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FreiChat Module

FreiChat is a FREE web-based chat program for your website similar to the one provided by Facebook and Google Chat.
FreiChat automatically integrates with your site's login, friends list, avatars, links as well as status updates.

But FreiChat has much more, with its unique UX and features, your visitors will be encouraged to socialize and interact, which will make them stay on your website for a long time and will also help bring in new visitors.
You too can Interact with your visitors to drive up sales or give them quick tips.

Easy installation
Avatar support
send/receive files
save/send conversation
facebook like chatbar
Minimize and close chat boxes
Able to chat even while you browse different pages.
Option for username or nickname
smiley support(BBcode similar to kunena)
url to clickable url support
support for wordwrap

Also Integrates with JomSocial,CB,CBE or Custom.

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Reviews: 1
For me component of a month at least, with fast support on Evnix forum. Thx again for help.
Reviews: 1
I'm running php 5.3.3 and get a few errors in the error log from the component.

First off is the deprecated ereg and eregi foreach statements. I changed these to preg ('/)/' to solve that minor error.

The next is giving me invalid argument for foreach line 186 and 266, foreach($result as $res) and foreach($rows as $row). I'm not exactly clear as to what is going on there.
Owner's reply

Hello sfraise,

Thankyou for downloading freichat

Firstly please post your problems in freichat forums.

The deprecated error has been solved in the latest version.

And the second error can be caused only if you do not have any friends/connecions in your account or if you have disabled connections in CB

Reviews: 2
Great component.
I'd like to see group chatting or something like "chat rooms" in future releases.
Reviews: 1
I installed Freichat to work on my Joomla 1.5 site installed with Community Builder and the GCalendar extension. Unfortunately my previously perfect working GCalendar ceased to function correctly when FreiChat was activated. I checked in the FreiChat forums and this issue has been presented before but the developers pushed it off as a GCalendar issue. It seems like great software but as of right now, unusable for me.
Owner's reply

Hello berv,

The GCalendar was not working because Gcalendar uses the same library(jquery) as freichat does ; causing conflicts.

But this error is now solved in the latest version.

Many thanks for your review.

Reviews: 2
You should call it FreeChat! Thank you for writing this extention. Other non-commercial chat extentions claim to be free are not.

Loads and works perfectly. Simple and easy to use.

Could use some documentation and additional features, but is functional as is.
Owner's reply

Thankyou for your review msmithm,

In the new version that will be released there will be documentation as well as many new features will be added

Reviews: 1
I just downloaded this extension and had in installed in 2 seconds - it works out of the box - looks great - and you can still work on it :-) thank you for this extension !
Reviews: 1
It is great module and component but has some flaws and a bug.
The bug I noticed was that when I minimize a chat and then move to another page, the chat is once again not minimized. Secondly, the "Powered by EvNix" looks out of place and unprofessional for a website to have it. Finally the transitions between removing a chat and opening a chat look slightly out of place and not necessary.

Apart from the flaws though, it is still a good component.
Owner's reply

Dear marcusrc,

The problem about minimize that you are talking is not actually a bug but a feature not still added.As the module is newly made it will take a little time to add all the features.

And about "Powered by Evnix", You are free to remove it and if you want any help doing that you can always ask in the forums.

Reviews: 3
This component its excellent. I can communicate with my user when they are online. The developed of this its working hard to fix any bug. The support its excellent and developed of this extension its doing it for free. Good work
Owner's reply

It was hard to understand what you meant!
you have used "its" instead of "is"
and "developed" instead of developer

so the message should be,
This component is excellent. I can communicate with my user when they are online. The developer of this is working hard to fix any bug. The support is excellent and developer of this extension is doing it for free. Good work

Reviews: 1
This is a great extension ... has one or two flaws but since its the authors first, we are bound to get better from him.

Excellent work.

I recommend this for anyone who wants a chat option on their website
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review

If you notice any flaws please mention them at the forum or comments

I will try to solve them as fast as possible

you can also suggest the features that you would like!

Only through your comments and suggestions can i improve my extension

Its only been 2 weeks since it has been released and i am really satisfied by the response

Reviews: 7
i've been waiting so long for something like this for free!! great module, and great support! :) thank you guy keep on!
Reviews: 101
I been wanting something like this for a while. It seems to work fine, although it had a few flaws for me. First off, for some reason it was transparent. Second when ever I would go to another page, my conversation would go away, which this is not a big deal, but in gmail you are able to check your mail while chatting with someone. If these two things were fixed, this would be a community builder must have! Well done on the work that has been put into it.

Cheers Josh Lewis.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!
flaws! because this is my first extension.
i will work on (my conversation would go away) flaw
but i'll need help with transparency issues since i don't have Internet Explorer(i am using ubuntu)
but it works fine on all other browsers
i have tested it on chrome,firefox,midori & opera

do vote/review for this extension!

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