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User - StaticEmail Plugin

Prevent one or more usergroups from changing their email addresses!

On request, I made this extension similar to my StaticPassword extension - it even works the same way.

Usage is simple - enable the plugin after selecting which usergroups will be prevented from email address changes (use CTRL or Mac Command key to select multiple). When saved, the users in those groups will not be presented with the email fields when editing their account details. Additionally, it prevents submission of email addresses (just in case you get someone who thinks they're smarter than that).

Update 1.1 - Resolved issues caused by changes in the framework. Recommended update!
Update 1.2 - fixed in_array test error. This error may have allowed clever users to change their email.

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Reviews: 2
Highly recommended for all sites using email address to authenticate users.

Great extension when combined with the developer's Authenticate - Email extension.

Would be perfect if the email field on the profile edit screen is read-only rather than completely hidden.
Reviews: 4
I needed this kind of controll to avoid students from changing their email after registrating. (don't want users still having access after they leave the university)

Works like a charm.