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JVB Bridge ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

The bridge is installed to your system without modifying the core files of both your Joomla and vBulletin. This will allow you to install any other joomla components on your site without any limitations that can usually be found in other bridges.

* You can switch between "Community-Builder" or "non-Community-Builder". So this version carries both versions.
* You can choose the vB-Database manualy, so there is no need to have the forum-path aligned with the Joomla-path. You can synchronize the Joomla-DB with any vB-database no matter on which domain and connected with which database.
* If you insert the vB-directory it automatically takes all the database-date from the vB-Config-File.

Forum and site must be on the same domain(it is recommended to install your forum inside of your Joomla's folder)

Once a user logs into Joomla site he is also logged into vBulletin. User should login to Joomla once to become synchronized with the forum.

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