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123 Flash Chat ComponentModule

123 Flash Chat is a leading chat solution for dating and social communication websites, which can be seamlessly integrated with all kinds of website structures as Joomla.

It is compatible with Joomla V2.x and V3.x.

By adding 123 Flash Chat to your Joomla site with this module, your site users will be fully integrated to the chat software thus single sign on will be realized; Users' avatars, profile can be immigrated to the chat database at the same time. By making the chat button invisible to some level of the memberships you can fulfill the access integration to your Joomla site.

The following data of the chat room can be displayed on the Joomla index page to attract more users to join chatting.
Total rooms, total connections, online users
Chat room list
Online user list

(The 3 types of data can be individually disabled to display as you prefer.)

123 Flash Chat Software Features

123 Flash Chat supports multiple languages and has various chat clients, flash client, HTML5 client, HTML/Ajex client, avatar chat, pocket PC client, lite chat ,iPhone client, iPad client, etc; It has a powerful administration with different levels of chat admins and moderators that can manage the chat easily and efficiently

-- Flexible video dock with both built-in dock and popup mode available

--Video mode can be set as per each room as general mode, conference mode or push to talk mode

--Customizable logo, avatars and skin

--Right-to-Left text chat is available

--Free flash games and easy to send sound messages, youtube video clips in the chat

--Mobile application with wonderful performance on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

--Seamlessly compatible with all kinds of website CMS to realize single sign-on

--Easy to get started , free support for installation and integration

--Social connections that will allow Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN and Google users to login the chat directly with their social accounts

--Various types of rooms, video room, PPM room, members only room, password-protected room, etc

--Unique avatars for users who can upload their own images or snapshot images as the avatars

--Recorded chat history for both public and private chat

--HTML 5 client with tremendous user performance like HD video quality, customizable user membership, and camshow chat ,etc.

-- Admin can clear screen for all users by one simple click.

-- IP range ban, a range of IPs can be banned at the same time

-- Silence mute, admins can mute someone without a notice

-- Handraising, users may click a button to apply for a position in the list to pubish video and audio

-- Delightful UI, 16 sets of skins and 60 smileys available

-- User-friendly, and you can customize features to make your chat unique

-- A new set of bunny emoticons are introduced into the chat, vivid and cute!

-- Joomla Chat Module for 123 Flash Chat is compatible with the latest Joomla 3.3!

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Reviews: 1
This chat system is great.
1- joomla is not only easy ve fast applicable to the all entire system. :)

2- elegant and usable themes

3- 7/24 live help support

4- full control panel for members

5- private and public message views

6- fast and practical

7- And... happy members
Reviews: 1
123FlashChat their products stably used and the people who work there are very helpful. Management pops up when you need them
Reviews: 1
Flexible Layout/Customize size/Change skin/Change interface language/Social connect features/video chat/Professional support staff

Only 20$ month
nothing can be better that this
I've been using this software for many years , my users are happy andlove this chat
easy to use and powerfull admin panel
Reviews: 1
Excellent software. Excellent Support. No better chatting script exist. thank you.
Reviews: 1
I am very satisfied and will use 123 Flash Chat

Thank You For Module !!

best regars
Reviews: 1

I think that after searching and trying many other softwares, using 123flashchat for 4 years now it's the best solution you can get.
The prices compared with the realiability, what it offers and continues updates (free updates) are more than great.
Since 2010 i bought 3 licences of this chat for others and all of them are very happy with the software.


- price
- security
- realiability
- support
- features
- simplicity to use and install


- Now the standard edition offers 4 more modules (included in price) and my standar edition doesn't have them, i have to buy them separattly which it's not quite fare.

Althought since ever I am using the 123flash is the best and the easiest the faster and the greatest one.

Raul Lazar
Reviews: 1
Since ever I am using chatroom online, the 123flash is the best and the easiest the faster and the more wonderfull one, no virus,you can actually make video conference with an excellent audio calls, send pictures to your friends,add friends, send gift ,chat through you phone, as an admn. you can change the skin you want they offers multi colors skin that other do not offer you , u can enjoy your changement every day, also u are able to create different room for different affairs, I Love 123flash, I know and i see why and where I spend my money for, the enjoyable thing is , the costumer service is really good ,their help you anytime you have probleme, I love 123 flash , my money always safe in what i paid. congratulations!!! guys keep on like that. love from Stan.
Reviews: 1
I installed the 123flashchat extension on several sites of mine and it was always very easy and fast to install it.
Even the first tome ! You don't have to read thousands of manual pages.
I recommend it when you want to implement a chat to your joomla site. It gives your site a great value towards the other sites on your business.
Reviews: 1
i just starte to use it but and 123 flash it one of more usefull social tool today my user are happy and i love the support and quikness from support well recomended
Reviews: 1
We are using 123flashchat since 2010 and they are really good.

The best thing about this software is the frequent updates they release with great new features and all free if you are within your service period.
I am waiting their new version 10 which will be great as i saw from pre release screenshots

support is good and your ticket will be responded within hours from submitting.

prices compared to reliability are great you can start a chat room as low as 20$ per month.

I would give this software 10 out of 10 and recommend it to any one who would like to add a chat room to his website
Reviews: 1
I'm using 123Flashchat from last three years. I've started with a 100 users standard license and now I own an unlimited connection ultimate script.Initially I searched for many chat scripts but none of them worked for me. But then i found 123flashchat and I'm with them since then. I'll give then 5 starts for their excellent script and helpful support.
Reviews: 1
We're currently using 123FlashChat over three years now and have since added it to a second site in January.
There have been many improvements and changes made over this time and they're really listening to their customers on what could be added to make it even better!

I believe that 123FlashChat could be the future and we'll probably see less and less of chats running on IRC, DigiChat and stuff like that.

There are many ways in which you can customize this software to meet your very own needs.

Overall, I would recommend 123FlashChat.. the alternatives don't even come close to what 123FlashChat offers.

We're using HTML5 now and it's working out great.

To the user 'rightfoot', your comment is so recent I just can't believe what you're saying. Our support tickets are responded to on the same day (except at weekends). I feel you have a chip on your shoulder. :(
Reviews: 1

This software is awesome we are using their software since 2010 and they are really good.

support is good and your ticket will be responded within hours from submitting.

prices compared to reliability are great you can start a chat room as low as 20$ per month.

What is really great about this software is the frequent updates they release with great new stuff and new features.
I am waiting their new version 10 which will be great as i saw from pre release screenshots

I recommend this software to every one who would like to add a powerful chat room to his website.
Reviews: 1
I am glad to review this extension and to put some of my opinions about it.

- Easy to install in a Joomla site,
- Perfect integrations with users and passwords,
- Fast connection to the database.

- When logging in the site as admin or super admin, it doesn't show admin icon in the
Reviews: 3
To give a full review, I would have to write several pages.

Suffice it to say that we spent $1300.00 dollars on this software only to end up being ripped off in every way possible.

Tickets not only go unanswered very often but severity of ticket doesn't matter. They do not care if you are down for hours or for a week, they will keep you hanging.

When it comes to their forums, you'll notice they continuously delete everything. They do this because not only are the forums filled with spam because no one maintains them but because there are so many complaints.

They never give you information which is useful for you to learn about the software because they want to charge you $200.00 to make very single changes. How simple? Changing 'true' to 'false' in one configuration file costs you $200.00 and they tell you it's because it's a very technical change.

Their software appears to be written by someone else for them because they don't seem to know it very well.

Especially frustrating was when they completely deleted my red5 installation along with all of it's live running applications in order to install their software. Not once, not twice but multiple times.

Stay AWAY from this company if you have any sense or you'll end up with nothing.

BTW, once your support is up, they don't even respond to email, at all. I've been asking simply for information on how I can sell my software and for months now, they don't even reply.