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Smart Board ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
This component creates a "mirror" of your IP.Board based forum in Joomla with basic functions. The main purpose of this extension is to provide access to all forum topics and posts without leaving Joomla (lite bridge).


• Gives you the opportunity to use the best forum engine available — IP.Board — on your Joomla site.
• Uses IP Board API for better compatibility. NEW!
• Respects all IP.Board forum and group permissions to view, delete, edit, post and all other available actions.
• Syncs user passwords between Joomla and IP.Board (optional). NEW!
• Automatic registration for both Joomla and IP.Board on first login (optional). NEW!
• Available actions: edit global announcement, reply, delete, open, close and merge topics, edit topic titles, delete and merge posts (multi-moderation supported). NEW!
• Customizable WYSIWIG editor and text parser.
• Much easier to use, than IP Board itself. Great for communities with common folk without IT-geeks.
• Nice looking neutral layout, that fits most templates without any CSS editing.
• Search plugin to search IP.Board topics and posts. NEW!


• Extension renamed to Smart Board and partially prepared for future expansion to Joomla native forum.
• ADDED: IP Board API is used to post replies, parse text, get member info etc.
• ADDED: Replies now properly fire notification emails to all topic subscribers.
• ADDED: Announcement can now be edited inline.
• ADDED: Topic titles can now be edited inline.
• ADDED: Topics and posts can now be deleted and merged (multi-moderation supported).
• ADDED: Topics can now be closed or opened (multi-moderation supported).
• ADDED: Customizable editor.
• ADDED: Better user syncing, including validation.
• ADDED: New modern looking and more neutral layout.
• ADDED: Pathway moved to breadcrumbs completely.
• ADDED: Better Joomla 3.3.0 compatible router and more flexible menu items.
• ADDED: Joomla search plugin to search in Smart Board topics and posts. You don't need to switch to full version for that anymore!
• FIXED: All forum settings now properly taken from IP.Board itself.
• FIXED: Browser title and page heading not displayed correctly.
• FIXED: Pagination related issues.
• FIXED: Permissions related issues.
• FIXED: Database error, when username contains non-Latin characters on login.
• Text parser was greatly improved.
• HUGE amount of bugs fixed and code GREATLY optimized.
• All CSS classes renamed, some deleted and added.
• Some language strings removed, changed and added.
• Uninstall previous version completely before upgrade! They are absolutely not compatible!

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