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Editor's Note
  • Includes visible advertising for developer. Free limited to 10 concurrent chats.
BlastChat is a live communication hosting service designed for website communities from the smallest personal websites to the huge megasites who desire to provide their members and visitors with a live online communication experience.

Four interfaces - Bar, Chat, Shout and Mobile.

Implemented as a Web 2.0 application and hosted on our servers, BlastChat delivers fast and reliable communication solution to your website without heavy load on your server, without worries about bandwidth and with no system level administration needs on your end.

You do not have to be a computer programmer or system administrator to implement professional chat. BlastChat installs in minutes, requires no coding on your part and your chat rooms can be up and running TODAY!

BlastChat is the perfect solution for general community chatting, online moderated interviews or teaching sessions, customer support or any other use you might need, whether you need to communicate with a single person or hundreds.

More about BlastChat features can be found at our homepage.

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Reviews: 1
Banners? Ad's? Storing config files on their server? No control over layout, can't remove useless stuff that I don't need, like a bunch of buttons. Russian translation is horrible, only 20% is translated at all. All links go to their main site, with help and everything. Basically a good chat for people who don;t care about their visitors. useless for me
Owner's reply

Banners/Ads - you can disable them with a simple click
Layout - that is correct, you do not have full control, but you can configure few things (we are working on "Custom menus"
Translation - there was option to do your Russian translation (we do not speak 100 languages to do it ourself). This option is not disabled as we are working on new way how translations are handled.
Yes, all links point to our server, so your server doe snot have to handle all that traffic, plus that is the whole purpose of chat hosting service.

Reviews: 1
This definitely deserves 5 stars, just look at the majority of reviews below. Extremely well put together and as of v2.2:

- simple installation and setup - even for 1st timers = register an account(from your Joomla! admin), click a few radio buttons, save -> done)
- can use custom css to suite your site's look and feel
- rock solid
- extremely quick and doesn't lag
- developer is extremely prompt and helpful
- the fact that its sitting on your own server, means you don't need to worry about your own server load, server configuration, security etc - you can start using it right away
Reviews: 1
For along time i've looking for good Joomla chat component. Finally i've one with BlastChat, very nice component.

But just curious, is it safe when the admin panel in my backend is framed directly to your server?
Owner's reply

Yes, that frame in your admin backend requires same login procedure as directly on website.

Reviews: 8
The product speaks for itself. It works and works very well. Aside from that, support is for "dummies like me" when it comes to this stuff! I am beyond green and a newbie at this and I discovered the username I was communicating with in the Forum was actually the developer himself! I had to exasperate him and after I could not do what he gave instruction-by-instruction to do, the man corrected the problem by making the corrections in the code and reposted a zip file.

It politely said it was for people having trouble editing files. It was for dummies like me, in this area. I'm rather bright otherwise.

Thanks for a great chatroom for my site. I hope you get tons of business/ads by it being there! I recommend it to anyone desiring a chatroom on their website. Your visitors will have a BLAST chatting!
Reviews: 1
This Chat is great and I think it is also very fast. Easy to install, configure and to manege. This is what we need.

Thanks + Regards
Reviews: 1
This was so easy to integrate and set up. Very manageable the admin backend is great and easy to work with, and the template support is phenominal. To top it off, the dev pops in and helps with problems and is very knowledgeable. Love it!
Reviews: 3
A great component/module.
And a so helpful developer! A great thanks to him.

Eagerly waiting for a fully compatible Joomla 1.5 release(works with 1.5 but not all features available even if the main one, to chat, is).
Reviews: 1
If you need chat on your site, you need blastchat. I've tried many different chat clients and this one stands alone. Thank you for this essential part of my site!
Reviews: 1
i enjoyed the speed of which you can chat away with people and fellow GM's , very easy to use ...Thnx Ash P
Reviews: 1
This is a very nice component, it have a very easy configuration and all you need is to register yourself in the site to have the server ready... also good forums help... i thisk this is a very nice and good component.
Thanks a Lot my friend!
Reviews: 2
As a newbie I have been stumbling my way through developing my first joomla based website - so far tested 4 chat programs and for me this is the only one that worked as advertised (and one of only 2 that worked at all for me!).

It has all the features I need - installation was a breeze it uploaded and installed first time.

Unlike some I didnt find the configuration terribly easy ..... but then as I said I AM a neewbie - and i did find it ! So thats probably a credit to the designer :)

Personally I regret the lack of documentation - its not really needed I guess as the program is easy. But it would have made a big difference to my confidence in installing and configuring.

Although there are no docs I had a couple of questions - posted them in the support forum and got an answer from the developer same day ! Fantastic support especially as this software is provided free to the user!!!!

In terms of cosmetics the interface is fairly basic which seems to be a common thing but it does contain all the basics one really needs.

I would have no hesitation reccomending blast chat - if there is a better free / reasonably priced joomla chat component out there then I didnt find it !
Reviews: 1
Very nice product.
Last build improved the performance drastically.

Reviews: 1
The mere fact that I have to enable the chat applet in a public menu withholds me from even trying. Running a closed club site I'm not able to comply. Pitty though seems like a real nice program.
Owner's reply

The mere fact that you can disable access for guests makes your closed club site still closed, even if access is public. If you would only read service description.

Reviews: 3
I downloaded this chat component but I quickly remove it as it does not run in your server but in theirs. You have to open an accound, etc...
I keep using phpopenchat... even if it is not integrated.
Owner's reply

You could have read description and save yourself installation time. Either way, not everybody has a powerful server to accommodate resource hungry chat application (be aware that not properly configured server can be easily crashed by chat application).

Reviews: 2
We are a very busy advocacy website for domainers and webmasters and Blast Chat has been terrific. As with anything else there are some little bugs, but the admin showed up and worked those out behind the scenes.

At any given time throughout the day we have 20-50 members in the chat room constantly.

Thank you for this wonderful addon component to Joomla.
Reviews: 3
I had a difficult time figuring this out at first. After reading the help forums at the blastchat site and here at Joomla! I stumbled my way through it.

It is working very well so far. Plus it is fast for my site. Excellent! Good work guys!

I appreciate the hard work and the bandwidth given for this purpose. I am proud to have a link back to the creator's site, but users say the banner is too loud and distracting. It is the first extension that I have found with such a banner.

Even so, it does not keep me from using this well put-together component and module.

Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
I just installed this component. It was simple, error free, and blends very well with my site. The configuration could be organized a bit better, but I can't complain--it has every option that I need.

It's files are organized fairly well so you can quickly locate areas of code that you'd like to hack if you so desire.

And it's all FREE! The component, modules, and registration with BlastChat. Fabulous!
Reviews: 15
It was one of the few chat programs that installed easily and seemed to work well. Unfortunately the use was for a child accessible site rather than for adults and without being able to limit rooms it had to be removed. The site also may have wanted in the future to earn some small income and this is what they classed as commercial. Good program though.
Owner's reply

You can disable guest access, you can disable private messages, what other limits are needed for your child accessible site?

Reviews: 1
This is perfect chat component for joomla.It is not using your system so no load problems on your server.It hasnt got some features but they will publish a new version of this component.
Reviews: 1
I tried this, very easy to set up in joomla and configure. The developer is very helpful as well. Great chat tool.
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