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Discussions is a forum extension for Joomla! 2.5.

It's a forum with a basic feature set + some cool stuff that you might have looked for. Best of all, it's free so just go and check it out.

Changelog Discussions 1.6.1:

- This a security release which fixes an issue in the private messages

Changelog Discussions 1.6:

- Comments for Joomla! articles
- Location tagging for forum posts (incl. so called thread maps)
- Smart Search plugin (experimental)

Changelog Discussions 1.5:

- Joomla! 2.5 (and J1.7) only! (no J1.5 version)
- Private Messaging built-in

Changelog Discussions 1.4.1:

- This a security release which fixes an sql injection vulnerability.

Changelog Discussions 1.4:

- Added basic ACL support (Configure/Access component) (J1.7)
- Select to display username or name in the frontend
- Solved a backend name conflict with other extensions
- Replies now have a h4 tag
- Login row ("Please login or register") now optional
- Added Google+ field in user profile
- Code for social media buttons and HTML boxes now have an own dashboard tab
- Added index.html to all directories to make it JED compliant
- Bug fixes and optimizations especially for the Joomla! 1.7 version

Some of the features:

- Built-in private messaging
- User profile with avatar, signature, city, country, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more
- Moderators
- Image upload (show as browser popup, Slimbox, RokBox)
- AEC support. Configure which AEC plans are allowed to upload images
- Flickr images embedded in posts (jump to flickr or view in Slimbox)
- YouTube videos embedded in posts
- Language files for frontend and backend. English and German included.
- SEO settings. Overwrite standard settings for title, description and keywords
- Configurable date and time format
- Rookie mode. Configure how many posts of a new registered user will be moderated
- Send email to Moderators if a moderated user or rookie writes a post
- Boxes for social media code (e.g. Twitter, Facebook,...) below thread title
- HTML boxes at the top and bottom of the pages e.g. for banner code
- Places for forum specific banners (top and bottom)
- Private forums. Only visible for moderators

and more

Visit the community forum:

BTW There you can see Discussions in action.

Please note:

I primarily develop Discussions for my own online community where it handles around 10.000 users and more than 240.000 posts so you can be sure that it works. I give it away for FREE but I do NOT give support.

Achim Fischer aka Codingfish

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Reviews: 2
I'm sorry for my rating , maybe if you are an programmer you can adjust de extention but don't expect any help of the author, i leave a couple of note on his forum but nothing, it's easy to use but you can't adjust anything, i couldn't even upload my own photo to forum, i hope the author dicide to leave a "how to use" doc on his site.
Reviews: 3
A very easy to setup forum component which works nicely!

Thanks for this great extension
Reviews: 1
This non-commercial message board is the best one of all i have tested so far. It gives you all the options you need to create a simple forum community.Although it doesn't have public profiles, userlists or any advance functions it serves its purpose great and i recommend it.

The board is SEO optimised and gives you the option to add banners and advertisements above and below the topic lists and the topics. You can change the forum icons too.

Because of its simplicity Discussions is very fast and excellent for reading long topics.

The only minuses I can mentions are the fixed avatar width and height (128x128)(bigger avatars don't work; smaller look bad) and it doesn't support alternative images for "HOT" or "NEW TOPIC" forums.

These flaws are really not essential, because Discussions does everything else perfectly. Two thumbs up.
Reviews: 5
Good forum extension - very easy to set up. Useful mouse-over hints and nice design, no hassle with image uploads, great!

There are no like / unlike buttons though (users love them) maybe add those in a future release?
Also no filters for curse words, no ways to block users by IP.

Good simple solution nevertheless.
Reviews: 3
Still can't seem to get it to work. Experiencing same issues as several other users that have posted in the "Support forum" (such as it is). Just going to give up on it all together.
Reviews: 28
Just what I wanted. Other forum integrations were making my site heavier and took long time to load. With this component everything is easy and a piece of cake! Too bad there are no modules and extras for this jewel! (users online etc.)
Reviews: 3
This extension did not work (Joomla 1.5.22). There was no documentation or troubleshooting guidance I could find, and no response from my forum posts.
Reviews: 5
I am an infant in joomla knowledge as I am just starting out and I have to say that this extension was soooo easy to install and put in use.
Thank you for keeping it simple.
Keep up the good work
Reviews: 12
I've tried so many forums but this one really comes to my needs. Enough options to make a decent forum but not bulking with it so it is easy foor the user in first instance and for te administrator and moderators in second instance. A clean and fast solution. And as far as I see with a descent en even so clean PMS feature. Excelent.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a very basic and simple forum component for Joomla, and installed and tested these three: Discussions, Kunena and Joo!BB. I also looked at the websites for Agora and NinjaBoard. My selection, and one that I'm very pleased with, is Discussions.

Several reasons: The others were way too powerful and complicated for my needs. But beyond that, they didn't look as good, and among the three that I tested I had the least problems in getting Discussions installed and running the way I wanted it to.

Even though it is quite basic, Discussions has several features that are beyond what I need, but it's easy to disable the extra facilities. And I'm especially pleased with the attractive and simple visual style.

So why only four stars? Well, the one thing that was problematic for me, and that cost me many hours of customization, is that Discussions is difficult to customize so it fits into a website style of light-colored text on a dark background. Discussions includes one CSS template, but it does not use it consistently, so much of the formatting is a mixture of the Discussions template and the basic template for the Joomla site. This can be very problematic - the initial installation on my site was showing light gray text on an off-white background! Almost unreadable. I even had to replace all of the smileys because the ones supplied with Discussions do not have proper transparent backgrounds, and looked ragged and ugly on a dark background.

If your Joomla site uses dark text on a light background then you won't have this problem, and Discussions is a top-notch five-star product.

I can only hope, and encourage the author, to make a future version of Discussions that includes two templates, one for dark text on light background and one for light text on dark background, and that he uses these templates consistently, and tests Discussions on a Joomla site that is based on a light text on dark background template style.

I'd also like to encourage the author to add a Donate button to his website - that's how much I like his product, despite the customization problems I had.
Reviews: 2
This is the forum for Joomla! I was looking for for a long time.

It's very simple, easy to use, and eye candy.

It has all you need to add the basic forum functionality to your site - and nothing more!

And best of all, the developer provides an excellent technical support.

I highly recommend this one.
Reviews: 10
This forum is almost ready to use after installation. There is not much to administer and the few things you have to set are done within minutes.
There are minor incompatabilities which are already discussed on the authors forum (discussions - naturally).
If you do need help the response time is phantastic.
Reviews: 3
A fantastic forum that is very easy to set-up and use.
It even installs with a fully working demo function.

Support is also second to none.
Reviews: 1
Easy & Fast
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