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Chatix Chat Module

Chatix is the new instant messaging for Joomla!

Very simple, it allows you to chat with your friends like the Facebook Chat !

Compatible with :

- Joomla Users
- Community Builder
- Jomsocial

Features :

- Talk with friends only or discuss with all connected users, including your friends
- Very simple style sheet to change
- Your avatar can be displayed in the chat
- Displaying the date and time of message
- Tabbed browsing (to move discussions discussions)

Languages :

- English
- French

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Reviews: 2
Bought this module together with 2 other and never got this to work, and gave up trying to contact the support because it is so poor.

Very bad support if they respond they do it 7 to 14 days after you have written to them.

No support forum for user. No form to report an error, just an ordinary contact form.

So if you can find a similar product elsewhere, then buy it there.
Reviews: 6
The most serious lack is the really poor performance. If more than 10 members visit the page, the system ist very slow. Normaly more than 500 visitor or more than 200 members are no problem.

But there are even other problems. You must use a module position to make this tool work. At this module position are shown usernames, avatars ... This ist to big and needs a lot of place. For a site with more than 10 members online this is a problem, because the list gets to long.

Avatars appear, where they are not needed, sometimes in the middle of the page. Often you will bei redirectet to index-page, while typing a message. This is a big problem.

All together this tool is not recommendable in my opinion. I now use JomfbChat +Plus Professional. This works well for my needs.

Unfortunately there is no refunding.
Owner's reply


Have you contacted our technical support or by our contact form ? Your problem is strange. We would like to see your problem and help you to solve it :).

Best regards,

Reviews: 1
This one is running heavy on the server but I have been in contact with them and new version is under development with a few new features.

Simple, easy to use - good job.

The next one will probably score excellent with me but for now - it is a goody with promises :)
Reviews: 14
Just installed and work fine! Only one required to programmers for be perfect: It's possible add "audio bip" as Facebook? Thanks!
Owner's reply


Audio bip like Facebook will come in the next version :).

Best regards

Reviews: 9
Thank you!
Simple, great, and works, not as the many others I have tried.

I really recommend!

Reviews: 1
It was easy to install this module with just simple clicks. Highly recommended for any joomla site.

Thank you
Reviews: 4
I have looking for simple chat module... this is the best of the best... !!!! easy install.. work like charm... and cheap...