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X5 Fast chat Plugin

Add chat to your site! X5 Fast chat is an easy to use and flexible Joomla chat plugin. X5 Fast chat looks similar to Facebook's chat feature. It helps you build a great sense of community around your site by letting your users chat with each other in real-time.

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Reviews: 7
There support is very quick and so far have help to the very best of there abilities regarding some advise we had asked for. made a cup of te and on my return was an answer with solution ready prepared.

This sort of customer care is worthy of the price they ask for the extension.

Very happy so far

Reviews: 7
I wanted to offer a chat window for my current joomla project and a friend told me that he had just purchased X5soft FastChat. I checked out his site and I liked what I saw. It was inobtrusive, stayed out of the users way (big issue for me with lots of chat solutions) and worked well.

I purchased the product and ran into a glitch with the download. Even though it was a weekend, the developer got back to me and I was able to download it. I installed on my Joomla site and nothing appeared. I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I asked for support and the developer got back to me and asked for the web address and an account to use for testing. He then sent me an email with a simple change that had to be made in his code. the problem was the dark black header in my joomla template. I went it and made the easy change and suddenly Fast Chat appeared where it was supposed to be and was working.

The Fast Chat extension is a bit pricey but it is a well thought out and usefull product. Too many chat extensions use up user space and really don't look all the good. Fast Chat appears in the upper right hand corner of the template and brings up the chat window in empty space.

Fast Chat is worth the price and the support is first rate. If you've read any of my other reviews you'll know that support is equally as important as the extension itself because without it the extension could be worthless if you need help and don't get it.

This is a great Joomlal extension, done well, and will excellent support.