Reviews: 36
this is a good plugin, easy and simple; it would be wonderful if it had more settings, for example time distance between votes
Reviews: 31
unlike the other plugin i tried out, i found this one didn't conflict with my other plugins (like simple image gallery).

it works excellently, and counts ratings without the need to refresh the page. looks nice, and displays a little thank you message when someone has voted.. cute!
Reviews: 2
Not always counts votes.. many user complain that votes does not render propperly. It gives them report, that they are not registered, that alredy voted (but not) .. where is the problem???
Reviews: 6
I had no trouble installing and activating this nifty little plugin on Joomla 1.5.13.

Works as it says it will work, and the AJAX voting display looks really nice!
Reviews: 1
This rating system has much promise, but the developer must be waiting on more donations before he answers simple problem questions.

The extra vote rater will not score votes for anything and the developer just goes along ignoring many peoples request to answer why.

He would get more donations if he just put the time in to give a breif answer, explanation or even an I dont know for an answer.

I am pretty experienced with this Joomla thing and this is the first time I have actually gotten frustrated with a developer?
Reviews: 11
the extension works like expected but I really have to point out that the developer is obviously very unfriendly and does not care a rotten nut about inputs or questions about his extension. on the forum there are unsolved questions asked sometimes from more than 6 people but the developer, even if online, does not answer them constantly. i did not participate on the forum because all the questions i had were already stated multitimes without an answer. the extension also opens doors, like the core rating does too, for voting abuse since only the last ip is stored and checked. unfortunately this question for improvement was asked from more than 8 persons but never get an answer. so if you don't like arrogant and ignorant support when you'r stranded, you might chose another extension.
Reviews: 2
This appears to work great and is up and running quite fast. At first, it did not appear to do anything, as mentioned in a comment before.

It turned out that 'comments' should be enabled of course in the content preferences before the plugin is shown!
Reviews: 3
Wonderful Plugin,

Work perfectly and rating by/per IP address.
I was trying to check with IE and Firefox but it's not taking.
It's real time rating plugin :-)
thanks for the good thing :)
Reviews: 9
Very nice voting plugin. Easy in function & nice in look. If you are looking for an article voting ext, you're in the right page.
Reviews: 1
All I can say about this plugin:
G R E A T!!!!

It's absolutely fantastic, it works well and everything is easy to setup. The plugin looks like the one from YouTube, but I like this one more!

If you are looking for a voting plugin, don't look any further! This one you need!
Reviews: 1
Works great, thank you very much and keep up the good work !

But can someone tell me how to put the Vote Counter on the right side of the stars ?
Having the Vote Counter below the stars takes a lot of space.
Reviews: 41

I run a charity site and we wanted a simple voting system where people invovled could rate various activities. This fitted the bill perfectly!

Thanks :)

Reviews: 3
You honestly can't get any simpler than this plugin.
Installation was simple(as it should be) and simply adding
{mainvote} to my selected articles all it took.

This is a MUST have!
Reviews: 5
i was surprised with this plugin. I never thought this kind of voting system would show-up here in extension site as i have never seen sub-rating (rating/s within articles) :)
thanks a lot buddy
Reviews: 3
This little extra is very simple, very practical and very useful. It does the job simply and well.

I'm impressed that a lot of these best codes (or scripts or whatever) are free, and I'm grateful to these folks who contribute products like this.
Reviews: 2
This is really an excellent plugin.Great Looks, Great Work, No bugs, Great Support. All these for free! Great.

I asked the author if he can help me add more functionality to the plugin. I wasn't expecting reply but to my surprise in 1 day I received plugin ready with the custom functionality.

Many thanks to author.
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