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Angkor Component

Editor's Note
  • This component applies hacks to Core Joomla files, which are undone when uninstalled.
Older versions still available but still use core hacks.

Joomla sends out the following standard emails: [com_user] User registration activation, User registration no activation, Registration message to admin, Forgot username, Forgot password. [com_users] Mail to new user -- during back-end creation of new user. [com_contact] Contact message to site's contact, Message to sender, Copy of message to admin.

By default, these emails are sent out in plain text, using a standard text provided by joomla itself. Edit these standard emails with The Angkor Email Template Editor for Joomla and add logos, images, and generally format the emails in html.

We keep helping out until the installation and configuration has been completed entirely successfully. Our main service is peace of mind. Feel free to contact me first (, if you are not sure about things or if you would like to see concerns addressed.

Joomla 1.7 and 2.5: Angkor will format the messages according to the user's language.
Joomla 1.5: Angkor supports Joomfish. (not for 2.5, with Joomfish removed in 2.5)

1 FEB 2013.
Version 2.5.10
-- is now a solution without core hacks using pattern matching instead
-- Builtin CSS editor with syntax colouring
-- Embedded (as opposed to linked) images now possible
-- Ajax backend user interface
-- Backend user admin interface with top notch design
-- Pluggable now, with its own plugins.
Plugins available: Angkor Plugin for Ajax Register.

Ajax Register:
Version for Joomla 3.x now available too!

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Reviews: 1
Hi: We looked at several options and when we found Angkor extension we got exited. So we bought it and installed it. We set up the HTML and CSS, but nothing happened. So we contacted Erik Poupaert as explained in the extension support note. This is the answer we got:

I have no time for this. Sorry.
Your limitations are your own problem. Not mine.


The main problem is that the extension sent out a copy of the registration confirm e-mail to all our subscribers, who are now claiming we are violating their Privacy Wrights and are questioning the security of their information. I suggest you look for another extension to solve your Joomla e-mail template issues.
Owner's reply

You write: "I only have authorization to change the password during 60 minutes, so I would need to coordinate with you at the time you are ready to look a the problem... This is a big company. It´s not that easy to give full access to back-panel to non authorized personnel. If your don´t understand this, maybe its because your regular customers are small websites, not international corporations."

I pretty much like my small-website customers, thank you! And indeed, I have no time for the "authorized personnel" of your "big company" at your "international corporations".

Reviews: 2
I recently purchased this extension for my website and very impressed. It gives the ability to be able to edit registration emails to look just how you need.
It is easy and quick to set up.
Erik offers quick and relevant support.
Certainly worth purchasing.
Reviews: 1
It does what it tells and Erik offers a very good support.
Some features need to be improve but it works very well.
You can now do what you want with email notifications !
Reviews: 7
Love the extension - exactly what I needed for the work we do. I would say that the documentation needs to be improved, especially as it's a commercial extension - screen shots of what you can type is pretty lazy, lack of a forum to ask questions and find answers to problems, has been an issue for me. I found that the extension stopped sending out emails, probably when the Joomla update came through, so I had to reinstall, purge the cache etc... It would be very handy to have at least an FAQs on his website.

Nevertheless, it's a brilliant extension, which should be built into the core.
Owner's reply

You are right concerning the improvements on the documentation and making it easier to upgrade. We should be able to start working on that shortly, with results visible in the first quarter of 2013.

A forum is a bit more difficult to organize, though. There are few people actually asking questions through the existing contact facilities anyway. It is definitely not a flood. A rather empty forum may not be that useful either ...

We may run into the same problem for doing a FAQ. There seem to be relatively few questions, and definitely no "frequently" asked ones.

In order to move to an entirely site-advertisement -or free-of-charge download and not descend into abandonware hell, we would need at least a thousand times more users ...

Reviews: 2
It's a fantastic extension, and must be installed on every Joolma! powered websites, specially for right-to-left language ones(like all of mine).It lets you send beautiful emails to the users and also you can use your own logo on the top of emails very easily!
Many Thanks to Developers!
Reviews: 2
I am a new user to Joomla with very limited experience with coding. After googling to the process to change the templating for outbound emails I found it to be a very cumbersome process. This module was quick and easy to use allowing me to customize the emails that my clients recieve. Operating a photography business image is everything. The extension allows you to customize most of the automated emails that Joomla sends out with ease. The only drawback that is not mentioned in any of the details on the module page is that any images input using the included WYSIWYG editor must be based on an absolute link not a relative link. This is not a big deal but it would be very helpful if this was noted on the module page for future releases.

Thank you Sankuru for an awesome extension
Reviews: 1
This is a great tool I've been using for a while on 2 of my joomla sites. Great work, easy to install and manage.
Hope to get Jomsocial support soon as I've just added this component to my site and realized Angkor is not working anylonger.
Thanks anyway
Reviews: 2
Hi Serey,

After fixing the problem with the treath on the com_angkor, it works like a charm! Thank you in advance for this amazing tool, it is perfect for my requirements...joomla has to include this tool in it by default.

please keep going!

Kind Regards

Reviews: 1
Great component. I had it working in seconds and it is so easy to use. For me it is the perfect solution on my site as visitors who register are greeted by a warm welcoming message.

This sort of component should be part of Joomla as it renders core hacks unnecessary, and is very simple to use

Great work well done!!
Reviews: 1
Great plugin.. worked flawlessly and with joomfish too..

one thing thats not mentioned is that you are able to use extra fields in your emails such as {name} , {username} , {password} , {sitename} , {siteurl} , {activationurl} , {loginurl} , {email} etc...

when you select the type of email that you want to customise, the available fields are shown at the bottom of the page...

great stuff.. thanks.!
Reviews: 5
Great and at last extension like this.
It is simple but effective to make your interaction in the same way as I already does with the Acaajom newsletter!
Reviews: 8
Easy install, worked right away. Haven't tried sending the emails yet, but it looks so straightforward I have no fears. I was able to install it, check it out, write up basic instructions and turn it over to a new admin -- brand new to Joomla -- within about 10 minutes of finding it. Now THAT is COOL. Thanks for this!
Reviews: 1
I have been looking to mod the outgoing e-mails after registration and all I could find was core code hacks in the forums. this is never a good idea so I kept looking and I found Sankuru Email Editor and installed it with no issues and then found that it was not working as advertised. I contacted Erik and he and Yos checked in to it and found that the issue was not them but a Vtiger registration form extension that I had installed. So Yos updated a file that would work with the Vtiger extension. It works as I hoped it would!

As Advertised!

Good work Sankuru Team!
Reviews: 3
Great tool, but you should mention it requires FTP Layer to be active.
Reviews: 1
Very good component, I tested and I highly recommend it for those who want customized e-mails.

I had a problem with some characters in my language (French) because the email is not encoded in UTF-8. I contacted the author and the problem was resolved quickly.

In any case, I would like to thank you for this wonderful component, and I look forward to what you plan to add as new features in future versions.

@Erik: Very good work and good continuation for the future ;)