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RegReminder ComponentPlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Manage your registered users with customizable email reminders. This component will prompt users to complete their registration or encourage community members to return to your website.

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This tool removes the manual process of keeping you register user list clean (a very manual process currently). A simple and effective house cleaning solution.

RegReminder allows you to automate the sending of reminder emails.

If a user has not activated or not logged into your website this component will gives you the ability to send reminders and optionally delete these accounts if they do not respond within a period of time.

RegReminder is the an easy way to help manage your users in the following ways;
* Remind registered user who have not activated their account

* Remind users who have activated their account but never logged in

* Encourage users back to your site who have not logged in for a period of time

* Delete users do not complete the registration process even after reminders have been set (helps remove those accounts with invalid email addresses)

* Send reminders to users who have never activated their accounts
* Send reminders to users who have activated their accounts but never logged in
* Send reminders to users who have not logged into your site for a configurable period of time
* Automation / Scheduler - Can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly
* Customize your reminder emails (HTML or Plain text emails). This will allow you to personalize your reminder emails and use your persuasive powers to encourage users back to your website.
* List of Merge fields available for customising reminder emails (eg. Password reset link, opt-out link, activaltion link etc.) .
* Allows you to set the number of reminders emails to a single user before their account is removed
* Ability to delete users who have not activated their account or have never logged in
* BCC reminder emails
* Identifies which users have activated their account
* Identifies which users have active accounts but never logged in
* Limit the number of emails that are sent. Some hosting companies will only allow a set number of emails per hours. You can control the number of reminder emails to send
* Logs all reminders sent and when the automatic scheduler has been run.
* Language support
* CAN-SPAM compliant
* Manage Opt-out users and exclude user groups

Functionality will work with other components such as JomSocial and Community builder.

The change log for this component can be found here

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Reviews: 17
RegReminder is such a great app if you have a site that requires registrations. Many settings to turn on only the parts you want. It instinctively knows whether a user is just not activated or if they have been blocked intentionally for bad behavior. Thanks for building that in Dwayne! Dwayne gives top-notch service and responses.

Watch the settings you choose for how many emails go out a day. Not a fault of the app, but our culture; it's easy to get on a spam list even if you are responding to people that registered on your site. It's fairly easy to get off of them nowadays if that happens by checking with MXToolbox.
Reviews: 1
I've been using Regreminder for a while first as the free version and now the commercial version, I don't normally recommend extensions to people, but I do in this case it does exactly what it says it does, and does an excellent job of it.

The services are great, I reported a minor problem with the new release this morning and by mid-afternoon Dwayne had released a new version that fixed my problem.

As it stands you can't go wrong getting this extension.
Reviews: 2
I needed a tool like RegReminder and bought the standard edition. Installing is easy. In my case I had a minor problem but this was solved very quickly. A very fast respons and solution was delivered. This extension is really excellent!
Reviews: 51
Together with a lot of other tools, this handy tool helps in keeping users aware of the site, and helps out with users that forget to confirm their accounts and a lot of other stuff.
Something that is needed all the time for people caring about 'housekeeping'.
Reviews: 12
We purchased this component for our 1000+ Community Builder Joomla 1.5 site. It does exactly what it is supposed to, it sends out the reminders and "remembers" who it already sent reminders out to. Installation is very simple. Instructions are straight forward.
A small issue (not related to the component but to our site) was quickly fixed due to the speedy mail response of the developer.

So A++ for this component and the support,

Thank you, this is the way Joomla Extensions should be.
Reviews: 4
Simple, Easy and effective !

Two things can be improve :
.Scheduling hourly or all X minutes for big site
.Currently the scheduler will only automatically send reminders for "Incomplete Registrations" and "Users who have activated their account but never login" but not "User Reminder"
Reviews: 8
Easy install, works with a few configuration settings. Sent reminder emails in minutes after install! Qorth the $$. Thanks for the great extension.
Reviews: 2
I just don't understand how come Joomla! does not come packed with this. Anywho, inexpensive plugin that does the job right.
Reviews: 3
I have been using this extensions since November 2010 and I have not regretted any bit of it. It is an amazing tool for my social networking site. I really like the newest version which has automated reminders. I can now take a long vacation and let regreminder do my work. Not that I will ;)

More important is the developer support. Dwayne is very responsive to questions and feedback. *Not that this extension needs much because it is built well out of the box.
Reviews: 1
I tested this extension @ and found out a little inconvenience for CB 1.4. Then I contacted the developer, he replied very quickly and fixed that, now it is updated to Wow, just 2 days! I recommend this extension, the price is very reasonable, actually, very cheap!
Reviews: 3
This software is excellent. Spam registrations are getting more and more common and this component provides an excellent way to deal with the problem.

Also, the support is truly top quality.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
It's a great addition to any site. Very simple to configure and use. The price is VERY fair.

With automation it will be 5 stars for sure!
Owner's reply

Automation is now available in the latest versions (version numbers & or later). Thanks for your feedback

Reviews: 1
I love this component! I just bought the full version after using the free version for awhile and I love the changes and the latest version. It's easy to use and configure and does just what it says it does. I would recommend this component to anyone! I have no idea what their tech support is like because I haven't needed to use it, but have read other reviews and haven't seen any bad ones. It's also very inexpensive for the full version. Thanks for a great and easy to configure and use product!
Marie Alline
Reviews: 1
This extensions works as specified. I bought the standard version to try it on my social network website. You can customize all the basic and most important parts of sending reminders to your users. It requires one minor improvement that is the automation. However, I should say that this should not discourage you from trying RegReminder as this is already on its way.

The major plus point is SUPPORT. So far one of the best I came across since I started dealing with joomla extensions. I can tell you one thing for sure, with this EXCELLENT level of service you will never feel left alone or ripped off by some computer freak. These guys really take you serious.

I wish everyone could support you at this level or at least 50% of that.

Keep the GOOD WORK.

One last word, if I had to buy this product again, I'll do it with my eyes closed.

For references feel free to contact me.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component but it is lacking one thing and that is automation. Without automation it is kind of useless. I guess automation is in the works and once it does have automation I would consider this to be a great addon. My suggestion is don't buy this until the author adds this feature.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback and yes this functionality has been requested by many users. As of the 18th Feb 2011, the Automation functionality is in development along with some other changes. This release is expected to be available in March after the Joomla 1.6 release of the component has been made available. If you do purchase this product now then as per the licence agreement you are entitled to a free upgrade for any releases that occur within 90 days of your purchase, meaning it will be free to upgrade to the release containing the automation functionality.

Reviews: 1
Is working as is supposed, I sent reminders to my users and some of them activated account, I hope all will do. I sent some questions to developer and he answer me in few so no need to wait days for somebody to care about you.
Thanks for this extension, I am looking forward for new features.
Reviews: 1
This is a really good component for managing user reminders in your joomla website.

The installation was easy, quick done and the help-section in the component is very helpful!

Customizing emails no problem and really fast and friendly answer from the developer at a problem I had.

Only the german translation in the backend was not 100% correct, but, it can only be a 5 star rating!
Reviews: 3
This extension is very nice and works great.

I'm hope the automatic execution will be added soon.
Many thanks for this fabulous work !