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SW SetGroup ComponentPlugin

SW SetGroup helps to manage your registered user by scanning their e-mail address and push them to or remove them from special ACL groups. This is accomplished by regular expressions.

SW SetGroup is used for example in the student council of ETEC KIT. There, each student has an e-mail address ending in either or All e-mail addresses that match this pattern will automatically be added to the student group and get special permission on the site.

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Reviews: 2
Nice Extension, will it identify facebook login? if any person logging in through facebook and this component will auto assign under facebook group.
Owner's reply

If the Facebook log in plugin set the Facebook mail address as user mail address and you configure SW SetGroup with a regular expression which notice the Facebook mail address, yes.

Reviews: 4
So far so good. I just tested this on a demo site and it worked fine for what I am considering doing. I did not add ".com" to the end of the domain name though. I do like the idea of using regular expressions for advanced users. However, it might be nice for for less experienced users if they can just maintain a list of approved domain names or email addresses so that they don't need to know syntax for regular expressions.

We are launching a portal for specific customers and I was looking for a way I could allow them to register as many uses as they want but want to restrict registration specifically to clients.

It looks like, at first glance, this may do the trick.