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Discussions is a forum extension for Joomla! 2.5.

It's a forum with a basic feature set + some cool stuff that you might have looked for. Best of all, it's free so just go and check it out.

Changelog Discussions 1.6.1:

- This a security release which fixes an issue in the private messages

Changelog Discussions 1.6:

- Comments for Joomla! articles
- Location tagging for forum posts (incl. so called thread maps)
- Smart Search plugin (experimental)

Changelog Discussions 1.5:

- Joomla! 2.5 (and J1.7) only! (no J1.5 version)
- Private Messaging built-in

Changelog Discussions 1.4.1:

- This a security release which fixes an sql injection vulnerability.

Changelog Discussions 1.4:

- Added basic ACL support (Configure/Access component) (J1.7)
- Select to display username or name in the frontend
- Solved a backend name conflict with other extensions
- Replies now have a h4 tag
- Login row ("Please login or register") now optional
- Added Google+ field in user profile
- Code for social media buttons and HTML boxes now have an own dashboard tab
- Added index.html to all directories to make it JED compliant
- Bug fixes and optimizations especially for the Joomla! 1.7 version

Some of the features:

- Built-in private messaging
- User profile with avatar, signature, city, country, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more
- Moderators
- Image upload (show as browser popup, Slimbox, RokBox)
- AEC support. Configure which AEC plans are allowed to upload images
- Flickr images embedded in posts (jump to flickr or view in Slimbox)
- YouTube videos embedded in posts
- Language files for frontend and backend. English and German included.
- SEO settings. Overwrite standard settings for title, description and keywords
- Configurable date and time format
- Rookie mode. Configure how many posts of a new registered user will be moderated
- Send email to Moderators if a moderated user or rookie writes a post
- Boxes for social media code (e.g. Twitter, Facebook,...) below thread title
- HTML boxes at the top and bottom of the pages e.g. for banner code
- Places for forum specific banners (top and bottom)
- Private forums. Only visible for moderators

and more

Visit the community forum:

BTW There you can see Discussions in action.

Please note:

I primarily develop Discussions for my own online community where it handles around 10.000 users and more than 240.000 posts so you can be sure that it works. I give it away for FREE but I do NOT give support.

Achim Fischer aka Codingfish

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Reviews: 5
Good extension. Overall things good. But it may be upgraded to match web 2.0 and also some functionality may be improved as well.
Reviews: 4
Happy to use it. Private feature is great. I also like the configurable date time option. Hope we will get more updated things in future.
Reviews: 1
This is amazing! I was looking for a forum extension for my school project and I am absolutely grateful I came across this extension first. This is extremely easy to use and it works and it's great for beginners like me. I appreciate it being free as well. If you're looking for a great forum extension, look no further. This is one of the best out there.
Reviews: 12
Just what I needed - simple, fast to install, free. OK there is no support, but you don't need any to get this up and running. Very pleased, with it - thanks.
Reviews: 2
Very pleased with this component:

1/ works immediately, no complications in settings.
2/ is gathering the features of a FORUM and of a PMS (private message system).

I am replacing the two big components KUNENA and uddeIM by DISCUSSIONS.
Recommended for light and lean websites.
Reviews: 1
super awesome and easy module component for joomla! A must have for any joomla developer - just add it to your dev kit
Reviews: 1
very good extension, very easy to add a little forum part on web site with "Discussion"
Reviews: 1
had to install from directory, may have been my fault. After that, smooth sailing, exactly what I was looking for. Clean, easy forum. Had it working in five minutes. To configure it (new forums etc.) go to ->components->Discussions
Reviews: 3
This is the only free Joomla 1.7 compliant forum component up to now and it works, but, having had to adapt it to my website, I have to say it's a pain overriding it. I have had to rewrite thousands of lines of code/html in order to get rid of needless tables, inline style attributes, violations of the MVC pattern (sometimes there are "include" tags that point to component "core files" which do nothing else but generate a simple static HTML list).

I have to give it the fact it DOES WORK, although It's taken me days to make it into what I wanted it to be.

There's room for a lot of improvement.

Thank you for sharing, anyway.
Reviews: 8
This is easy to use and simple extension , everything is Excellent , this extension has not support or documentation but i thing it doesn't need to such as these thing , just on person is behind this project , Achim Fisher , i appreciate him ... because this extension is personal for his website and he shares this extension for free ...
Reviews: 2
I needed a small forum which is easy to install and administrate.
This forum extension offers exactly what I need.
Though the author isn't present very often in his own support forum, I give 5 stars to this great extension!
Reviews: 6
this is just the simple adn easy to install and to work also. but there are many users already created and i need to delete it. if possible please give me the hint. thanks in advance.....
Reviews: 1
Functional, I'll give it that.
Simple, I'll give it that also.

But, lacks support and documentation. Good luck getting a response on their official forums for support.

Needs a User Group Access feature. As it is, by default, you have only two group to set access levels by and nothing else. Not configurable any other way.

Need something inbetween this extension and Kunena.
Reviews: 6
Other forum extensions I found to be too complicated and too messy for average users. Although I love phpBB, I needed a Joomla! based forum for a particular project and Discussions fit perfectly. It's so easy to set up and manage on the back end and easy to use on the front end. And the best part is that its design is clean and simple.
Reviews: 3
anything less then 5 stars just wont do
interested in where the developers till take this extensions with future builds
please dont bloat it like many other software have done so.
KISS = Keep it Simple Stupid
Reviews: 1
Thanks to Achim the developer in Germany. The install was perfect. I renamed the default forum for my users and added a menu item. Done in 3 steps. I've installed over 40 extensions and this one was easier than most.

It's a great simple forum. The only forum tools that seem current are this one and Kunena. Ninja board is not ready for 1.7 and I could not get it working in 1.5. CCboard seems abandoned by the developer.

My only concern is that this project might not last more than 2 years, and some websites desire forums that archive messages for 5+ years. People might join Achim to grow his tool, as the need is there.

I'd change the name to fishforum or ezforum or something fun.
Reviews: 7
Simple installation, simple configuration, the user can easily use the features ... Good luck in your future work.
Reviews: 9
Have to say I was a little sceptical when tryng Discussions, having used a bridge to incorporate phpbb into my sites for many years and never being a fan of kunena/Fireboard I'd often sought alternatives but nothing has every quite fitted nicely into templates without considerable modification.

Discussions is an absolute surprise for me and I've been using it for a little while and will continue to do so, because:

1. It very simple for members to use, and
2. it fits seamlessly into templates with minimal modification, which for me is a big plus.

Downsides are that I'm not that keen on how there's no link to take you back to the main forum index, you're stuck in a forum category.

A small price to pay for an awesome piece of kit. Many thanks and congrats on a great product :))
Reviews: 1
Up and running in a matter of minutes. A quick way to get some simple forums working on the site with no cost and virtually no effort. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 3
Really good component, good job!
simple and beautifull design, just what i need!
work fine with joomla 1.6 and T3 Framework.

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