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Users Same Email Plugin

This plugin allows multiple users to register using the same email.

By default, Joomla user manager will not allow different users to register or change their email to an address alredy used by another user. Really, there is not real need to implement this policy, and under some situations, you might want the opposite to be enforced. For example, one same user holding differents accounts, different users from same household, for testing purposes, etc.

Install and activate this plugin, and your users will be able to provide any email they wish, regardless of any other user using it.

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Reviews: 1
Works in 3.x however I noticed that I still get the warning about duplicate emails if I edit the profile through the front end of the website.

So it appears to me to only work on the back end user interface.
Reviews: 4
Excellent .. the question is it working in joomla 3 or need to modify it before that or there gona be an upgrade for it?
Reviews: 1
This plugin is verry usefull when you have more clients for virtuemart and some of them wants to have the same email adress. You can modify they`r email adress from backend easy.

Reviews: 5
I run an elearning site and many people want to use the same email or enroll others with the same email - now I can - brilliant!
Works with any registration - core, jomsocial and CB
Reviews: 1
This exactly what I needed. I run a site where children log in to see assignments... and they all need to be registered with "mom's" email address. I almost despaired that it was possible, but this beauty is small and perfect. Just install, enable, and done! You can duplicate email addresses as much as you need to, without hacking the Joomla core.