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Smart Shoutbox ComponentModule

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Full-featured Joomla chat component and module, which can be used as standalone shoutbox or IP.Shoutbox mirror. Definitely the best Joomla chat extension for now, not doubts.


• Choose chat type: Joomla (default) or IP.Board Shoutbox.
• A lot of customization options like shout or member name length, show or hide avatars, etc.
• Supported avatar providers: Joomla Contacts, JomSocial, CommunityBuilder, Kunena, Gravatar, EasySocial, K2, AlphaUserPoints (more can be added by your request).
• Automatically or manually refresh chat window, flood control and extra permission checks to avoid spamming.
• Customizable text parser with URL shortener.
• Replace images with neat thumbnails and lightbox.
• Replace videos with links and lightbox or with embedded player (supported providers: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe).
• Ban or unban members from chat (do not affect the rest of your site).
• Chat template can be easily styled with CSS (any element can be hidden, resized or colored) and language file (any text can be changed).
• Shouts Journal to manage shouts, Smileys Manager to manage smileys and Banned Journal to manage banned members.
• Shouts archive page on front-end with search by date, author name or shout text.
• Automatically delete shouts older, than X days.


Smart Shoutbox is the only extension, which not just works as a standalone Joomla chat, but also supports IP.Board Shoutbox. IP.Board is the best and most popular forum engine. A lot of sites with Joomla use it for the needs of their community and many of them have IP.Board Shoutbox installed as well. Choose which suits you best.


You don't need to go to administration panel each time you want to delete or edit shout or ban a pesky member. Everything can be done at front-end!


Smart Shoutbox has a pretty generic yet modern layout out of the box. It will fit most of today's templates, but if you don't like it or some of its parts, there's a CSS class for each and every element out there!


• ADDED: New Major feature — Shouts Archive on front-end with search and filtering options.
• ADDED: New option in settings to choose between username or name for registered users.
• ADDED: Registered users can now change their name right in shoutbox window.
• ADDED: Shoutbox stats on global page and archive.
• ADDED: You can now set a title for each smiley as a brief description of it.
• FIXED: Shouts formatting not properly displayed in Journal.
• FIXED: Several small bugs, when editing shout on front-end.
• FIXED: Truncated names added in shout... well, truncated. Now they are not!
• Better search on back-end, which allows to search by exact phrase.
• Greatly improved links and images parser.
• And some more...

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Reviews: 1
I recently purchased this extension, I quickly encountered some problems, and just as quickly the discussion with the developer became very tense.
As I may have some responsibility in these communications difficulties I'll try to describe my experience in abstaining from any judgment on the quality of support and any mention of the problems I have not had time to evoke with him ...

First, a big positive: this extension is "out of the box" the most aesthetic of the market. But with - in my point of view - few serious limits:

1° It uses the "name" and not the "username" to identify users. The developer told me by email that this opportunity would come soon. But on his forum he announced it is impossible by design, it has no interest and it is not planned. For me it's a big big sticking point - undetectable with the demo site.

2° The module is completely useless placed in a sidebar. You end up with 3 or 4 characters per line, the input field is almost invisible ...

3° You can not configure the module and the component differently: If a button is removed in the component in the hope of having a little more space, he's also lost in the full screen display.

So here is an extension that I bought and I will not use. Few dollars lost (there is no refund) ... and a little frustration : with a test period I could easily understand that this program is not useful to me.

Now the problem I've dealt with the support, and that was the cause of our mutual irritation : when I activate the module I lose my SSL compliance : I have the exclamation mark that appears on all pages instead of the padlock (my site is ful SSL). It is perfectly reproducible: publication = exclamation mark, unpublication = padlock. The developer tells me:
- It can not be because of its extension;
- It's not really an error, I can ignore it.
But I spend a lot of time to convince my users the security of my site, it's an answer that I did not want to pass on!

Conclusion: average... Good for the design and if you use it in wide mode (full-width component or module). But be careful if you have other uses, or if you want to use the username to identify participants of the cat.
Owner's reply

1. Option to choose usernames instead of names will be added in the next update. I personally told you so and it doesn't matter, what has been written a lot of time ago on the forum. Things change.

2. Module is completely adjustable via CSS to any template and position. It is clearly written even in extension's description.

3. Yes, you can via CSS. You can hide/show any elements in the module and component separately.

As for SSL you've been told several times, that this is not extension's problem, but unfortunately you never listened. I patiently tried to explain you this, but you kept blaming.

So basically you didn't even try to work with this extension, didn't try to learn about managing layout elements via CSS and didn't provide any necessary info about your Smart Shoutbox installation. This makes your review rushed and not true.

Next time try to be more cooperative with developer and listen to him, instead of blaming for each and every issue and writing ill judged reviews.