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  • Includes visible advertising for developer. Free limited to 10 concurrent chats.
BlastChat is a live communication hosting service designed for website communities from the smallest personal websites to the huge megasites who desire to provide their members and visitors with a live online communication experience.

Four interfaces - Bar, Chat, Shout and Mobile.

Implemented as a Web 2.0 application and hosted on our servers, BlastChat delivers fast and reliable communication solution to your website without heavy load on your server, without worries about bandwidth and with no system level administration needs on your end.

You do not have to be a computer programmer or system administrator to implement professional chat. BlastChat installs in minutes, requires no coding on your part and your chat rooms can be up and running TODAY!

BlastChat is the perfect solution for general community chatting, online moderated interviews or teaching sessions, customer support or any other use you might need, whether you need to communicate with a single person or hundreds.

More about BlastChat features can be found at our homepage.

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Reviews: 1
Very nice and easy install component... And know available with turkish Language Pack... Wauuuuw ;) King Regards...
Reviews: 1
I installed BlastChat yesterday and have pretty much come to terms with how to use it. It is a very simple programme to install and configure, I didn't encounter any problems at all. All I can say is I absolutely loved this programme. It does exactly what I want it today and I have already had visitors joining for a chat. If you want to chat room then this is the one to go for. I even had a member of the support team come to my chat room and offer help which really did make a difference to the luck of my chat room.. check this extension out, I think you will really like it
Reviews: 3
I use this on a joomla-site for a motorcycle-club with approx 30 members and some guests.
The average user on our site is a novice concerning use of chat, but no-one has complaint about anything yet, and several has applauded for its easy-to-use interface. Not fancy at all, and that is its strength.
After we had runned this for a month or so, the developer of blastchat jumped into our chat and asked if we were satisfied and he helped me to find a few faults I had made in the translation, and he did this in the most polite manner. Thats what I call service!

Absolutely recomended to small-medium sites.
Hasslefree installation, no downtime.
Reviews: 7
This is a very nice component, it have a very easy configuration and all you need is to register yourself in the site to have the server ready... also good forums help... i thisk this is a very nice and good component.
Thanks a Lot my friend!
Reviews: 1
It works very well as a basic chat. Here are some of my issues though.
Chat is persistant. Meaning that everything said seems to hang around for a long time so when folks log in, they can read everything that was said prior to them entering the room. I could not see a way to clear the chat.
Must click on the send button to send a message. Small issue but still annoying.
The rotating banner on the home page. I dont want a banner there. No way I can see to get rid of it.
Was goofing around and tried to log in as Steve but then found out that, "steve - this global username is already in use" So I guess my users better have a unique name then.
Owner's reply

Chat is not persistant, you can set room configuration to not display old messages to chatters who enter room.

Absolutely no need to click on "send" button to submit messages, simply hit enter.

There will be option for customers to disable banners (it is working progress under testing)

Your site member's usernames are UNIQUE (only guests are checked against global usernames).

Reviews: 1
If you need a simple quick fix, this thing works okay. In a review earlier they said it doesn't work with logins, but for me it worked very well with community builder.

Some features I'd like to see:

-Option to hide global chatters.
-Customizable log options (whether or not to keep one)
-Even minimal ability to visually customize the chat window.
-Option to disallow unregistered guests.

This thing is free, functional, and they have better support for their product than other extentions (like Community Builder). At this point, though, it's not customizable or even a little professional looking. It's probably only useful for personal sites.

And lastly, they ask for a link from your site to theirs. Don't forget to put yours up! It's a simple thing to ask for a good product.
Owner's reply

You can disable global features completely.

No log so far, as it takes a lot of space (you can make show room's last 25 messages to incoming chatters tho)

You can use your own CSS to customize look.

You can disable guest access from very beginning of BlastChat release.

We do not ask for a link to our site, but for public link to component on your site (as you can still disable guest access to your rooms and/or disable global features as well)

Reviews: 1
I've tried this, and it simply has all that I need. It's perfect!!! Easy install, easy config, everybody at my site who uses it, says it's great too!!!
Reviews: 1
Great addon, and personally, the installation was a snap. Works as it is intended to work, and that's more than I can say for a lot of other Chat components before I tried this one!
Reviews: 1
The version one of this project was very useful. The new version has a major setback. The new version includes a global link to other rooms hosted by Blastchat with no way to turn this link off. While this may be a great feature for some sites, those needing a private chatroom don't have a way to disable this feature. Major bummer.
Owner's reply

You can disable global features completely and you can disable access for guests as well.

One can not compare IRC based chat with AJAX based (read more about how AJAX works to understand why there is "delay"), lag can be caused by user having slow internet connection as well.

Reviews: 1
This was so easy to install... not being versed in php I was a bit intimidated but it was a snap. It runs very smoothly and integrated into my site without any problems. Also have to say, I asked a question in their help forum and was answered within hours. This is an all-around excellent addition for Joomla that will really add to your site. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Component providing 'chat' functionality for your web server. I like this quite a lot, it does lag a bit, its a shame that a games version is not created for UDP servers.

As this would then be used by many gaming communities, but hey its just input to an already excellent product.
Owner's reply

One can not compare IRC based chat with AJAX based (read more about how AJAX works to understand why there is "delay"), lag can be caused by user having slow internet connection as well.

Not sure what games version for UDP servers should work like.

Reviews: 2
This is an OK extension. Refresh is set to 10 seconds, which is annoying when chatting witha large number of people.
Owner's reply

10 seconds refresh is a very reasonable time, we will be experimenting to see if 6-8 sec refresh will be more suitable or not.

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